Sunday, March 13, 2016

When in doubt sew denim

Don't you think that is the case? Denim is so nice to sew. Today is a perfect day to hunker down and sew with a movie in the background and I was having no inspiration until I found a weirdly shaped denim remnant hanging up on my fabric rack. Score! It is barely enough for the project in mind, some creative cuts will be in order but already I can feel the creative juices flowing. Pattern hint:  Simplicity 8014, the cover version is perfection.

I have been in a weird mood lately - sewing wise. Not really interested in starting any monumental projects and somewhat hampered by the changeable weather which is almost spring but still not sandal weather. In fact pouring today so the March rain prediction has happily come true. Our parched California landscape appreciates that for sure. Changing things up I will put the garden photo near the top today - this bicolor tulip is perfection!

bicolor tulip

Checking on my last post here it was back in mid-February. I told myself I was going to take a bit of a sewing and blog break but actually didn't think it would happen. However that coincided with my "un-motivation" so there you have it. And now I have plenty to write about and some new projects already started. Onward to spring!

By the way - this past year I have been involved with some consulting projects - completely separate from sewing and so was not available for teaching as much as I would like. But that project is done. Which leads me to my next topic.

If you are going to be in the bay area this year and want to have some personal sewing instruction please get in touch!  I have also been thinking about the possibilities of video consultations. It's so easy to do a Skype call and very fun to meet  -  even when it is across the internet. Perhaps you have questions about a specific technique, fitting issue, want to discuss pattern options, help with a tailoring project or just general sewing guidance? This is an idea I have had for a while - I am planning to add more details on my sewing lesson website but please leave a comment here if you think this could work,  if any of you would be interested, or have any feedback or suggestions on this idea.

Some finished projects will soon get their own blog posts.  This is the silk blouse with the hidden buttonhole placket. I just love the idea of the hidden buttonholes in a silk like this - takes all the stress out of making a perfect buttonhole that would be front and center in all its triumph or tragedy depending on how my buttonholer was working on the day. Never fear though - and this technique can be used on most any shirt.  I promise a post on the "how-to" very soon. I have written a post for Craftsy on this topic which I believe they will run near the end of this month - with a color coded example I created. It looks a little goofy but I love a color-coded example and it just helps see where all the pieces go. I will post here as well. And one of these days when the sun is shining I will photograph this shirt on me.

silk blouse hidden buttonholes teal

Thanks for the comments on my last post about keeping or tossing items that no longer get worn. And one of these days I will make a pattern from that black cocktail dress, you will hear about it here if I do :)

New Vogue patterns - I always love the summer release and this time was no exception  - some are just calling my name. But I have yet to get much wear from last summer's dresses so I will refrain for the time being.

Some pattern testing is going on around here - something I rarely do but I bet you can guess which indie pattern designer it is for. New patterns in April I believe. And a real version already planned out in my head.

Lastly - I have done some fabric designs for and I am very impressed with the quality of the fabric that has arrived. So those are also in my sewing queue.

Hey - I guess I am out of my sewing slump! Plus the garden is looking better thanks to all that rain. Tomato seedlings growing on the windowsill. One less hour of sleep last night for Daylight Saving's Time is worth it to me to turn the page on winter. Gosh I am such a wimp - what if I lived in a place with actual winter weather? Hibernate and sew I guess :)

Happy Spring Forward Sewing,


  1. Simplicity 8014 is yet to reach our stores here in Australia but is definitely on my Must Sew List when it does!

  2. Sigh... no way for me to go for personalized lessons, but I'd certainly love to!

  3. So with you on not knowing what to sew right now! I definitely don't want to sew more winter things, but Spring has definitely not made an appearance in the UK yet (although it was nice and sunny over the weekend, it's still not warm). I do have jeans to make though when my denim arrives and also the new Papercut Patterns Bowline sweater when I get some nice striped jersey - will have a look for some today.

  4. I am very excited over the possibilities of your lessons via Skype (I live in Europe0 I am a very good sewer and can fit other people, but have difficulty myself in finding a fitting a flattering pattern for myself. Please let me know when you get closer to activating your Skype sessions. I need a simple but elegant evening dress for April 16th!

  5. Lucky I sew better than I type. Apologies for the email jumble;-)

  6. "I found a weirdly shaped denim remnant hanging up on my fabric rack" - can you post a picture of your fabric rack one day? We will be building a house soon-ish, and I am already thinking about my awesome sewing room and how I'll organize my stash and not have to dig through multiple bins of fabric!

    I was so disappointed that we couldn't meet when I was in the Bay area in December; I think the Skype lessons sound perfect!! Looking forward to hearing more!

    Glad you got out of your slump! We have had beautiful weather here in the Panhandle of Florida, so I've been outside a lot and not sewing as much. Yesterday we were supposed to get rain, so I thought I'd be inside raining after church, but it didn't rain, so I was outside working instead! Oh, well! :-)

  7. I've got the Simplicity 8014 as on my spring sewing list, can't wait to find the time for it!


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