Sunday, September 26, 2010

S2406 - better as a top than a dress

After seeing a number of versions of the Cynthia Rowley dress, which is Simplicity 2406, I decided to give it a try.
I was not crazy about the open sleeve version, the idea is interesting and could be attractive, but as shown on the pattern envelope it is odd looking.  The feature I did like on this pattern is the way the gathers are done on the neckline, not as a drawstring but sewn into a facing.  

bluepoly top frontneck

Earlier this summer I saw this polyester fabric at Joann's and really liked the color.  I generally try not to buy any fabric for garments there as they have such a terrible selection and quality is not very good, so my little protest is to not purchase any of their stuff.  However I seem to go in there about once a week for lining, a specific thread or something else that I discover I need immediately.  Most of my shopping is on-line or at Stone Mountain in Berkeley.  Anyway - liked the color, and bought 2 yards as I decided my wardrobe is lacking in interesting tops.  Then I ended up cutting out this dress which turned out to be a bit of a mistake.  It just looked strange as a dress.  the fabric is too slippery and the sash wouldn't stay in place.  

But as a top I am really happy with it.   Here worn with some long black shorts. 


I think the patten called for a button or some other closure at the back neck, I was doing some very slapdash sewing on this project (in order to stuff in my suitcase)  so I just sewed a little tab on one side of the back, and then used a snap.  The way the shoulder straps are sewn on is clever, and creates a clean finish on the inside.

blue poly top tab
Up next, time to do some planning for holiday sewing.  Last year I made a number of childrens' holiday dresses, velvet and plaid taffeta, but this year I am thinking of something different.  Stay tuned :)

And here is today's SunnyGal Garden photo, crepe myrtle tree in bloom.  I have 5 of these trees in my garden, they are beautiful July through September with the pink and lavender blossoms  (and many, many leaves to clean up in Oct.)

crepe myrtle pink

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  1. A very eye-catching top. I really like it. The way you took the photo with the night time background looks fantastic. Pretty flowers too.


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