Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fitting and adjustments

It's been a while since I posted links to my recent Craftsy sewing blog posts. I have done a few recently on fit adjustments so here they are.

Today's post on their sewing blog is about  some fit adjustments on wrap dresses, or wrap necklines in general. Not a definitive fitting post, just a couple of tips useful in fixing common problems with those patterns.

Wrap neckline post on Craftsy blog here

Wrap post craftsy

If wrap dress fit is something you are working on, I did a post back in February with some fit info on the vertical adjustment on a wrap dress, with emphasis on adjustments for a full bust or plus figure which I think solves a lot of common fit problems as well. Here is that link which you may want to take a look at if you haven't seen it before.

Also on the topic of fitting, I did a couple of posts on sleeve adjustments.

Full bicep adjustment post on Craftsy blog here

bicep adj craftsy post

For variety, and useful both for fitting and if you want to squeeze your pattern pieces on minimal cuts of fabric, how to make a two-piece sleeve.

How to make a two-piece sleeve on Craftsy blog here

2piece sleeve post craftsy

And now just for fun. What do you think are the most popular posts I have written on Craftsy? I have a feeling it is this one: Sew Smart: How to make a pattern from a piece of clothing, which is a great skill to develop and super useful. Especially if you have something that fits perfectly and you want to be able to make it again. Also useful if you have lost any pattern pieces - something I realized this week when I was sewing a jacket and could not find some of the smaller pieces. I probably outsmarted myself by putting them in a clever place and I will find them next week. Aaargh! Also I just used this skill last week making a pattern from an existing jacket of my mom's. (slight aside - my family members are the most difficult to please! I tried a couple of different jacket patterns for her but she kept saying she liked her RTW one better. OK already. I will just make a pattern. Should have done that in the first place :)

Also Craftsy puts links to all their blog posts on their Facebook page and I crack up to see which ones get the most comments and shares there. As it turns out, the most popular ones there are ones that I think are not super interesting. Mostly anything to do with home dec. How to make a fabric shower curtain was very popular but this post (you will have to click to see it) generated the most comments and positive reactions. Part of me wants to say "really?" (as opposed to my carefully crafted fitting or sewing techniques?)  but they are kind of cute, useful and perfect for summer :)

This afternoon was going to be all about gardening but the allergy season is sticking around for soooo long around here, and I have kind of a allergy induced headache this afternoon so better to stay away from more stuff like that. Perhaps a little mild-mannered pattern tracing is in order. And I keep seeing these cute culottes in a variety of shapes and styles so perhaps I will check the fabric closet and see what strikes my fancy.

Happy Sewing, Beth

Here is today's SunnyGal garden photo. This is a Cecile Brunner rose that lives between the orange and lemon trees. I never water it and constantly hack it back as it threatens to take over. Plus the stems entwine into the citrus trees which makes picking the lemons even more hazardous. Thorns, spines etc. And it only blooms the once in the spring which I didn't know when I put it there. Roses are amazingly hardy but this one is practically an Audrey*.  But so pretty when it is all in bloom.

Pink rosebud

*name of the people-eating plant from the Little Shop of Horrors.


  1. Thanks, Beth. Very helpful information.

  2. Thank you - I enjoy the fitting posts very much!! So much for me to learn.

  3. Very helpful posts Beth! You're right on for the wrap dress adjustments! Since I've been doing that, my wrap dresses fit better with no need to wear a cami underneath!

  4. Couldn't believe my eyes when I clicked at the most popular Craftsy post! Haha, really? I absolutely prefer your posts on fitting!

  5. Haha! Wow, that link goes to something I had never considered might even be a thing. Learn something every day. I love your carefully crafted sewing and fitting posts, by the way. And that scary rose. Plants that twine or grow over other plants give me the heebie jeebies, but they are very useful and in this case ornamental too.

  6. Thank you; this is exactly what I needed!

  7. Thank you so much....having to tackle this issue on a project right now! Talk about perfect timing.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Beth, I can see how that button-on napkin would appeal to some people (like my husband before he tucks into all that foie gras..) but your other tips are more my style!! Jen

  9. Thanks for the links! I always have to adjust my sleeve in the bicep area, so I will definitely be checking out your method :)

    Funny how the little things impress the majority of people... I'm guessing these are the same people who post endless craft ideas on Pinterest and then never actually do any of them ^__^ Personally I prefer the meatier fitting posts, myself - that elusive perfect fit is always a rainbow worth chasing! :D


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