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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A giveaway and Random Threads #8

Based on the comments from my last post I think a lot of you are going to give Lekala patterns a try. They have a few other tops that are interesting and based on how the last one fit I wil be ordering more. Plus a top is such a speedy thing to make, and usually provides something I can wear immediately unlike a dress which might need an occasion. And not least, I can order more fabrics from my favorite website, Girl Charlee.

A Giveaway

Hey, guess what? I had a blog anniversary way back in February and I didn't even notice. But it has been 4 + years since I joined the sewing blog world and it has brought me all kinds of new friends, ideas and even opportunities. Thank you all so much for reading. To celebrate the belated milestone I have a couple of giveaways, one for US readers and one for international.
First for the US readers, I found this book at a sale a while back and came across it yesterday. Hopefully someone will need to make a party dress and this will be just the thing, (Lost of weddings coming up right? and as a guest you want to look smashing!) It even has the pattern included.

the party dress book cover
The Party Dress book cover
book example page
an interesting treatment using bias strips

And a slightly smaller (in size and postage) for my international readers is this book, Sewing with Sergers. Another rummage sale find and I always recommend any book by Patti Palmer (of Palmer and Pletsch fitting books) This little book is a great reference for using your serger or learning all about it.  You may recall from my previous comments I am not a serger sewer. Is that a phrase? Really I almost never use it to sew. Only to finish seams and edges, and then rather sparingly. But obviously plenty of you have the hang of construction with your serger or perhaps want to - so this book will help.

Serger paperback book

If you want me to draw your name for one of these books, please leave a comment and tell me your thoughs on Fast or Slow sewing. Do you race to finish projects or savor every stitch? Which garment gets the speedy treatment and what gets the slow and steady? Does it even matter? My ideas on this might suprise you and I will give you my take on the topic soon.  Be sure to mention in your comment if you are in the US or another country. 


This must be my week for web shopping, I have ordered so many pairs of shoes in various styles and sizes, most are going back (as I always intended) but I did find a couple of gems in the bunch. Web shoe shopping is one of the greatest inventions ever. OK I exaggerate but you can test them around the house, try on with different dresses, show your friends, get the sisterly opinions (always brutally honest, right?) Plus the magic words "free shipping and returns" (my favorite site is as they have slightly better prices than Zappos and then constantly email extra discounts once you start ordering). 

In other shopping news I ordered a gravity feed iron from Wawak, which arrived and is still in the box. Slight impulse purchase and now if I use it I will have to find a place to hang the water tank. Also Swedish tracing paper which I have never used before. I can see that it could be useful for making very permanent pattern pieces but otherwise ? plain old tracing paper works fine for me.

Girl Charlee, to paraphrase the poet Elizabeth Barret Browning, How I love thee, let me count the fabrics. (and don't we know that she probably sewed her own clothes) I could order so many things from them but there is only so much sewing time so I restrained myself and got these two fabrics plus one other which will be sewn up as a gift.  And yes, that red/white one is a repeat but this time I might make a dress. 

girl charlee fabrics rwb

Craftsy Posts

I have had two posts on Craftsy recently so if you are interested in my take and some tips on sewing princess seams or sewing sleeves in jackets here are the links below these images.

Craftsy post princess seams
Sewing Princess Seams
Craftsy post jacket sleeves
Sewing Sleeves in Jackets

Yep, I said I would start a summer blazer and that project is almost to the top of my list. Lots of other stuff that I had to do these last couple of weeks but I will get to that in June...which is here already!

I look forward to hearing your comments on whether you sew fast or slow. Is it the journey or the destination? ack that sounds very corny but you get the idea.

This time of year the garden is at its best, every thing is lush and blooming, the super summer heat waves have not set in yet and the colors are gorgeous.

Happy sewing, Beth

This penstemon is putting out all kinds of blooms this year, the color is luscious and moves with every breeze.

penstemon 2014

Friday, December 13, 2013

A giveaway and a question

Recently I have seen some interesting topics on sewing blogs.  The one that caught my attention was the discussion about whether home sewers are cheap.

I probably fall into the cheap category but the very first commenter was Karen who said "Here is the thing with garment sewing, you can't try it on before you sew. We do pin fittings, we make muslins, but still, we have to buy fabric and patterns and notions and hope that the end result is wearable. The less I put into materials, the less I lose when the garment doesn't work. It's a constant balance of time and money versus result."  I could not have said it better. Probably everyone has had the experience of knowing that some costly fabric and time have gone down the drain along with the hope for a great garment. So yeah, if we are cheap there is a valid reason. Definitely a balancing act, and if I can make one thing for a pittance then I feel better about splurging on something else.

However the very best bargain is free, right?  With that in mind I am giving away this book which I recently found at a sale. I already have a copy and it is very useful - not to mention inspiring. Plenty of diagrams and tips on how to sew all parts of a garment plus photos of the inside of vintage couture items.

Couture techniques book cover

To be entered in the giveaway leave a comment suggesting a specific topic you would like me to write about in the new year. As anyone who writes a blog knows, sometimes you have plenty of items to talk about and sometimes the mind goes blank. It is always interesting to see what blog posts get the most views, so far the most "Pinterest-ed" is this post on hemming sleeves. Something I keep meaning to write about is bodice length - this seems to be the most overlooked pattern adjustment and it can really make or break the fit of anything. 

Up next I am sewing a Burda jacket (yes, gasp a Burda, which I downloaded from the website, no tracing required :). A totally unnecessary wardrobe item and yet the fabric was in my stash, crying "pick me, pick me" so I did. 

Happy weekend sewing, Beth

p.s I will send this book anywhere, so if you are outside the US please comment. 
A big thank you to everyone who reads and/or comments. It's that time of year to take stock and be thankful for things and that includes connections. Writing a blog has opened up a whole new world of sewing friendships and I appreciate being part of the mix.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time for a Giveaway: in Autumn we turn to Tailoring

There are a lot of good sewing books out there but my favorite is the series of Singer Sewing Reference books. They have clear explanations and great photos to illustrate any technique. I have a couple that I bought ages ago in a bookstore but over the years I have found many of them at estate and ASG stash sales. If you see one, buy it!
Topics include Knits, Pants that Fit, Home Dec, Time-Saving tips, Formalwear, and my favorite, Tailoring.  I see they are available on Amazon (search Singer sewing reference library). Books with illustrations (only) just don't do it for me, the way this series photographs the works in process and also shows many alternative methods is really key to my understanding a technique.
I am always on the lookout for these books and this week found one that I already have in my library, so how about a giveaway?

Singer sewing for style cover
The title is a bit misleading because it mostly about technique and construction, and covers a lot of tailoring as well. I don't know how they cram so much into a relatively thin paperback. They include pockets (all kinds), facings, creating a lining, lapels, shoulder shaping, shirt collars etc.
Example of page from the book: how to sew a shirt collar with a stand. That looks a whole lot more comprehensible than the instruction sheet in a pattern. 

Style book page collar stand

Second find for the giveaway and now I will contradict myself! These Palmer and Pletsch paperbacks are only illustrated, no photos but they are good. Very clear. If you are a beginning to intermediate sewist I suggest reading this like a novel - run through the whole book and just let it sink in. Perhaps these P & P books are the graphic novel for the sewing set. Lots of good tailoring info and they include tips on fitting, fusibles and timesaving techniques. 

Palmer book cover

So leave a comment if you would like to be in the drawing for one of these books (random drawing, first name gets first book, second name gets second book.)  International is OK. 

If you are a member of Pattern Review and you liked my Faux French Jacket, I entered it in their Lined Jacket Contest. The voting is now open until the 9th so click over there and vote for me today :). Despite thinking it was an item that would have limited usefulness, I have worn this jacket so many times in the last week and really love it. So all that fringe-making and hand stitching was worth it!

jacket on  me 2

As for my previous post on the potential refashions, thank you for lots of great suggestions and I will report back in an upcoming post. Not sure when I will get to them as I suddenly have quite a sewing to-do list plus I feel like re-organizing my sewing space....eeek.


Edit:  drawing closed now (11/9, 10:30am Calif. time).  I just did the random number picks and will be posting later this afternoon. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog Anniversary Giveway and another project preview

Where did February go? Flew past me and I am fine with that, it means we are that much closer to summer. But I did miss my blog anniversary. Three years of writing and reading, making new friends and learning so much from everyone in sewing cyberspace.

To celebrate this I am offering a small giveaway to readers. There have been slim pickings lately at garage sales and thrift shops but I did find this Simplicity sewing book which is dated 1965. Don't be put off by their insistence on the "Simplicity Unit System of Sewing". Which I can go on the record and say I don't agree with - and for the most part they are still doing it in today's patterns. Boiling it down to essentials, they sew the complete top half and bottom half, attach those 2 portions and put the zipper in last. So ignore that and use this book for all the other great information it holds. In less than 200 pages they cover fit, seam trimming (near and dear to my heart, you know) sleeves, collars, lapels, bound buttonholes, pattern alteration, special fabrics, zippers and on and on.

Blogoversary goodies

I don't know about you but I find books that have very simple black and white drawings to illustrate techniques are actually easier to comprehend. The current style of sewing books with lovely photography is beautiful but I can focus in on a small illustration and really see what they are showing. Here is an example for sleeves, on one page they show how to create ease, stitch inside the sleeve and how to press and trim. Although they do refer to this as a "regulation" sleeve which sounds very stern. This is not meant to be a critique of newer sewing books - they are all useful and I am a big fan of the Singer sewing series which is filled with photos.  I just got the BurdaStyle book from my local library and plan to make one of the items in that and I also recommend the Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques by Linda Maynard. 

Sleeves from Simplicity book
Also included in this drawing are a yellow Chaco pen-style chalk liner and a metal seam gauge. Both are invaluable tools in my sewing inventory and I couldn't be without them. 

So leave a comment to be in the drawing on March 15 for this little collection of sewing toolbox treats. (international is OK)

After my incredibly productive streak last October through December I have been blogging less but sewing more. I did mention in a previous blog entry that I wanted to some posts on plus size sewing and I plan to get to that very soon. As it happens I have been doing a lot of custom sewing for the client that started me on this quest of flattering fit for any size. I am just about finished making a wool coat for her, somewhat based on the J.Crew Lady Day coat from this winter's catalog. Here is a look at the 60% finished coat.  I started with a Burda pattern but went very far afield from that design. The single sleeve is basted on right now, I am waiting for a fitting session this afternoon but I am pretty darn happy with how it is looking right now.  You can see all my tailor's tacks, and the many different color outlines of possible seam positions. I don't pull out all those threads until I get very near the finish line. By the way, the fabric is J.Crew wool that was a serendipitous find at Britex. 

H coat front first view

So it is back to sewing, as you can imagine I am ready to finish this project and move on to something new. (I always feel that way while working on a big project, I get to the 70% mark and want it to be done!)  

Happy sewing and thanks for reading and all your great comments. They are appreciated.

By the way, I changed my blog setting to eliminate anonymous coments, too many spam comments sneaking through. If you are not able to comment just send me an email (address available when you click on my profile)

Today's SunnyGal garden photo, not in my garden. Walking in my neighborhood I passed by this flowering tree, and the masses of pink blooms caught my eye. Spring is here!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Giveaway Winners and another Christmas treasure

I am speedily sewing the the last few christmas presents today.  Some of my family members may get a box with fabric and a photo, but that is nothing new.  Which usually works out better and should lead to fewer after-the-fact alterations.  
As for other Christmas preparations, my shopping is mostly done. I always have a few last minute things to get, and sometimes have lucked out with a find of something that turned out to be "the" present of the season.You know what I mean, you get everything on everyone's list, or something you think they need or could use, and then the one random present purchased on a whim turns out to be the best thing ever. If only I could go back and analyse what made that one thing such a success.  Chalk it up to serendipity, which my computer dictionary says has an origin in a fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip, who "were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of".  I love that.  Describes so many things I have found. 

And of things you were not in quest of, but serendipitously found, here are the results of my holiday giveaway!

For the See's Candy:    Lynne Williams in Wisconsin
For the Palmer and Pletsch tailoring book:  Ruta in ?
For the Singer Creative Sewing book:  My Summer Touch in Russia

I will be going to the post office after the holiday, so send me your mailing address at my e-mail:  sunnygalstudio (at)

Thank you so much for all your comments on the Christmas wreath I showed in my last post, which my very talented grandmother originated.  I could show you so many things she made for Christmas, she seemed to work on holiday items all throughout the year, as well as many other wonderful creations.  In today's parlance she might be called a crafter, but back then she was just like all her sisters who never sat still, were always doing something with her hands.  She was a very good knitter, but crocheting, that was her speciality. We have large lace tablecloths she crocheted, I cannot imaging the patience to finish something like that and I don't think I have ever used it.  She made blankets, hats, shawls, and even made a hot pink bikini for me when I was in my teens. My mother has some holiday tablecloths that are embroidered with red, green and gold threads, absolutely beautiful which we do use.

Here are the Christmas stockings she made for my family when my sister and I were small. I remember her knitting these, I was always amazed at the construction, with lots of little yarn bobbins wound with the different colors, and she would tell us not to interrupt when she counted the stitches to knit the names.  My stocking has my full name which only my grandmother used, so when the stocking is hung up the name kind of folds behind a bit and it looks like Ethan. My sis used to tease me that some guy named Ethan would get my presents. 
Xmas stocking
I love how Santa's beard is knit with angora. I almost want to learn to knit so I can make these stockings. . . almost.  I have a feeling this is an advanced project!
Xmas stocking closeup

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, your comments are appreciated more than I can express. Discovering the sewing blog community several years ago has reinvigorated my creativity and multiplied my enjoyment of a favorite pursuit.  

For the new year I will be making one of the Vogue patterns that was suggested in the giveaway entries.  I have not made my final choice but I am thinking it will be something with a chic European look.  So stay tuned in the New Year!

Merry Christmas to all,  Beth

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last day to enter the Holiday Giveaway

Holiday Greetings to all.  Today is the last day to enter my Holiday giveaway, as tomorrow I will draw the winners' names.  Here are the details:

How to enter?  I have thrown out a challenge to myself.  Is there a particular Vogue pattern that you would like to see me make?  I am game to try anything, and so far there have been some fantastic suggestions. Fitting, fabric choice, sewing techniques, I will go through all in a series of posts.  And I will try to choose something out of my usual comfort zone. 

Based on the Vogue patterns suggested so far, some of you think I lead a glamorous party filled life, but more likely is that we all (myself included) look at those fabulous patterns and wish we had somewhere to wear them!  I do love a party dress so maybe one of those will be the choice.  In any case, it has been really fun to read the comments and I look forward to sewing up something fabulous.

For one US reader, a half-pound box of See's chocolate candy, which is a west coast favorite and no holiday is complete without it.

For 2 International readers, one of these great sewing books

Here is a little Christmas nostalgia for you to see.  This is a wreath I made, based on a design my grandmother Betty first did when I was very little.  She made these holiday gift package wreaths for everyone in our family, and they were all different, based on the wrapping paper and little trinkets she put on them. When we were little we loved to look at all the little details, and the wreath usually sat on the coffee table with a big candle in the center.  One of my happiest memories is unwrapping our presents on Christmas, with us ripping open our gifts and my grandmother saying "save that paper, it is pretty and I can use it on a wreath".  Also in the summer we would collect tiny fallen pine cones that she would later spray paint gold.  

My mom still has the original wreath that my grandmother made, it is close to 50 years old and one of our family treasures, carefully wrapped up each year and put away for the next Christmas.  

So leave a comment if you would like to be entered in the drawing and let me know where you are writing from (state or country).

Happy Last Minute Holiday Sewing to all,  Beth

Sunday, December 11, 2011

SunnyGal Holiday Giveaway

Happy Holidays to blog readers and sewers everywhere.   Time for a SunnyGal Sewing Blog Giveaway! It was very popular last year so one lucky reader will receive a 1/2 lb. box of See's Candy.  Last year we had an unfortunate incident with the international mail, so the candy giveaway is limited to the USA only.  But international readers - I have something for you too, so keep reading. For some background on See's Candy, a West coast favorite, see last year's post.

Thank you so much for your comments over the past year.  I like to write multiple posts on one project and you have no idea how happy it makes me when someone comments that they are looking forward to the next post in a series. I love to sew and discovering the world of sewing blogs really energized my creativity and brought whole new way to share my enthusiasm.  For many years I worked in the corporate world, and while I mostly sewed all my clothes, that sewing was a very solitary endeavor.  After I stopped working full time I stumbled upon the pattern review sites and thus the wide world of sewing blogs.  Its a good thing that I had not found them while I was working, I would definitely have accomplished less at that job. It can be quite addictive to open up my reader and see new posts from all the great sewers.  So thank you to everyone who writes and shares their creations, daily blog reading now accompanies my morning coffee.

For international readers, 2 giveaways.  I find all kinds of sewing books at estate sales and thrift shops, here are today's choices.

Palmer & Pletsch tailoring book, these books are fantastic, I use all their fitting books for reference and this one explains lots of tailoring techniques in a very easy to follow style.  Published in the 70's but still current.

Singer Book Series, Creative sewing Ideas.  I have collected all these Singer books, the photos are really good.  This one has some clever variations on buttonholes and pockets plus tips on embellishment.

So how to enter?  I will throw out a challenge to myself. Is there a particular pattern you would like to see me make?  Let's limit it to Vogue patterns, but other than that, I am game to try anything.  I don't promise I will wear it - but I will try to make it.  Fitting, fabric choice, sewing techniques.  I will go through all in a series of posts.  And I will try to choose something out of my usual comfort zone !

Leave a comment below to enter or sign up as a follower.  (you don't have to suggest a pattern to be entered, just comment, but I think it will be fun to see what suggestions you have) 
Also when you comment, let me know your country.  Entry period will go until Dec. 20.

Up next, I finished my silk charmeuse blouse which has a hidden buttonhole placket so I will have a post about that soon.

Happy Holiday Sewing to all, Beth

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sewing Instruction from Yesteryear - a book giveaway

I have been sewing up a storm lately, in the best possible way.  After all, it is wedding season and as a guest you want to have a great dress, right?  So I have been making quite a few of those. . . at least I hope they were great.   Also in the works is an unusual wedding dress for a wonderful bride who brought me a roll of vintage Kimono silk. The wedding is not until August, so no photos until then.
Vintage Butterick 7950

Meanwhile, I noticed that it is Vintage Pattern contest time on Pattern Review.   I had every intention of giving that a whirl this year, but now I am not so sure, for a couple of reasons.
Mostly because I have plenty of other projects that take priority, but partly because I really have no need of a vintage style dress.  Unless I can convince a friend of mine that she needs this one.  She saw this in my stash, but couldn't really figure what color or fabric.  I like the short sleeve, and of course it would be great in black, very Audrey.  But I am not crazy about sewing on black.  Plus it takes about 6 yards, eek.   

A few months back I found this book at a garage sale, and then brought it home and realized I already have a copy, which I think I inherited from my great-Aunt Jo.  So how about a giveaway for any of you thinking of making something vintage this month?  Or if you just want to add to your sewing book library.
Smpl sewing book 1
This book is amazingly useful. I find all those old sewing books to be very helpful and refer to them when I am trying to figure something out.  Recently I was trying to add godets to a garment and found some good info in this book.  Godets - you don't hear that one every day :)
Smpl sewing book 6Smpl sewing book 5

The page on the right talks about combining two patterns, I don't think I have seen that in a book before.

And here they talk about turning facings and trimming - my favorite topic.
Smpl sewing book 7

Smpl sewing book 8
They are promoting a method on these old Simplicity patterns which they call "the Simplicity Unit System" of sewing,  which instructs you to treat each portion as a unit - i.e. finish the entire bodice, or skirt, or sleeves and then attach together.  Which is exactly the opposite of how I sew things.  Not that it matters.  They haven't moved on much since 1958 when this book was published as the Simplicity patterns I use lately seem to have the exact same instructions with some different verbiage. 

Saving the best for last and creating a desperate desire in all to have this book, I reveal the most helpful pages in the whole book.  The lucky winner can pore over the chart and find just the right color for your new outfit!    Really ?? Sadly my combination of brown hair and green eyes is not listed so I will have to muddle through choosing my own fabric colors. And I find the redheads kind of scary.  

Smpl sewing book 2

If you would like to be entered in the giveaway for this book, leave a comment or follow the blog and I will do a drawing on June 15.  (international is ok with me).

The sun was shining today, the jays are still sitting on their nest, and latest development is a honey bee hive in the apple tree.  So I am waiting for a local beekeeper to come over and hopefully take them away to continue their good work elsewhere.   

Happy sewing,  Beth

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Coat wrap up plus last day to enter giveaway

Happy New Year to all.  The winter coat from my previous post was finished on New Year's Eve with minutes to spare.  So glad I could wear it then, but the photos had to wait until today. 
Maybe this is my new favorite item of 2010 (surpassing my Vogue 1117 Michael Kors Dress)
I will probably get more wear out of the coat!  
Coat Collar up
My great friend and neighbor Alice does some of my photos (the really good ones)  but she makes me laugh too much when we have a photo session.  Or perhaps I am just happy that I have finished this project and can vacuum the sewing room floor.  If you would like to see the pattern here is the first post on this project.

I debated here on wool or velvet for the upper collar, to solve the potential itchy wool issue, but decided the wool collar looked so much better.  Thank you to everyone that gave feedback on my question. 
Coat front outside
Wool collar
Coat outside fur collar
Faux fur collar

I made a detachable faux fur collar, which dressed it up quite a bit.  Not sure I will ever wear it, but fun to have.  It secures with some elastic loops and buttons on the inside of the neckline
The lapels are a bit larger than some styles, so the fur collar has to be big enough to cover them.  

A look at the back, and better view of the lapel and fabric.  Good thing I have never wanted to be a model, I talk to much and crack up laughing during photos, however everything about this coat makes me happy.  The lapels which on the pattern looked crazy big are in reality just to my liking,  the bound buttonholes came out well (always hold my breath until I finish those successfully) and the style and fit are just what I wanted.
Tomorrow I will do a post on some construction details including lapel+collar assembly and changes I made in the lining and coat back.

Coat lapel outside close up
Coat outside back

Until then, thanks for visiting and today is the last day to leave a comment or sign up to follow the blog to be entered in my "sweet" giveaway.

Happy New Year Sewing,  Beth

Monday, December 27, 2010

Coat plans plus enter the giveaway

Today I have been working on a muslin for a coat that I plan to do this week.  For my birthday some months ago some very dear friends gave me a gift certificate for Gorgeous Fabrics and I felt I should make something substantial that would last for a while and I could happily think of them every time I wear it.  I ordered this black basketweave wool coating.  It is so soft and just weighty enough to be  perfect for a coat.   

Black  wool plus ining

I did lighten up the photo a bit so you can see the weave,  which makes the lining look more red than black, but it is very much a black lining with a red accent.  Either way I am happy with the lining as well, from Fashion Fabrics Club.   Note on fabric preparation:  I did pre-shrink this wool by putting it in the dryer with 2 fluffy dark color towels which I had soaked with very hot water and wrung out , to create a steam dry effect as instructed on Off the Cuff blog of Pamela Erny.  (also plan to use all her interfacings on this project).  The wool measured 131.75" long before and 128.5" after so that was very worthwhile to do.

I had planned to do a very serious coat - by serious I mean old-fashioned hand tailoring, pad stitching, collar shaping etc.  But I have not really found any pattern that suited. Searching for a style that is not too trendy - since I want it to last a while and be worn with evening clothes, dresses etc in the wintertime.  My thought is that the dress I wear can be this year's style or next,  but the coat needs to be a supporting player, not the star in this little fashion drama.  Maybe I am erring on the side of caution, but this is what I have selected, Simplicity 2311, version in the center shown in red.

S2311 pattern envelope

Here is the muslin, not quite fully put together and looking like some kind of weird lab coat in the aqua color.  I keep staring at the lapels and even marked with a felt pen where I thought the roll line should be.  But I decided I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole with this one.  The collar as designed is supposed to be a little bit oversized with a soft roll so I decided to go with it.  This way it is all fusible interfacing and I should have a coat in a few days.

Coat muslin collar

Tomorrow some real sewing on this project, right now I am off to dinner with friends with a detour to get some coat buttons on the way :)

And the giveaway mentioned in my last post continues.  Sign up to be a blog follower or leave a comment to enter a drawing Jan 2 for a box of See's chocolate candy - a California favorite.

Happy Holiday Sewing,  Beth

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SunnyGal Holiday Giveaway

Happy Holidays to blog readers and sewers everywhere.   Time for a SunnyGal Blog Giveaway!  I appreciate everyone that reads and comments, and feel connected to others around the world that share my passion and enthusiasm for sewing in a way that we all could only have imagined just a few years ago.

I was finishing up my Christmas shopping the other day and decided to add one blog reader to the list.   So someone will receive a 1/2 lb. box of See's Candy, which is just the right size to fit in one of those small flat rate postal boxes.

What does that have to do with sewing?

Maybe nothing, but it is a treat and a very local one at that, I think everyone who has grown up in California is familiar with See's Candy.  See's is a west coast tradition, with stores completely done in black and white decor, including the salespeople who wear very vintage looking uniforms (think 50's nurse outfits) with black bows and buttons.  I confess that I have a take it or leave it attitude to most things chocolate (yes - my family thinks I am crazy) but See's is delicious.   

See's candy box

I had always been ambivalent about the superiority of See's candy, but a few years ago I became a believer.  I was getting ready for a combined business trip and vacation to Italy and my mother insisted I bring both my business hosts and my friends some gifts.  She suggested See's candy.  In her words "everyone likes it."  I countered with the fact that they have all kinds of delicious treats and chocolates in Italy so why should I bring that, plus did I really want to add 4 or 5 pounds of chocolate to my suitcase?  But in the end I listened to my mother (another victory for moms everywhere) and she was right.  But not as we expected.  
Unfortunately and for the first time ever in my traveling life my luggage did not arrive in Milan when I did, leaving me to apologize to my business hosts for arriving empty handed.  On a fashion note, I had worn a black suit on the airplane, and had several tops and other important items in my carry-on as well as all my toiletries (back when you could carry any and everything in your carry-on) so my Italian hosts were somewhat amazed that I could look reasonably well put together for 2 WHOLE DAYS without my suitcase.  Believe me, I astonished myself as well.  That taught me a valuable lesson on packing for travel but that is a topic for another day.  I concluded my business meetings, went back to my hotel to check out and call the airline, finding my suitcase had arrived.  So I hauled my candy laden suitcase onto the train to Venice to meet my friends who live there.  I gave out all the See's chocolate boxes to my friends, their parents and my pal Chiara's boss who hosted a dinner party.   At the office the next morning he confessed that after we all left, he and his wife ate the entire 1 pound box because they could not stop.  Everyone else thanked me profusely and raved so I became a believer.  Now it is my go to gift for all occasions - can't miss.

Just a warning for all chocoholics.   I see on their website, that they have a few shops in other states, in Japan and Hong Kong, as well as online.

So if you are interested in this giveaway,  please leave a comment below or sign up to follow the blog. I will select from everyone who comments or signs up to follow the blog between now and Jan 2 by random drawing.  

Sewing plans:  next week I will be making a black wool coat, as I decided my wardrobe was missing a dressy coat for winter or evening outfits.  So hopefully I will get that finished by Dec 31.  Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays to everyone 

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