Saturday, September 6, 2014

McCall's 6513 knit top in turquoise Ikat with bonus skirt

This fabric has been on my shelf for maybe two years? Turns out having this blog is handy for remembering things, I did a quick search and see that I bought in in March of 2012 at Stone Mountain in Berkeley. So for the past three summers it has been saying "pick me, pick me!" and I finally did. I love this fabric, a super soft rayon knit that includes turquoise and white, one of my favorite color combos.

For these photos I was standing in the shade but it was very bright so perhaps the details are a bit lost. It is actually a top and a skirt: pattern repeat time again. The pattern is  McCall's 6513 which I have used previously here and here. Plus I had enough fabric to make a very simple pull-on elastic waist skirt,

McCalls 6513 Ikat top and skirt

I have found this to be a really good wrap top pattern although when I first made it I start out with my usual 12 and it was too large so had to cut it down considerably. At the time I didn't go back to adjust my pattern, darn it. So lots of basting and adjusting which is thankfully quite easy with a knit like this. Interestingly I start with 12 in most things which work out fine but in knits they are always too big so I am going to see what happens with a 10 as the starting point next time.

Originally I bought this fabric planning to make a dress but a top is way more useful. Like this, with my trusty black denim skirt (Simplicity 2152).

McCalls 6513 Ikat knit top with skirt2

OK, my hair is not red - what is going on in this picture? Also doing a rooster thing on top. Anyone else have crazy hair on vacation - and could not care less . . .that's my island attitude :)
But I do like this top with skirts, or shorts.

There was no planning in the pattern placement as I had barely enough fabric to squeeze out that skirt. Which I wanted to be slightly flared, not a circle skirt, but just not a straight skirt. I even had to use pieced together scraps to make the inside of the waistband. Which was good for an unintentionally zero-waste project! By happy accident (due to the width of the pattern piece and the print repeat) the back looks symmetrical which I like. Or at least doesn't bug by being off to one side.

McCalls 6513 Ikat knit outfit front on formMcCalls 6513 Ikat knit outfit back view on form

Here's the pattern for the top. I swear this winter I am going to make the other version, with the slightly higher draped neckline. In a smaller size to start. Although it is so similar to my favorite knit top, New Look 6150.

Mc6513 pattern

This was not my most beautiful sewing, but really, who looks closely at the hem of a print knit skirt - not me. Just a turn and stitch. But this image gives the best representation of the color. The dark is actually a navy blue but it looks like black so this top can do double duty with either. 

Ikat knit hem

Hurray for using a great fabric that has been sitting on my shelf for too long. I don't think I have bought anything since spring (when I bought the seersucker for my jacket). Plus when I was rummaging through the stash I found two wools (purchased at garage sales) which I had forgotten all about. Which are fantastic - so fall sewing has planned itself. 

But fall is NOT here yet - at least for me. 

Did I say fall - no I didn't but as you can see by my fooling around in this photo below I almost had to change before dinner so as not to be sopping wet. Actually it would have been a good laugh for everyone. 

McCalls 6513 Ikat top by pool

Let's hang on to summer for a few more weeks, can we?

Aloha, Beth


  1. Great idea making separates. I really like the print!

    I am knee deep in fall sewing!

  2. Yay Hawaii! Aloha!!!
    It is still summer technically--I hang on to summer as long as possible. :)
    Great summer wear.

  3. Cute, cute skirt and top. My favorite crossover top is New Look also!

  4. What gorgeous scenery! You look right at home in that top/skirt :)

  5. I like that you made a separate top and skirt, and it looks just like a beautiful dress! You look lovely! :)

  6. Perfect outfit combo for what looks like a beautiful vacation! And my hair is always turning out red in photos, maybe there's something to it?

  7. You haven't bought any new fabric since spring???? I am in awe of you!!!! Lovely two-piece dress you've got here, and you're right -- no one looks at the hem of a knit dress, not if it's in a busy pattern.

  8. Pretty Ikat and the wrap top looks great. Like your backdrop too.

  9. I love the idea of separates, just more versatility. Great job, you always look so great.

  10. Love the look of the two piece dress and looks like you are having a wonderful holiday.

  11. That looks really great on you. I thought about getting this pattern but keep putting it off so now I might change my mind. I love the fabrics, so bright and fun.

  12. Very nice!! This color really suits you!


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