Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New twisty knit top and result for the book drawing

To my surprise there are a lot of you interested in Home Dec sewing. Which maybe shouldn't be a surprise. After all if we have a typical wardrobe we don't wear the same clothes every day, but those sofa pillows, duvet covers and curtains are right there in front of us, day in and day out. So even if they are not well liked they are still right there in front of our noses. Better to buy some fabric you really like and sew up something that makes you happy.

So the drawing result out of 22 who were interested is # 7 which is Stella, so please email me and let me know where to send.

Home Dec book drawing

Now back to sewing clothing. Each winter I make a knit top for a friend of mine who wears the same size as me (does that could as only slightly unselfish sewing?).
I have had my eye on this twisty knit top for a while, I believe I saw it on Pattern Review some time in the past year done in stripes and it looked really great. But not stripes this time, I decided to give it a try in a cotton interlock knit I had to test it out.
Here is the pattern drawing, which is a Bootstrap Fashion pattern, where you input your measurements and they send you a customized PDF. So far I have had really good luck with these patterns, the fit has been very nice for me. Granted I am kind of a averaged sized in most areas so not the most difficult person to fit. 
edit on 1/15/15:  based on the comments below, some are curious about Bootstrap Fashion patterns and the similarities to Lekala.  I wrote a post in November with my first pattern from this company, so if you are interested in more details and want to see what measurements adjustments are available check out this post

Bootstrap diagram twist front tee
Here is the test version for me in cotton interlock. Very cosy and it actually looks better in the picture than in real life. The fabric is not all that great, but fine for testing and resulting in a warm top to wear around the house. 

blue twist front top

Here is the second one for my friend Michelle. Fabric is rayon jersey. 

purple twist front top

I am sold on this pattern so you will be seeing it in the spring made from a cotton jersey stripe. Sleeveless most likely, with the front on the bias so the stripes will give a chevron effect. Maybe I should revisit my stripes on the bias skirt. Or too stripey?  time will tell. 

So a new pattern and a repeat so far in 2015. Next up is another new to me pattern, a Burda shirt which I wasn't sure about in the middle of sewing but have already worn twice. 

Happy "is it spring yet" sewing, Beth


  1. Tops look lovely, I like the collar. I'm going to check out the website right now. I have never worked with downloadable patterns but this makes me very tempted.

  2. I didn't know this website, thank you for the information!
    Love your two tops !

  3. oh, this neckline is excellent. The vee shape is flattering and the wrap detail draws attention to one's face. I just checked out the Bootstrap website and it looks promising. I'm definitely going to try it out.

  4. Lovely top - it's so great to have interesting, seemingly complicated garments for work that really just feel like tee shirts...

  5. i like the purple version a lot! i imagine its very soft and drapery since its rayon

  6. Cute top! This site has many of the same patterns as Lekala

  7. Interesting neckline on this top, and I was wondering if it was like Lekala's patterns as well.

  8. Oooh, lovely top -- especially the one for your friend, the fabric looks like it feels lovely and drapey. It's great to finally see a garment made up from a Bootstraps pattern -- I've come across their site numerous times, but never tried their patterns. Now, I will!

  9. I do love a twisty top and I really like both of your versions of this one. This is a new pattern company to me (not that I needed to find another one!). I'll have to take a look at their site.

  10. Thanks for your second review on this pattern company! I review their website the first time you posted about this. I have this twisty top pattern from the the Lekala Pattern company and have only made it once. Your review has made me think about bringing it out again for this summer! I really love both your versions here.


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