Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Catching up on my Craftsy Sewing blog posts

Recently I have written a few how-to posts for the Craftsy Sewing blog that are worth sharing here.
I think you can subscribe to just the sewing portion of the Craftsy blog, although I have to say that some of the baking ones show cakes which are just beautiful and the ideas for cupcakes are adorable. I have learned some great gardening and photography tips as well, so if any of those areas interest you their blog is worth checking out.

Anyway - here are links to these recent posts. As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas for a post that I can write please send 'em over, I am all ears. Sometimes I can't think of a thing to write about and then inspiration strikes.  I seem to get a lot of my writing ideas at the gym, while pounding away on the elliptical or stair stepper my mind prefers to think about sewing - any distraction will do!

Here is one that actually posted today,  this blouse in the photo was quite a rush job but I have plans to make a better version soon.  Sleeves are definitely the focus in fashion this year and actually they are a great place to get started with pattern manipulation. The next post is about interfacing - underscoring my sewing motto: more interfacing! Lastly a post about choosing pattern size, which can be bewildering no matter your level of sewing expertise.

How to make split sleeve

Here's the link to read about how to create the split sleeve. 

Where to use interfacing

Here's the link to read about using extra interfacing on your garment. 

choose right pattern size

Here's the link to read about choosing your pattern size. 

This past weekend I attended our Bay Area Sewists meet up which was Frocktails! Super fun evening and a great way to socialize with other sewing fanatics. Plus the handcrafted cocktails were delicious. We all are ready to make it a regular event.  A number of people were so nice to tell me that they really like my Craftsy blog posts and have used the info. Very rewarding to hear that - thank you!

And thanks for all the great comments on my last Pattern Whisperer post about knit tops. Those posts let me "pretend purchase" all kinds of patterns and I probably end up buying fewer patterns overall but do more comparison shopping when I do. As for Simplicity - I am still annoyed at their website - and while I won't swear off buying them entirely I think they are really missing the boat. Interesting about not being for sale in Canada and some of the potential reasons. I still want to do a Pattern Whisperer on interesting jackets - the next one will probably be on jackets that work with lightweight fabrics for spring/summer.  

As for sewing, I just started working on tracing a Burda pants pattern so I am giving pants a try again. 

Happy Sewing, Beth

today's garden photo, you may think these guys are cute, but I think they are evil varmints stealing my oranges. And leaving the peels everywhere. Aaaargh.  This guy was right outside the window staring me down for what seemed like 5 minutes. Not cool dude. 

squirrel in orange tree


  1. Ha ha. I would have never thought a squirrel would eat an orange.

  2. Yes! Do a Pattern Whisperer soon on light jackets or shirt jackets! We need to be sewing them now.

  3. I love the piece on the split sleeve. I'm going to use that one.
    Yes, I second a pattern whisperer piece on light weight jackets. You always find patterns I overlook.


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