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Monday, June 9, 2014

One more time: McCalls 6513 knit top

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was planning to sew a lot of repeat patterns this summer and I am sticking to my word. In fact tonight I even cut out my blazer jacket I also mentioned previously, so expect to see posts on that soon.

Today's repeat is McCalls 6513 knit top, a Palmer and Pletsch pattern (say that 3 times fast:) with 2 different versions. Previously I have only made the sleeveless v-neck version, not the slightly shawl collar version.

I used a yummy rayon knit jersey from Girl Charlee (where else). It is so soft, feels like lingerie. Of course worn with my most favorite skirt, Vogue 1247.

McCalls tshirt

Here is a closer look at the fabric, and the pattern envelope.

Fabric close up    Mc6513 pattern

The first time I made this I was making a sleeveless verision and the armholes were kind of low, so to fix that I just took it up at the shoulders and called it a day. That did serve to move the ruching in the front up a little too high but in the busy print it wasn't really noticeable. When I started on this version I vaguely recalled that issue, but didn't do anything about it. Thus when I gave it a quick baste and try on, same problem, although not as bad since I was going to add the short sleeves. In the end I did a couple of adjustments and made some notes on the pattern. If I make another I will raise the underarm a good one inch for a sleeveless version.

Here is the back pattern piece so you can see the changes. I moved the sleeve cap in about 3/8 inch as the shoulders were too wide. I changed the slope of the shoulder seam so that it took out some at the neckline and raised the v-neck a bit. In the future I will just shorten the front and back bodice about 3 inches below the shoulder seam. Orange pencil, new seam line. Blue pencil, original seam line.

McCalls t-shirt adjustment

My experience with McCalls patterns is that the shoulders and neckline are too wide for me, they always have that gaping neckline. Even more than other pattern companies. So I rarely make McCalls.
As I was putting the pattern pieces away I thought to compare it with another knit wrap top that I really like, which is Simplicity 1916. Similar wrap front but check out the difference in the back pattern piece, both size 12. No wonder the Simplicity fits a little better, or at least closer. The difference in the armhole depth is striking.

comparison of armhole

One other adjustment has to do with the sleeve hem. Take a look at this "in process" photo, sleeves unhemmed. I photoshopped the purple line just to emphasize the difference. I have pinned up the sleeve on the photo right with a 5/8 hem on the outer arm and an almost 1.5" hem at the underarm. See how it makes the proportion better? That is partly due to a too low armhole and partly just to sleeve design. But I think these small proportion changes make such a big difference. Pin - baste - look in the mirror, those steps take a few minutes but you will see small adjustments that will result in more satisfaction in your finished make.

tshirt sleeve hem

Front and back on the dressform.

McCalls tshirt red printT-shirt back

Many more pattern repeats coming along this summer. Speaking of summer, it was over 100 degrees F here the last two days. Eeek!  it is only early June. Oh well, the tomato plants are growing like crazy.

Thanks for all the great comments left on my last post with your thoughs on Fast or Slow sewing. I am suprised to note that Slow Sewing seems to predominate. Very interesting.
Winner of the drawing for the sewing books are:

Florencia for the Party Dress book
Klima for the Serger book.
please email me with your mailing address. (note if you click on my profile in the top right corner there is a link to email)

Thanks for participating and stay cool if summer has arrived in your part of the planet!

Today's SunnyGal garden photo is one of my absolute favorites, a Shooting Star Hydrangea which I put in the ground maybe two years ago. Finally it is putting out a good number of these blooms. Isn't the name perfect?

shooting star hydrangea

Friday, May 30, 2014

Lekala T-shirt pattern 4284

There is a lot of coincidence and overlap in the sewing world, particularly when we are all shopping for fabrics on the same websites or stalking the newly released patterns. This week I saw my friend Shams write about her experiences with Lekala patterns, a Russian-based pattern company that creates an email pattern based on your specific measurements. Shams didn't have success with the jacket pattern she chose however she did use a pants pattern previously and it worked for her.

I have made one other Lekala pattern (a dress, blogged here) which I thought was very good and last month I saw a review of this top so decided to give them a try again.  They have a lot of very cute tops plus printing a pdf pattern for a top is fairly minimal so it's not too bothersome. So I happened to finish sewing this just a few days before I saw Shams' post.

Not very exciting, but a very nice fit in the shoulders and neckline, which is the number one place I have to alter. Most patterns are too big for me there.   Scroll down, because as they say on TV, "But wait, there's more!"

Lekala Tee front on me

Lekala tee back on meLekala Tee back side

Kind of cute, huh?  Do you recognize this fabric? It is what I used for my shingle dress, Vogue 8904.  A cotton/spandex knit jersey from Girl Charlee. Great for t-shirt testing.  By the way, the skirt is Simplicity 2152, blogged here, although it was an a-line style and one day I thought it was sticking out a bit too wing-y on the side seams so I made it much more of a straight style. Now I think it is much better plus it has great pockets. Also I removed the lining because it was too hot in the summer, and then I resewed it back in this winter so I could wear tights. And now it is out again :) Next winter I just have to remember where I stash it!
Eek, who likes to look at their backside? not me. Not the back of my head, as I have a crazy cowlick which normally makes the back of my hair resemble a 5 year old boy who just awoke from a nap. Serious stick-out parts. And yet I have short hair...Not the most distressing dilemma in the world but it is the goofy little things that can really bug, right?

This pattern is Lekala 4284 which they call "Blouson with Decorative Back" and it does call for a knit. Notice those darts? That was the only change I made, eliminated the darts by easing that section into the back. Which worked out fine. This stripe is optical illusion-y enough without another seam in that area.

Lekala t-shirt drawing
So all in all, I am quite happy with the fit. In her post Shams discusses the size options she chose and how they worked out. I input only the basic measurements (bust, underbust, waist and hip) and did not add any specs on the 3rd section (adjustments where you can specify things like shoulder width, bust length etc) I didn't use any of those other specs which I made the dress either. I am just happy that I can start with a pattern where the circumference is right from the beginning. For Vogue or other patterns I usually start with a size 12, and possible narrow the neckline and then widen a the hip. 
The price for Lekala can't be beat, around $ 2.50 and you can use PayPal which I like for small purchases. I ordered the pattern on a Saturday afternoon and it was in my email in less than 2 hours. Amazing for a customized pattern. 
This top is a bit big at the hip but that is an easy adjustment and I don't like things to be too form fitting so it is fine with me. 
This one really is a test version, I think in a more interesting fabric, or a two-color version it would be really cute. The opening in the back hits at just the right place, no straps showing. 

Lekala T front seamLekala Tee back

This is going in the repeat file, there will be another one. The Girl Charlee website is calling to me (always!)

One more for the road.  This is my TGIF pose.  Although the camera did strange things here so kind of washed out. How do you like my new coral clogs, which I ordered in the midst of winter after a who knows why late-night search session on Ebay looking for clog sandals. And these were $ 30 instead of the usual $ 130 for Troentorps, they are a bit wonky, the wood color and strap width are not matching exactly but who will notice?
The hydrangea in the corner is the first to bloom, next to the pathetic grape that has never produced anything but leaves. However I have decided it is very pretty so it is staying for now.

Happy end of May sewing,  Beth

Tgif Lekala tee

Friday, March 28, 2014

Vogue 8904 Dress, fun with stripes

Possibly I am one of the last to join in the stripey fun that is Vogue 8904, a Marcy Tilton pattern. I bought this one last year when it was first released but never got around to it in the summer.

So a year later and I am getting a jump on my summer dresses. Like I need more, ha! I just was rummaging in the closet to find another dress, so that a friend of mine could try it on (V1351, blogged here) and I was thinking it was time to purge a few - but that is tough, if I like 'em enough to keep 'em upon completion then I don't want to do that, despite few wearings.

This is the pattern that my friend Shams named the "Shingle Dress" based on the overlapping pieces that run down the entire front and back.

My verdict:  Pattern love...although I had a few doubts along the way. But once completed I am ready to make another, or maybe a top.

V8904 stripe front

Not sure how the fabric looks on whatever device you are viewing but those stripes create quite the optical illusion effect on my screen. How about a closer look? That's a bit better.  The fabric is a cotton spandex blend from Girl Charlee, my absolutely favorite website for knits. I ordered 3 yards of this and have about 1.5 remaining, so I can experiment with some other t-shirt ideas.  The description said aqua and brown stripe but the brown is very dark. In any case, another item with aqua/turquoise. I do have some other colors in the queue.

V8904 dress close up on form

Here is a look at the pattern envelope, and the back of the dress which is the same as the front. I know I say this all the time but the examples on the pattern are not the most flattering, to me they are drab and droopy. Also note on the long sleeve version those strange drag lines at the inner arm. I started to make this with elbow length sleeves but they had a weird fit - perhaps because the sleeves are cut on the crosswise grain, and in doing the quick try-on in my sewing room I decided that sleeveless was much better. 

               V8904 pattern envelope       V8904 Stripe dress back

Some construction and fitting details. I made a few adjustments for circumference on my pattern pieces adding a bit on the sides (by grading up a size at the sides only). I am not a fan of negative ease, even though I like fitted styles. I prefer a bit of ease or perhaps a better description is that I like my garments to float or skim over the body instead of stretching to fit. Adding a little on the sides worked out fine (also had to add to each overlay piece).  I got the dress front and back machine basted together and the front looked fine but the back was ... not good.  The only way to describe it is to say that the 2nd overlay from the top landed on the top of my backside and crumpled there. The horror. No photographic evidence. I kept fiddling with it for a day or so, thinking about taking a tuck from the underlining piece or some kind of swayback adjustment but that would actually make it worse. In the end I carried this along to a meeting with some sewing friends and put it on for them to judge. My friend Kathryn called it  - the troublesome shingles needed to move upwards so the bottom edges didn't coincide with my bottom.
Better to show than describe.  Here I have highlighted the original attachment seam line in red and the new improved seam line in green. It may look a bit wonky but the center of each shingle just needed to move up. You can see on the dress form that the 2nd shingle is a bit looser looking but not when worn, it settles into the waist area nicely.  And I forgot to turn around when taking photos. Duh! So you will just have to believe me.

Vogue shingle dress inside back

I used some poly knit lining that I had in my lining stash and I think the lining and the dress fabric had a slightly different degree of stretch, so that the pieces were fighting one another around the neckline and armholes. 
For the neckline and armholes I skipped the pattern piece and used my favorite knit neckline binding technique  from Threads magazine. It is kind of odd to use the lengthwise grain to make a neckline binding but it worked fine and the stripes look so good that way. Although the slight angle of the top piece is disturbing to a symmetry fanatic like me (that is intentional according to the pattern).

V8904Stripe dress neckline

The only other oddball thing was that shingle pieces at the hip were a bit too loose where the pieces ended. Not sure how that happened but I attribute that also to the difference in stretch between the lining and the outer fabric. Fix seen below. Opened seam and pulled, then restitched.  I also confess that my stripe matching at the sides was nonexistent, I purposefully chose this tiny stripe so I would not have to match it. Way too difficult with a 1/8" stripe. Who is going to see it? 
V8904 fixing side seam

So now that this one is done I am sure there will be another.  But I always say that and then never get around to it.  However this one - maybe a brighter version, Girl Charlee has so many fantastic stripes. 

Despite the photo showing me posing in the garden surrounded by daffodils and jasmine blooming in the background it is not quite sleeveless dress weather. Not for a weather wimp like me. Very soon I hope. Tomorrow is forecast to have some much needed rain, so I will put away the summer dresses for a bit longer. 

Today's SunnyGal garden photo - it has to be the striped tulip, right?  These are repeats from last year, hurray! 

Happy spring weekend sewing,  Beth 

red stripe tulip 2

Friday, February 28, 2014

Burda 6990 raglan sleeve knit top

More pattern love for Burda. What is happening to me? I am becoming a convert to their patterns after using maybe 2 or 3 during my whole sewing lifetime. But after I made this blue coat from the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook for myself and then made this coat using an envelope pattern, not to mention my Burda # 106 jacket I am starting to see the light regarding Burda. Who knows what will be next?  Although I do have quite a few Vogue patterns lined up in my queue so it will be a mix this spring.

As for this one, it is a simple raglan sleeve knit t-shirt, kind of a baseball jersey style and the fit was great. I decided to use a couple of rayon jersey scraps to test out the pattern and the result was perfect.

raglan tee Burda

Here is the pattern envelope. I actually went to the store intending to buy a different pattern,  Burda 6910  which is a new pattern, very similar with a slightly wider neckline, and ruching on the side seams. It also has both dress and top versions which is nice. It was out of stock so I got this one instead, Burda 6990 which is very similar. Don't be surprised if I get that out of stock one sometime soon, once I get a pattern in my mind it is a compulsion, I must buy it!

Burda 6990 envelope
I used size 38, and changed the neckline finishing a bit. The instructions were quite weird as they have you turn and press a 3/8" edge, stitch and then sew a ribbon around that edge on the inside to finish. ?? I have never seen that before and I guarantee that will end up with a wonky neckline, plus how to get it over your head? Maybe I wasn't reading it right but in any case I saw no reason to fool around with that. I used my favorite t-shirt neckline method and cut a crossgrain strip to make the neck edge. My advice is to measure on the stitching line your neckline circumference, and then cut a strip that length, and plan on making a half inch seam at the center back. So you end up stretching it a tiny bit all around and have a neck band measuring one inch less than the opening.  Watch this video on the Threads website for a really good explanation and give it a try. 

Burda tee closeup neck

The top may look a little droopy on my dressform but I decided to try to add some ruching at the center waist rather like the pattern I had intended to buy. So I spread my pattern to add some to the front pattern piece only. It worked out OK, but I think I will add a bit more next time and run the gathers in a longer section. 

Burda raglan tee length change

We are in the midst of a big rainstorm, Finally!  and everyone is thrilled. Water water everywhere - although not anywhere enough to reverse our bad drought.  Big garden news, that fluffy white cat who has made a daytime home in my yard actually caught the gopher yesterday and I intervened to put the poor little thing out of its misery. Also my misery as I hope a gopher will not be depleting my flower beds for a while, at least until the next one finds its way here. 
Today's SunnyGal garden photo, a lovely two-color daffodil to coordinate with my two-color top.

white daffodils

Happy weekend sewing, Beth

Monday, October 21, 2013

A very quick post on T-shirts, Sewaholic Renfrew

According to the calender autumn has been here for a few weeks already, however for the most part I am still wearing sandals, shorts and lightweight summer dresses. And that is fine with me :) But one of these days I will need to dig out some sweaters. To that end I bought (finally) the Renfrew knit top pattern, solely for view C which is the cowl-y turtleneck version. Based on this first version I am very glad I did.

Renfrew cowl maroon
This was very much an experimental version using a tissue weight knit I ordered last year from Fashion Fabrics. I wasn't thrilled with when it arrived so I set it aside for who knows what. To make my first Renfrew cowl version I rummaged through my bin of knits, coming across this which seemed fine for a test version. Once I laid it on the cutting table I realized how sheer it was, and having a lot of yardage I decided to do a double layer for the front and back as I have seen on ready to wear. Worked like a charm and I actually do like it, and can see wearing it with my olive green corduroy jacket. Two items totally outside my usual color range but maybe time for some variety?
Here you can see how thin the fabric is.
Renfrew maroon close up
One of my layers was a bit raggedy as I was near the edge of the fabric and I meant to put that on the inside, but as you can see I did not. Oh well. I decided to leave the edges raw because I liked the look plus how could one hem that fabric? I'm sure there is a way but it seemed like a very fiddly fabric to hem.
Here is the pattern envelope showing the options. I also made the neckline of Version A on another top to see where that landed on the body, and as a comparison to my Jalie T-shirts which I really like.
Renfrew pattern envelope

This version below was definitely a test, just to see if I liked the shape and the neckline. On this pattern I made a size 10 and I really like how the armholes fit, although I narrowed the shoulders a bit on the version above. The top of the sleeve seam was about 3/4 inch further out than it should be but that is just my usual knit top adjustment. The top below is kind of a goofy knit I just bought at an ASG sale, it is the same type of knit as you find in golf shirts so not super stretchy. I will probably shorten the sleeves to a very small cap sleeve, take it in at the waist and maybe even cut the hem band off. Not crazy about that, I think a regular t-shirt hem would look better, but it is a good idea in terms of not having to do a hem on tricky fabrics. I think I prefer the neckline and band on the Jalie pattern so I will probably to some blending in the future if I make any more tees. Happy on the stripe matching if I do say so. There is a little bit off at the front upper arm but hey, the back looks good!
                        renfrew stripe frontrenfrew stripe back

As for my next project, I have tentatively stuck my toe into the French jacket pool and hope to have that finished this weekend. Not really an authentic version - more like a "faux" French jacket but something for myself to work out the details on fit and finish. My mom has always wanted one so perhaps hers will be the real thing, hand-sewing and all.

Here's hoping all your halloween costume sewing is completed by this weekend so you can move on to other things!
Happy Sewing, Beth

My SunnyGal garden photo for today, getting to be slim pickings this time of year, although I did spy a camelia yesterday. This one is basil, going to flower now with a background of red hibiscus.

Basil in flower

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

McCalls 6513 in Girl Charlee knit makes me smile

Girl Charlee fabrics are my new obsession.  I look at their website all the time but have only ordered 2 fabrics, so far. Truth be told even though I like to make tailored jackets, use challenging fabrics and create fancy dresses I am really more of a beach dress and bikini kind of girl. Cute cotton t-shirts, denim skirts, this is my actual everyday style. I know I have mentioned before that if it were summer 12 months of the year I would be very very happy. So Girl Charlee suits me perfectly as they have lots of great knit prints in bright colors. My latest knit top is McCalls 6513, shown with the best skirt pattern ever (V1247 blogged here and here). The color is a bit washed out due to the light in this photo, the colors are more accurate in the dress form photo below.

Mc6513 knit top
This is a Palmer and Pletsch pattern, with lots of built in fitting adjustment and instruction. I was impressed with this pattern as I am with all their info (Palmer and Pletsch fitting books are invaluable). The pattern has the lines already drawn in for an FBA and some other adjustments so it really is a great way to learn how to do the FBA and then you can apply it to other garment patterns. Although now thinking about it, is it a bit odd to do a regular FBA on a princess seamed pattern? I suppose it depends on the size and individual measurements. In any case, the adjustment I did was to narrow the shoulders and also tighten up the shoulder seams by about a half inch. 
Pattern envelope and illustration:

    Mc6513 patternMc6513 top pattern illustration
The long sleeve version is very similar to New Look 6150 pattern which I made in four different versions last winter. When this winter comes I may try this McCalls version out as the New Look was strangely big for me in the shoulders. I think in a sweater knit it would work nicely.
On the dress form. Ok this fabric is a bit wacky but it a tropical print, has my two favorite colors (coral and turquoise) and was on could I resist?
Mc6513 top

One more view, my photographer said "look relaxed, don't stare at the camera". Not sure that is working.  By the way the other top I made with Girl Charlee fabric was my 4th of July top which I wear all the time. I saw that fabric in black/white ponte on their website but I can't think what to make with it. A dress but I am trying to maintain my dress moratorium. So readers indulge me, one of you order it :)
Mc6513 knit top close up
That is all for my frivolous pre-vacation sewing, I will get back to my intended posts soon (Marfy dress and denim jacket).  
Here is today's SunnyGal garden photo, a red hibiscus. A friend gave my mom this houseplant and then it went through a bad period, lost all its blooms and looked done for. I took it home and gave it some TLC, really benign neglect but plenty of water and it has revived nicely. Now I just have to find a spot where it can survive the winter chill. 
Happy sewing, Beth

red hibiscus

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Aloha and New Look 6184 dress in knit fabric

Aloha from paradise. Let's jump ahead, shall we? By that I mean posting an item out of order. My self imposed order. I almost always blog things in the sequence I sew them, thus imposing a bit of order on myself and discipline to finish things and then blog. That helps me to complete something, stay motivated to take photos and then onward to the next thing. However I have a few longer posts in the works. My denim jacket (final version) and a Marfy pattern so here is a something else entirely.

NL6184 knit dress front
The fabric is a rayon knit in a slighly tie-dye-ish pattern of turquoise and white. My favorite color combo and oh so soft. I bought 1 and 1/8 yards at Stone Mountain in Berkeley intending to make a t-shirt or some type of top but every time I looked at it I thought "easy breezy summer dress" so that is what I did. 

NL6184 knit dress back

I used New Look 6184 for the neckline and and bodice but I left out the back waist darts, added about 1 inch at the side seam waist on the front and also created a square neckline in the back (which I see could have been maybe another inch or two deeper.  For the skirt I just cut two squares that added up to about 4 inches larger than my hip measure and gathered the top of the skirt into the waist of the bodice pieces. I think I also lengthened the bodice about 1 inch front and back as I wanted it to be a tiny bit blousey at the waist, kind of Saltspring-y, if you have seen the new pattern from Sewaholic. It is funny that came out as I have two vintage patterns from the 70's I had been contemplating making this summer and never got around to them, both with that waist blousing that is so nice to wear and flattering if the proportions are right. 

Dress front close up. I really like this pleated front neckline and have been searching for just the right version for a while.  You can see the color is nice and saturated, the light in the outdoor photos washed out the color of the dress slightly. (Hard to compete with that nice tropical background :)

NL6184 knit dress close up front
Ever since I made a few Vogue designer patterns specifically made for knit fabrics that were fully lined I really like the effect and feeling a full lining creates so this one is also fully lined. Which also gave me the opportunity to have the clean finish around the neckline and armholes. No zipper, not needed. A reader asked recently about what lining I use in these knit dresses. In the dancewear section at my local Joann fabrics (where the fabrics for making costumes, skating and gymnastics wear, swimwear etc) there are some knit fabrics in neutral colors which are used for linings in those items and work very well for any knit dress. I just feel the weight and slippy-ness of the lining fabric, to me that is the key factor, if the lining will glide against the outer fabric and not be catching as you move or walk. 
I also added tiny belt loops at the side and with the remaining shreds of fabric made a narrow fabric tie belt to pull in the waist as the dress is cut rather straight and needs something to create the waist and blousing. 
Here is the pattern, I used the Version D which is the square cut neckline. 

NL6184 pattern envelope

OK time to hit the beach for a tough day of swimming and novel reading :) and a Mai Tai calling my name later.  
Happy September sewing, Beth

p.s. did anyone notice I cut my hair? heading toward long hair is just not for me! I gave it a good year but that was enough. Oh, I am so happy now! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pattern Love: Vogue 1351 DKNY dress

Is it too early in 2013 to declare this the best pattern of the year? If you have been reading this blog for a while you probably know that I am inclined to superlatives. My favorite color, greatest skirt pattern, most beautiful flower...rarely a shade of grey for me. Opinions, snap judgements, instant thumbs up or down are rapidly determined. So when I started prepping the pattern pieces for this one I had a little shiver of excitement and the dress that resulted confirmed my first impression. This one is a winner!

Vogue 1351 has just a few pattern pieces, is cut on the bias, and very little fitting involved. Here is the result.
V1351 Purple dress
One more time these DKNY patterns turn out to be genius. OK maybe a bit too high with the praise but I really can't say enough good things about this one. Firstly, super easy. So welcome in summertime when you want to get that dress done! Perfect shaping, at least for me. I have not made any knits cut on the bias before and that seems to be what gives this dress such a lovely drape. Also the cowl neckline is not too big or too low. I made V1250 for a friend, another genius pattern from DKNY and on me the shape was just not all that flattering however it suited my friend perfectly. This dress has more of a waist so better suited to my style. But I can tell you that it barely touches my waist and that is how it is designed to fit, just skimming over your shape.  It is the cut and drape of the bodice pieces that allow them to float over the body and look so sleek and yet be uber-comfortable. Another positive is it would be relatively easy to alter, with a bit of forethought if you are not quite the size you could take in or let out at the side seams when you cut it out. The finished measurements are on the pattern and seemed to be close.

Vogue 1351 Purple knit dress back
I did two slight fit adjustments, taking it up at the shoulders about 1/2 inch and a slight swayback adjustment taking about 1/2 inch out of the center back bodice (when I sewed it together after a test baste) to bring that back waist seam to the horizontal. So when I make it next (oh yes there will be a next) I will just alter my pattern pieces. Then it will be one of those 2-hour dresses. Pretty good for a Vogue designer pattern. 
Another thing I like is where the edge of the bodice hits the shoulder, as you know from my last Vogue dress I like the shoulders to be a bit on the narrow side, I think it is more flattering. 
This dress has a full lining, pattern pieces included and the bodice front lining is what makes the neckline so perfect.

           purple dress insideVogue 1351 dress on form
Here is the pattern envelope. It suggests crepe, matte jersey or charmeuse. For some reason this strikes me as the perfect travel item. Dress it up or go casual, roll in a ball and stuff in your suitcase.
V1351 pattern photo
Oh yeah, I am smiling. Pattern love. And a a solid color...what is going on? Not a wild floral. I do have a rayon knit print I bought as soon as I finished this so onward with another version. By the way, this fabric was a rayon knit I added to the shopping cart when buying some stuff from Fashion Fabrics Club. When it came my reaction was, blech, not what I thought it would be, kind of slinky. So it was set aside and in fact I did do some t-shirt testing with it. But it was a lucky choice for this dress, plus the color seems way better as a dress than it did as a piece of fabric. ??? 

Vogue 1351 Purple knit dress front

Gratuitous action shot.  Not really a twirly skirt, more of a fluttery one.

Vogue 1351 purple dress action shot
Two for two with the new Vogue patterns. Happy dance! Time to turn away from the dresses, even though there are so many pretty ones calling out to me.  In progress, a black denim casual jacket using a Lisette pattern, Simplicity 2209.

Of course something purple for today's SunnyGal garden photo. I bought this phlox at the local junior college horticultural department's spring sale. Very tiny flowers but so cute.

Happy summer sewing and I hope you all find the very best pattern, 

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