Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year with the same song, New Look 6150 knit top

So much for expanding my repertoire - the first item I have sewn in 2015 is another version of New Look 6150. Which is a fantastic top and the two versions of this pattern that I have sewn for myself are in constant rotation once the temperatures turn chilly. But I really wanted a more sweater-ish version, similar to one I made for a friend. So in September I found this great sweater jersey at Stone Mountain and snapped it up. I think I bought 2 yards but now that I have sewed this one there is a good 3/4 plus remaining. So I predict a raglan tee also.

maroon sweaterknit on form 2

Here is the post from 2013 with my first use of this pattern and 4 different versions

Not too much to say about construction,  although I did narrow it in the shoulders about 1/2 inch as the other versions seem a bit droopy in that area. So I just cut off the 1/2" at the outside shoulder tapering down to zero about 3 inches down.

The color looks different in every photo, perhaps the one below is more accurate although a bit overexposed.

Maroon sweater knit 2

The back has a seam, maybe one of these days I will omit that and cut on the fold, it might look a bit neater although there is some shaping in the seam. Hmmm. Do I think I will make it again? quite likely :)

maroon sweater knit back

maroon sweater knit close up

I am not the best hemmer when it comes to knits, sometimes I get a good result and sometimes it looks a bit wobbly. For this one I didn't put my usual interfacing, just serged the edge, turned and zig-zag. The stitching disappears into this sweater knit so it doesn't really show.

Here is the pattern envelope. This one was listed on Pattern Review's Best patterns of 2013 and I think it is very flattering on a lot of people, the V-neck is not too low so it doesn't gape and the plain t-shirt is a good basic. I just saw their page with the choices to be voted on this year, 21 patterns to vote on to select the 10 best, and I thought it was a snooze fest. To me not really an interesting one in the bunch.

Pattern New Look 6150

I am kind of cuckoo for these crossover knit tops, aren't I? and yet I don't have a wrap dress in my wardrobe. Maybe this year. 

As for the color, it seems I have created an outfit in the Pantone color of the year, Marsala. Well maybe not quite but kind of close. I just ordered those corduroy jeans right before the holiday and when they arrived I saw they were a perfect match for this fabric. So that was a win.

maroon sweater knit 1
A few bursts of shopping in December - holiday gift shopping for family is fraught with danger - I often succumb to the "one for them and one for me" mentality. I bought those shoes I am wearing above, one day at Nordstrom totally on an impulse, and yet they have become favorites very quickly. They are super comfy, great on rainy pavements and very warm! They feel like I am wear apres-ski boots but without suffering through a day of serious mogul skiing on our typically icy and unforgiving Sierra snow. However I did make a quick trip to Philadelphia in December (where I almost froze my *** off, despite wearing my trusty shearling coat that is perfect for winter travel, it doubles as a pillow/blanket on the airplane) How do you frozen tundra people do it? OK, I am a weather wimp but wow, I just can't deal with cold.  I did realize that these shoes with the lace up in the back are not the most convenient things for taking on and off thru the airport inspection lines, ha ha, but otherwise were great. (the brand is Fly London).

fly london shoes

I have a couple of other knit tops which I finished before the year's end and just started on a shirt using a new pattern. The jury is still out on this one but I really like the fabric so I think it will be OK.

And yes, I am just about ready to start on that Burda coat - gotta get a move on that one or the winter will be over here before we know it - which will be fine with me!

Happy New Year Sewing,  Beth

Here is today's garden photo, a very pale pink camellia which has lots of flowers but they do fade and drop very quickly. Camellias are so pretty but but their bloom is so quick, good thing the shrubbery is nice and green year round. 

pale pink camelias


  1. Great looking good top and your boots look really stylish. Thanks for the review.

  2. Happy new year!
    I love this top on you, I actually bought the pattern because of all your awesome versions and its on my list for winter sewing this year.

  3. Oh I love this pattern Beth! You can never go wrong with this top in my eyes! I've made this one only one time but I can guarantee it will show up in my rotation again for 2015! It's beautiful in this color and you did a great job pairing it up with those great fitting pants! Very cute shoes too! Very different (in a very nice way of course!) I swear we are kindred spirits, I totally love your outfits! Happy new year!

  4. I've made 6150 several times and each time it comes out great and as always I love yours.

  5. Beautiful top! I'm in the market for some interesting knit tops, so I think I'll go get this one today. Cute shoes too! I love the Fly London brand. For the weather- layers, layers, and more layers! And real down coats. I'm near Chicago, and we're expected to get a low of -9 this week! Seeing your beautiful flower in your garden right now makes me smile.

  6. How many times is too many? I asked myself this as I made yet another Giorgio top from Silhouette patterns. I've made it at least 6 times. It's flattering, like yours and It's something that I've changed the neckline and sleeve length on and made in summer and winter fabrics too. Yours looks great in that sweater knit. Happy New Year.

  7. Great top, great outfit, and great flowers!

  8. I love this top and I tried to buy the pattern once but someone stole it from my basket at JoAnn when I was rummaging through another pattern drawer. Stole it! I guess I'm glad someone else out there is sewing and I really don't need another pattern, but still. Anyway, your top looks great and everyone needs a pair of shoes that are good on wet pavement!

  9. The wrap style is so flattering on you; 2015 should definitely be the year to add a wrap (or faux wrap) dress to your wardrobe! (I also lack a wrap dress, so it is on my sewing agenda.) The sweater fabric is beautiful, it looks so comfortable, and the color really suits you. Love the shoes!

  10. Great top and the color is just gorgeous on you! I think I'll need to pick up this pattern, I have made the similar vogue wrap top but I like yours better :)

  11. great top with pretty flowers to match :)

  12. A really cute top, Beth! I like that it wraps high enough that you don't have to worry about uber cleavage.

  13. Happy new year! It's wonderful to see your beautiful flowers again. Here in one of the "tundra" states, blooming flowers are months away.

  14. A wonderful top and perfect how it matches your jeans.

  15. It's a pretty new top in the color of 2015! Also love the boots!

  16. It is a great top, I can see why you want to keep making it. This is the first "Marsala" outfit of the season I've seen, it's a lovely colour.

  17. If I had a go to that looked that sharp, Id keep sewing it!

  18. I do like this version. Happy New Year Beth.

  19. This fabric is really pretty and the fit is perfect on you! What a great start to the new year!

  20. I have only recently discovered my first TNT patterns and have to say, if you love something enough to make it 5 or more times, you are truly blessed indeed! ^__^ Looks like a lovely comfortable flattering top :)

    LOVE those little boots - so adorable!! :)

  21. This is a very nice looking knit top. I do love the color scheme you've got going on. I've had this pattern in my stash for quite a while. I am glad to know that it is a good one. I do think I will try to get to it this year! Cute boots too!


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