Saturday, February 24, 2018

Giveaway winners and some recent sewing

Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my last post. It's so great to see names from all over the world connected by our love of sewing. Here are the international names drawn for the sewing patterns giveaway.  Please email me and let me know which 2 patterns including size (any currently available Vogue or McCalls) that you would like. If you can send this information sometime in the next day or so that would be great, as they are on sale :) and I can pick them up on Monday afternoon.  By the way, I was at the store on Friday and it looks like they had the newest ones already in stock! Although I bought one and it was the last of that size. Helen and Camelia - if you don't happen to read this soon, then no problem - I will just get them when the next sale happens...

Note you can email me by clicking on the envelope symbol in the righthand column.


And here is the name of the person in the US who will get the Pauline Alice trouser pattern. Textilegram please email me your mailing address.


By the way, isn't this tissue paper fantastic? I received a package from The Confident Stitch, a fabric store in Missoula, Montana, and it was wrapped in this tissue paper. I wouldn't mind a skirt in that print either. Check out The Confident Stitch and stay tuned as I will be sewing with their fabric soon with another treat for a blog reader in the US.

What about sewing? I have plenty of things to blog about, but here is a small something that I sewed recently, for a first birthday present. And I took this picture on the deck about 2 weeks ago, when it was almost 75℉. And last night it was below freezing here. No matter what the temperature, we unfortunately have NO rain. Climate change is a real thing...


The hat came from an old pattern but the dress is from this current Simplicity pattern. Which I could not resist st the photo on the pattern is too cute!!  I really like the bow version but in this casual cotton I did the simpler version. The cotton fabric is by Monaluna, a local fabric designer who uses all organic fibers and has a website, plus you can find the Monaluna fabrics at lots of stores and online shops.


That's it for today. Tomorrow I'm doing my class at Hello Stitch in Berkeley. This one is "Pattern Basics: How to Read Sewing Patterns" which I demystify the pattern envelope. In this class I cover

  • reading the pattern, decoding the info on the pattern envelope
  • how to measure yourself and how to choose pattern size
  • explanation of the symbols and information printed on the pattern pieces
  • how to choose the right fabric for a pattern
  • how to lay out the fabric, pin the pattern pieces, cut out and mark your fabric

It's a great class if you haven't worked with a lot of different patterns, or if you are returning to sewing after a while. Or if you have a friend that wants to get into sewing send them the info, it's a great way to get familiar with patterns and fabric choices. Tomorrow's class is full but the next one is on Sunday April 22.

Happy Sewing,

Today's garden photo - these lovely daffodils. And I noticed a small purple tulip out there today:)

orange daffodils

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