Sunday, March 4, 2018

Flannel shirt with popover placket

Are you watching the Academy Awards? As I write this blog post I'm watching it and thanks to the DVR we recorded and then can skip through all the commercials - a necessity. Being in the same time zone makes it convenient cocktail hour viewing :)  Some fantastic dresses this year and lots of great colors.

By the way - update on the drawing for some patterns I did in a recent post. Last week I posted the names drawn and none of the 3 people contacted me. Strange! and unfortunate for them. Never happened before. So it's been a full week and I think it's time to draw new names, which I did. Details at the bottom of this post.

Here's something I started back in January and while it has a few flaws it's warm and nice to wear in what passes for a cold snap around here.

navy blue plaid flannel shirt2

A new flannel shirt is something I've been wanting and I happened to see this fabric at Joann's one day, it was on a super discount but surprisingly soft and good quality.

I decided to make it a popover shirt with a loose shape. For all shirts I start with my basic shirt pattern and modify it to change the details. For some reason I thought the placket would be nice on the bias - however after it was done I can see that the plaid is kind of big and it doesn't really look great. I think matching the plaid and cutting on the straight grain would have been much better. Oh well, all done.



Here's the placket piece stitched on the front of the shirt. I put the pink shirt next to it to show what it looks like when finished. A while ago I did step-by-step instruction on the Craftsy blog, here's the link .


Placket finished, and the collar band attached. That's the placket pattern piece.


Oh, that would look better if the placket was matching the plaid all the way across.....


and I even messed up the alignment a bit at the bottom. Although the stitching came out quite well. I blame sewing while sick! I should have just stayed on the couch watching movies.


But reasonable matching across the yoke. That's the part I should have put on the bias, which I usually do with plaids.


Sleeve matching is OK, although there are thin and thick white stripes and that is also not lined up but now I'm nitpicking, right?

So onward to better projects. Which are so numerous, slightly getting out of hand the number of things I have in various stages. And I used to be a one sewing project at a time person - not any more.

Drawing update:    Here are the two new names I drew for people who are outside the US. Please email me and select 2 patterns from Vogue or McCalls or Butterick. You can pick mix and match or both of the same brand. Just patterns that are currently available in their catalog. Please email me (email button near my picture at the upper right under my profile picture)

Kate  in the Netherlands

Eme Asterisco in Spain

And for the Pauline Alice trouser pattern

Annie in the US

Hope to hear from each of you.

And now I have to dash - time to get some of the aforementioned projects finished. And possibly get some stuff done in the garden - but I am a weather wimp - the temperatures are in the 40's-50's ℉ which for us is positively arctic and too cold for me to get out there for weeding and planting. I know - so wimpy! Although when it is 110℉ in the shade in July I might miss it.

navy blue plaid flannel shirt

Next up I will circle back to that gorgeous blue wool Burda cocktail dress I made for my friend Heather, and then I feel a Random Threads coming on :)

Happy Sewing, Beth

and despite all my moaning and groaning about winter (my apologies to those of you in the snow zone) but look what I saw today in the flower bed. Yep, the first tulip and what a gorgeous color.

first tulip


  1. I have used your popover placket a couple of times and worked perfectly. I printed it out and am keeping it together with my shirt pattern. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial!

  2. I like the diagonal on the placket.

  3. If it is comfortable then it's a good one. Only we picky sewists will notice the plaid not matching on the sleeves, I'm sure no one else will. To tell you the truth, it looks like it's even a bit heavy for me, and I live in Northern Colorado. Since we are also wimpy transplanted Californians, we keep the house way too warm.


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