Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quart coat sneak peek and follow up to Random Threads # 10

Sewing vocabulary - everyone has an opinion!  That was fun to read the responses to my last post, Random Threads # 10, where I tossed off a paragraph on the words we use to talk about our sewing. The "make" debate has strong views on all sides and I enjoy a good lexicography brawl. I will stick to using the terms sewing projects, or finished garments but I think make is making inroads, ha ha.

For you coat enthusiasts, here is a sneak peek at the Quart coat I am currently sewing using a wool plaid. The pattern is from Pauline Alice patterns, and I seriously love the pleats. I did have a few grumbles when laying out the pattern, I mean plaid - what was I thinking? but it is seriously gorgeous and will look great. And you know I love plaid, so it's worth the trouble. More details in a post when it is finished but for now a look at where it stands. All pleated and the main pieces sewn together. Clapper nearby as you can see, wool + pleats = need for some type of wood block when pressing.

quart coat peek

Yes, I marked the pieces with tailor's tacks to do the pleats. I enjoy doing them.! A little tedious but something like a nice math puzzle, pattern markings all even and measured perfectly, so it pleated up very well. The yellow thread is the tailor's tacks, and now the pleats are basted closed with the red thread. They will stay basted closed until I am ready to press again and hem. 

I had a new post on the Craftsy sewing blog on Sunday, which is all about cutting out fabric when you don't have the right amount. Something we are all familiar with, right?

craftsy cut careful post

As it happens when I was writing that post, I was sewing up a Sewaholic Renfrew top in luscious silk jersey and didn't have the required amount of yardage so it illustrated the issue perfectly. I think the pattern calls for 2.25 yards of 60" to make the Cowl neck version, and I had about 1.75 yards. I was making this for a sewing client (she of the very good taste in fabric, see here and here) and she wanted it to be longer, more like a tunic plus with long sleeves. So I played around with the layout and some careful cutting, and was lucky enough to get it out of the yardage, although it is not yet hemmed as you can see.  Silk jersey feels so great to wear, I will admit not the easiest to sew, but the colors are fantastic. 

silk tunic top

So that's what is going around here. Rumor of rain today which did not appear - a few daffodils getting ready to bloom but otherwise the season is feeling very strange. We are turning into SoCal around here. But with fog. 

Hope you are surviving winter wherever you are, Happy Sewing, Beth

and a SunnyGal garden photo. This big shrub sits next to the garden gate and I never really notice it all year except for maybe two weeks, when the tiny flowers bloom and it gives off the most heavenly fragrance. I had to search on line and compare lots of shrubbery to decide that it is Viburnum. I think?
You gardeners will let me know. The little flowers turn into tiny yellow berries and it gets a little garden love from me this week as it is about the only thing blooming.

Viburnum Jan 2015


  1. I'm totally inspired by your choices today. That coat pattern is so sharp and going to look great in your gray plaid. Can't wait to see it finished. And that Renfro is beautiful. The cowl falls beautifully. Just curious, where are you buying your silk jersey??

  2. Ooh quart coat looks good. Look forward to seeing the finished garment.

  3. i could be wrong, but the bush looks like Daphne. and you say it has a delightful fragrance? that also sounds like Daphne :)

    lovely pleats! i can't wait to see the finished coat!

  4. That coat is going to be incredible! I'm looking forward to seeing it, and anyone else who makes it - it isn't my style but it looks like a beautiful pattern. And - plaids. I'm still too scared to cut up my few pieces of wool plaid

  5. That coat will be fabulous when you're done. Pleats AND plaid? You are braver than I am. That Renfrew looks lovely. It must be luscious to wear. [I'll send you can email about the pattern you mentioned at the meetup.]

  6. I'm excited to see more of that coat now! That pleating is divine. I always enjoy the challenge of fitting a pattern on less than the amount of fabric recommended.

  7. The pleats on your coat are looking so gorgeous :)
    I've actually been eyeing off some silk jersey - online - I haven't yet come across it in real life. Would you say it recovers well? And if I were making a wrap dress - would it drag down with its own weight, or is it more stable than that? I realise that there are always variations in fabrics... but if you could give me a generalisation that would be awesome :)

  8. That silk jersey tunic looks gorgeous -- I love silk jersey, but recall that it was a challenge to cut and sew. Off to read your Craftsy blog post!

  9. That coat is really beautiful, I love the pleats! I wonder how it would work single breasted.

    1. I think it would work quite well as single breasted, if I were to make it for myself I would make that change.