Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pattern Pyramid: Perseverance Pays Off

It looks like persistence and patience are working for the lucky name drawn in this go round of the Pattern Pyramid. And the winner is . . . Amity Originals, who said this might be her seventh entry. Lucky 7 it is. Taking a peek around her blog I think she is in the Los Angeles area so the Pattern Pyramid stays in the Golden State for a while.


I used one of my favorite sewing tools to draw the winner, which are forceps that I got ages from a friend who had samples at work. I have 3 of these scattered around the sewing room and while they may seem weird to use for sewing they are perfect for pulling out basting threads, tailor's tacks etc. Plus they have the little locking feature to get a really good grip. They also work for fishing out the tail of elastic in a channel when it escapes from you. 

You all know I am obsessed with the weather (family trait) despite the fact that I live in practically perfect N. California. We do have the occasional dusting of snow here, to our great shock. But for the most part our snow is on the mountains, where it should be and not on our driveways. Kind of weird to go out for an early morning walk and see this faraway white stuff which was mostly gone by the afternoon. And if you are shivering due to a February blizzard note that the lovely green on the lower hills will be crispy brown by early summer. 

snow on peak

Onward to spring sewing, Beth


  1. We had the white stuff on the ground. Metro Phoenix, Arizona! *eek* Some areas had a few inches, others just a light dusting. Not ready for summer, but sure could use a bit of warm weather! *LOL*

    Congratulations to the winner!

  2. Congratulations to Amity I'm sure she'll be happy to hear the good news after trying so many times. I was lucky and won the Plus Size Pattern Pyramid and can't wait for the patterns to arrive so I know how excited Amity will be as well. No snow for me... we're in the middle of summer and our winters are actually more like spring. I'd so love to experience a winter with some snow though :)

  3. Looks beautiful, we are having terrible grey weather and very cold.. So sad