Thursday, March 10, 2011

Balenciaga Exhibit in San Francisco - Can you join us?

I have sewing blogger meetup envy.  Yes, I confess.  Whenever I read a post written by someone whose blog I admire, meeting up with another great sewing blogger - I have a tinge of jealousy.   Most recently I read Carolyn’s post about her trip to Japan, which included a photo of herself, Yoshimi, and Novita.  That looked like so much fun, and what a great introduction to that part of Tokyo.   I recall that Eugenia was in NY last year, and she found some great fabrics as well as a lot of fun meeting up with fellow sewers.    Melissa of Fehrtrade in London has a link on her blog to detail what she calls the Walthamstow Shopping Frenzy, (organized by Karen of Did you Make That).  Any group shopping excursion that ends in a pub is one that I would like to join.  
The shopping . . . comparing patterns . . . talking fabrics.  I guess I need to spring some of my airline points and get on a plane somewhere.

Right now I have no plans to go anywhere interesting, but fortunately, something interesting is coming to San Francisco, so I have joined up (virtually)  with a fellow northern Californian, Jean of J.Kaori Designs to plan a visit to this exhibit:   

Balenciaga and Spain
at the De Young Museum in San Francisco


Balenciaga was a Spanish designer, heavily influenced by the history and art of his country.
 His creations are considered masterworks of haute couture of the 1950's and 1960's

So if anyone is planning to be in San Francisco this spring, we are going to this exhibit with a tentative date of Sat. April 30, but that is not absolute.  Even if you are not planning to be here in the Golden State then, maybe you should!   The De Young Museum is in Golden Gate Park, in the middle of San Francisco, right across from the Californa Academy of Sciences, (which has been completely redone and one of the best places to visit in SF, especially with kids.)

If you are interested in reading a bit more about the origins of this exhibit and the history of this Spanish designer, here is a link to an NY Times blog with some details.  Interestingly, it has been said that of all the great couturiers that he was the only one to personally fit every garment in the collection, sometimes as many as 200 items.   

The exhibit runs March 26 through July 4, so I may have to go twice.
Please comment if you would like to join us.  Or leave a comment if you have sewing meetup envy like I do !

Happy Sewing,  Beth


  1. Hi Beth, I've nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award because your creations are so stylish! Thanks, Gabrielle (a former lurker)

  2. This sounds delightful. I'll put this on my calendar.

    Rose in SV (silicon valley).

  3. It certainly is great fun to meet up with other sewists and bloggers - I consider myself very priviledged to have met with such lovely people in New York. I would dearly love to join you but from London to San Francisco is an awful long way! The exhibition sounds very interesting and I am sure you will have a fun and inspiring time. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.l

  4. I would have very much liked to join you if I could have but I am half a world away... that would be so much fun and hugely inspiring! Yes, I had a wonderful day when I met up with Yoshimi and Novita in Tokyo. I'm so glad to hear they are both alright...
    I hope you have a fantastic time!

  5. This sounds intriguing! Both the exhibit & the prospect of meeting other sewists - I've put it on my calendar & hope to make it (thanks for the link & heads up Rose!)

    Jillian in the East Bay

  6. Meeting the Selfish Seamstress was like the high-point of my sewing career thus far... and we didn't even get to go fabric shopping. /sigh. SF has been on my list of "Cities I'd like to visit" for a very, very long time now... but I still haven't made it. double sigh.

    Enjoy the exhibit!

  7. Thank you so much for your nice comments! I have to admit the daily photo thing this month is getting very tiring, though.

    Bridle is the name given to a strip of tape sewn against the roll line, I had never heard of this name being applied to this strip before! I hope you do make up this pattern, although I can see how going into summer the idea of jackets would be receding somewhat... but I'm sure your version would be quite magnificent!

  8. I tend to have meetup envy, too! The blog community is so fabulous, how could I NOT want to try to meet these people?

    Sounds like a very cool exhibit.

  9. I'm interested, Beth! I've already met Rose and JillyBe - it will be great to see them again, as well as to meet you!


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