Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Still Summer here: V1247 skirt in white plus Lekala top

What is the most summery item? To me it is always something white. White shorts, a white eyelet dress, a crisp white top. I love white cotton clothes but haven't made anything in a while but this top just needed a white skirt. The top is a Lekala pattern I made earlier this year, This might be my best fitting t-shirt pattern. Interesting, huh? I need to try more of their tops.

Lekala top white skirt back

I came across a piece of white poplin in my remnant stash which was forgotten, but I must have saved it knowing it could be made into something. What else, the best skirt pattern ever? Vogue 1247. This is my third one (version one and version two) and I have an idea for a really great modification when the weather changes.
Recognize the fabric in this top? When I made another of my all-time favorite patterns (Vogue 1191 twist front dress) some substantial but oddly shaped bits remained, and I loved this fabric so much I couldn't throw these scraps away. In the back of my mind I was thinking I could make some kind of mixed fabric knit top - but probably not as that would entail finding something that actually coordinated. So another item that was scrunched away in the knit fabrics bin. I looked at it periodically when I was rummaging for something and the most recent time I had a brainwave - try the Lekala top. Sleeveless! With complete disregard for orientation. So some parts are cut lengthwise and some crosswise but it makes no difference really, with this 4-way stretch rayon knit.  When I ordered this it also came in a turquoise color version - so that is my fabric "one that got away" in the last few years. Always wished I had ordered that colorway as well. Because I need more turquoise items right, HAH.

coral Lekala tee frontcoral Lekala tee back

After I finished this skirt I found another white remnant which was a bit thicker and I am wishing I had used that instead. This one is fine - the only problem is that the pockets show through a LOT. I cut them down to only about 2 inches deep, which is fine but they still show a bit and look a little weird. I lined the skirt in a lightweight cotton. And it was just a teensy bit too short for my liking so I looked and looked for something I could edge the bottom to add a bit of length. White is really difficult to match. Or things just looked strange, too thin, or too stiff (tried ribbon, that was a fail). I took a tiny scrap of the white poplin to the store and found this trim that matched the white perfectly. Just enough to add an inch.

V1247 hem lace

Here's a look at the ghostly pockets and the waistband treatment. In fact the treatment is to leave off the waistband as I did on my red wool crepe version # 2 of this pattern.

V1247 white skirtV1247 white skirt zip
 I might have put a tiny strip of interfacing on the lining, and then just sew the lining as if it is a facing. Ta daa, a lined skirt. I find these waistband-less skirts sooooo comfy to wear and on me they stay in the right place, whereas a waistband skirt seems to migrate upwards. Probably my error in fitting.

The camera was misbehaving when all my vacation pics were taken, the all seem a bit overexposed. Or it was autofocusing on the greenery and not my sewing stuff.  See...needed that extra length, just looks OK not too mini.
Lekala top and white skirt front

The calendar says Fall but around here, i.e. here in my part of N. California it is still summer. Other than getting dark early but way too soon to put away the sleeveless tees and white skirts. Yeah for that!
And I hate to tell you but I still have a couple more summer items not yet blogged - though they are patterns that can apply for other seasons so there is that.

Based on lots of comments I am planning to do a post on good patterns for holiday dresses - patterns I think are interesting and easily adjusted for fit. Or that fit certain body types.

Just curious - has anyone taken any of the BurdaStyle webinars?  they have a lot and I am very curious about them, format, content etc. Interesting that I have not seen any reviews or feedback on sewing blogs (at least on the blogs I read - which is a lot!)

I have not purchased any supplies or fabric via the Craftsy website but noticed this one the other day:
Dawn to Dusk Knit Top Kit which is on sale now for $ 19.99  It includes one of my favorite knit top patterns New Look 6150, and 2 yards of rayon spandex blend with a choice of colors. Quite a good deal and particularly for those who mentioned in the comments on my pattern costs post that they couldn't get New Look patterns. Although with my sewing students last week I learned a lot about paying duty on items ordered from the US. Whew! it adds up.
By the way - I am not a Craftsy affiliate or get anything for mentioning. I just thought it was a good deal.  Here is the pattern and the tops that I made with it.

Pattern New Look 6150 Wrap top sweaterknitWrap top knit grey stripe frontAqua wrap top front

Yesterday I was out walking and saw Halloween decorations on some houses. It is not even October yet (or wasn't yesterday).  EEK!

Happy (still summer) sewing, Beth


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  2. very cute! :) and its going to be 95 this friday! how is it still so hot!!!

  3. This is a lovely skirt pattern which is new to me. Its autumn now over here in England so I am going to add it to my "must makes" for next spring but thank you for the inspiration.

  4. I love the trim you added to the bottom of the skirt! And I'm jealous that it's still summer there, fall is here on the East Coast.

  5. Hi Beth. I can relate to the summer temps. I live in Florida and it's very humid and in the high 80's. With regard to your white pockets, I had the same problem and read somewhere that if you make the pockets that will be facing outward, with beige/skin tone fabric, they will not show. Worked for me.

  6. Hi Beth, I have taken one burda webinar, and it was nothing like Craftsy. It was poor quality video and audio. It was very cheap at 3.99. I've not taken any others, so it may have just been one. I've see samples of others that look much higher quality.

  7. Hi Beth, I took Burda's Tailoring Techniques Webinar and was not impressed. I remember thinking even before it was over "Well, that's $20 I can't ever get back." I won't do another one.

  8. Love that tropical setting -- perfect for your outfit! Stay cool this weekend -- it already feels warm and it is still morning!

  9. Hi Beth,
    I don't mean to intrude here; I am a pattern designer and would like to contact you, but I can't find a way except through here. Could you kindly let me know how I could reach you, or could you email me at kennis.wong@itch-to-stitch.com?
    Thank you and hope to hear from you.