Thursday, November 19, 2015

Buried treasure, Simplicity 2152 skirt

Do you ever rummage around in your closet and find something you completely forgot about? I can confess I do it fairly often. A slight drawback of sewing a lot means that many things get worn a bit when new then shoved to the back of the closet with something new taking up my attention.

However when it comes to UFO's - unfinished objects - in my sewing, I just never have them. Does that sound impossible? Kind of snobby? Believe me, in the rest of my life I have plenty of unfinished objects, tasks and to do lists. (That garden shed is not cleaning itself - despite my thinking about it regularly). But sewing  - I finish almost everything I start. If I am not liking the look of something, due to color, or maybe the shape is all wrong for me, I generally finish the item and then either give it to a friend or donate to the charity shop.

But the other day I was moving something in the sewing room closet and came across that rarest of items, an unfinished object. An almost finished black wool skirt. With pockets! a potential wardrobe workhorse! Which was really great for many reasons, the primary one was that I was just about to cut out a black wool skirt. Eek. So after a few moments of mental fog I remembered that I started last spring, just as it was really heating up around here, decided to set it aside to finish in the fall, and promptly forgot completely about it.

Such a great pattern, super quick to sew, very easy to fit and has nice pockets that are a snap.

S2152 pattern

I never even noticed the View D where the pockets are vertical. might have to try that.
Never mind, mental fog again. I did make that version but it was a bit of an improvisation as I reused the pocket welts from the existing coat when I did the coat refashion into a skirt and jacket.  That blue outfit is SO warm. Which I guess is what you get when you make a skirt/jacket out of a thick boucle wool coat.

Anyway - back to the current version. Not really exciting I suppose but as I said, a wardrobe workhorse and perfect to wear with black boots and tights.

black skirt on me

What is happening, I look rather linebacker-y here? I should give some thought to the Better Pictures Project by Gillian which is such a great idea. but I probably won't :) So sometimes I can achieve nice photos taken in lovely lighting and sometimes we get crappy timer photos as I am rushing off to do something else. Hey I'd rather be sewing.....hmm idea....who wants to buy a bumper sticker?  Aside - does anyone still do bumper stickers, they were a staple of my childhood but I don't see them as often anymore - I think those window cling thingies or the license plate holders have surpassed them. The political campaign ones are occasionally spotted. T-shirts have overtaken bumper stickers as the means to wear one's motto, I suppose. (my personal fav - life's a beach).

Back to sewing, view of pockets and waistband.

black skirt on form front

and inside view. I used a regular zipper for a change. (What a breeze to sew in a nice old fashioned regular zipper). This photo below is more accurate for the color of this black wool,  the one above is a bit overexposed.

skirt zipper and lining

When I pulled the skirt out of the closet the lining was attached but I hadn't hemmed the skirt or lining and also the lining needed to be attached at the zipper. I used a plain black cotton for the waistband inside, and then a bemberg rayon for the rest. Because I don't like itchy wool on the inside but if I use lining there then you have the proverbial spinning skirt. You KNOW just what I mean. How you are going through your day and realize that your center back zipper is somewhere east or west of where it should be. Because the slippery nature of the inside of the skirt lets it move around. So using a cotton there just gives it a tiny bit of grippy-ness that tends to keep it properly located.

What about the t-shirt you are asking? Or maybe you aren't..... It is my favorite long sleeve t-shirt pattern, Burda 6990.

Raglan tees

A look at the pattern envelope. I LOVE this pattern. So easy to make, fits like a dream and it is perfect for using up scraps of various knits. As demonstrated by the one on the left. All remnants for the WIN!
The blue one is a remnant I bought at Stone Mountain (if you go there check their remnants sections, some nice finds in there). Although I am not 100% about the pattern placement but with 1.3 yards you get what you get. And I keep saying I will make the other versions on this pattern, like that big dramatic cowl version, but so far I have not gotten to it.

Burda 6990 envelope

So that is the latest on UFOs and scrap sewing. I have been really busy lately plus some construction/remodel stuff which is now all completed and we are all ready for the rain to arrive. The weather forecasters keep promising but so far not much.

I can report that it is quasi coat weather now. My shorts are all put away and I am planning on sewing a coat. Because there is a pattern that has been haunting me for at least two winters and someone just gave me some fantastic fabric that they didn't want to use, and wanted it "to go to a good home". So nice! Which means that I have to use it well. Stay tuned for coat sewing and tailoring to bust out here soon. I have all kinds of resolve to pound it out over Thanksgiving weekend.
Plus I have 2 silk blouses in the works (well patterns adjusted and matching thread obtained if that counts as in the works).

Speaking of coat patterns - everyone is talking about coats, pinning coats, sewing coats. So I think a Pattern Whisperer post on coats is overdue. Because I am a maniac about fit I think it will be patterns that have lots of options for adjustment to get a good fit. Any interest?

happy autumnal* sewing, Beth

* I have always liked that word, autumnal. even though I could do without autumn
For today's garden photo, a very autumnal coloration of sunflower, which bloomed at the end of summer.

Red sunflower


  1. Bonus skirt! Great tip about the cotton facing. My skirts often move about.

  2. I like the waistband hint, too.
    My next project is a coat, I'd love to read about your exploits.

  3. Lovely skirt - glad you found it and were able to complete it; black skirts are workhorses! I'd love to see a pattern whisperer blog on coats. Like you, I don't live in a particularly cold area, but a coat is needed occasionally. Do share your ideas!

  4. Wardrobe workhorses are fantastic, and hooray for finding one that is nearly complete!

    But Egad, that spinning skirt! I have some silicone-backed grippy elastic, maybe I'll sew some of that into my next pull-on skirt waistband and see what happens!

  5. R Trittel - Allow me to second your thoughts - a coat is needed occasionally here, but generally the weather is not that cold.... I am always open to pattern whisperer ideas!

    And Beth - what you said about the waistband lining in cotton and the rest in Bemberg to help keep the skirt in place - how clever! I have had that exact problem of my skirt moving all around my waist. I will definitely remember your advice the next time I line a skirt. Love reading your blog!!

  6. Finding a black wool skirt UFO is pretty much my dream right now--learning to love those basics! Having never sewed a coat before (it's my goal this year, but we'll see if I can get the right fabric), I would love to get some insight into what patterns would be good bets.

  7. Interested to read your take on a coat pattern. I am considering on making my first ever...

  8. Oh yes, I'm very interested to hear your thoughts about coats.


  9. I do like the skirt and top. I'm interested in both these patterns. And yes, I'd love to hear your views about coats. There was a blog post from McCall's but that was aimed at beginners; they were unlined and I felt all a bit boxy. I'm looking for something a little more fitted. Thank you

  10. I'm not volunteering to be whispered because there's practically no way I could actually follow your advice right now, but I do have some issues with SF weather and coats, especially the high-50's, foggy summer days that we didn't really get this year. It's too warm to justify tights, but too cold to just wear a cardigan for the commute. I feel ridiculous wearing a knee-length coat without tights, and while a cropped jacket is okay, many of my sweaters and tops are too long and peek out the bottom. But I really don't like hip-length jackets on me, they make me feel so frumpy and wide. I have a Minoru that I like quite a lot, but it's at least halfway through its life at this point.

    Anyway, very nice basics! Nothing like a black skirt.

  11. I know I'm supposed to be talking about the skirt but the sunflower! I love sunflowers! They remind me of my grandma who taught me to sew. Thanks for sharing it since it's cold and gets dark so early here on the East Coast. Oh and great skirt!!!

  12. A black skirt is a must in every wardrobe. Currently I only own one, in fake leather, with a slit. My biggest problem with skirts is my tummy pouch. I feel way too self conscious!

  13. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about followingeach other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)


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