Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sewing a perfect waistband and other recent Craftsy posts

It seems I am not the only one who doesn't like to sew buttons - based on the previous post's comments there are plenty of you who are with me on that one. Give me a nice zipper closure anyway. Although separating zippers - I find those a bit of trouble also. Oh well, unless I am going to sew myself into my clothes as they sometimes do on Project Runway I will have to deal with all manner of closures, whether buttons, snaps, zippers or whatever other interesting details I can think of. (my friends Shams and Jean are both brilliant at coming up with interesting closures, and masters of the separating zipper on jackets).

A couple of posts on Craftsy recently that you may be interested in. And a plea to readers for some topic ideas - I am blanking out this week on any ideas for topics. Please suggest something to me :)

This one was very dear to my heart - it really bugs me to see the waistband not lapping properly at the top of a zipper - check it out to see examples, what to look for and how to fix.

Waistband craftsy post image
Plaid perfect waistband

And one that I always think is nice for spring/summer sewing:  How to create a scalloped edge. You don't need to look for a pattern that already has this detail, you can customize any pattern. Using "tools" from the kitchen. What?  Check out the post and see.

Scallops Craftsy image
scallop dress photo

Happy I can't believe it is already March sewing, Beth

and a little daffodil sunshine for you. I love daffodils, they naturalize, they multiply, they reliably pop up year after year. A perfect addition to the garden!

daffodils front yard


  1. Something I'd love to see is tips on stitching-in-the-ditch. I can do it well from the right/top side but often the underside of whatever I'd stitching (often a waistband on a skirt or trousers) is all squiffy. Yesterday I made a pair of jeans and ended up hand-stitching the waistband facing down prior to top-stitching which worked well, but I wonder if there's a better way to do it.

  2. The OCD part of me (am I the only ADD adult who also has OCD tendencies) would love to see your thoughts on the first five basic garments we should master ranked from basic to more advanced. That would be a fun project to tackle.

    I think I might make more progress if I could master skills in a logical way.

    Or maybe I just *need* another list in my life.


    Seriously, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'm just not happy with my sewing and would like to take it up a notch. In my perfect world, I'd live near you with a huge budget for private classes (and hopefully you'd enjoy having me as a student). I looked at the perfection in the skirt in this post and swooned.

  3. And around here the deer don't eat them!

  4. The crooked waistband one is excellent. I beleive that the this is the kind of things that we don't pay enough attention to but really makes the difference.
    I have a few ideas for you, they have been touched on in other places but a round up of tips would be useful: how do you avoid the little bump of the zipper on fly zipper (for instance in the grainline moss), how to avoid the bump between the first collar band and the first button on a dress shirt, how to make slant pockets in women's pants lay flat. I guess you can see a pattern of me disliking fabric bumps...


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