Monday, May 5, 2014

Random Threads # 7

Today's topics:  sewing willpower, some tips on plaid, and do you wear statement jewelry?

There is a complete lack of willpower in my sewing room, despite my claim that I was going to make separates, some useful items to mix and match with my existing wardrobe and lifestyle. I will give you a sneak peek at my latest project. Let's just say that I wanted explore colorblocking, plus use up something in my stash and then leave it at that.
I wonder if you can guess the pattern? It is something I have shown in the past and finally got to sewing. On the plus side, I am really happy with my latest make and have a skirt in the works, so that is a separate.

copy for sneak peek

My latest post is up on the Craftsy Sewing Blog. A few tips on working with plaid. When I sat down to write this one I scrolled through some of my past blog posts and realized I really like plaid!  I have made a lot of plaid items. Now that it is summer I even have a plaid item planned for this season. So not just for cozy winter clothes. 

plaid post Craftsy

Thank you for all your great comments on my last few posts that included some fitting information. It is quite amazing how much fitting impacts how we feel about sewing.  For my new item mentioned above which will appear in my next post, I will show you the muslin I made and all the changes necessary to achieve a good fit. Kind of a lot for a simple item. Or perhaps because it is a simple item it needs to fit really well?  

On an entirely different note, are you a jewelry wearer?  I am not.  I was thinking about this as I looked at my latest item on the dressform and thought, does this need something else? Like all of you I get plenty of emails from my favorite stores, catalogs, plus magazines and style websites. Often I see an outfit and it is accessorized with a bold necklace or some other piece of interesting jewelry.  For my personal style I am just not a jewelry wearer. Necklaces really annoy me, and I am not much for rings either. Bracelets and smallish earrings are tolerable. Due to past issues I have to take very good care of my spine (doing well, knock wood!) but a lot of cute shoes that I might have worn in the past are off limits these days. Basically I just let my sewn garments be my style statement and leave it at that.  So my question, do you think an outfit is unfinished without jewelry?  Or like me do you look past the accessories to closely observe the garment? 


Today's SunnyGal garden photo - red roses with a natural accessory.



  1. Thanks for the informative post on plaid. , you provided so much to think about when matching plaids. I liked the tip about the horizontal darts and one I had not thought of. I am good with no accessories with your garments, lets the garment be the star.

  2. I am no longer a jewelry wearer though I have many oversized or left from the 80s in my drawers.
    The only accessory I am realy found of now are scarves? I have many, many ranging from Hermes' to chunky hand knitted ones.

  3. You know, the word 'plaid' doesn't seem to exist in the Australian vocab. I'd love to know where that particular word originated! The first time I came across it was in my early teens, reading baby sitter club books. I think in the early nineties in America, short plaid pleated skirts were all the rage, because those books made reference to such a garment on a surprisingly (to me) regular basis.
    I think we call it tartan?
    I'm like you when it comes to sewing with a plan, although I think it stems more from not wanting to have any kind of controlling influence and just be able to 'go with the flow'. I'd so much rather sew something that sparks my interest, rather than something I actually need. And yet I'll 'sign up' for a sewalong (like Leisa's current Marfy jacket sewalong) that I'm genuinely super excited about, but then not want to do it because it follows a particular time frame. ha!
    I'd love to be a jewellry wearer. But I don't think I ever will be! I'm with Marie though - I have a serious collection of scarves which are worn more often than not...

  4. While I love sewing and analyzing garments, my other passion is style or wardrobes. So, accessories are crucial for a simple closet of clothing to become a wardrobe with style. I love scarves, bracelets, earrings and hats. I have a good collection of strong\dramatic necklaces which I will wear on their own (no bracelet etc). I am short, and small jewelry makes me look and feel childlike. Interesting question!

  5. Ah, accessories. Statement jewelry for me is limited to pieces in gold and precious stones and pearls. I can't wear any other metals! But I do have some nice things. Other you, I like the garment to speak volumes. But I also enjoy a really sharp, different handbag (mostly very large!) and great shoes. Being in Florida, I have lots of good hats too! and use them.

  6. I love junk jewelry, big foolish novelty stuff. I need to incorporate it more into my daily gaudiness!

  7. I have been enjoying your Craftsy blog posts! I'm not a huge jewelry person, but when I do wear them, I love big and bold pieces, such as silver cuffs, hoop earrings and statement necklaces. I think jewelry and other accessories can enhance a beautiful garment, but only if they work well together.


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