Monday, February 15, 2010

The machine and me

Singer 404 Machine

Is it wrong to love a machine?
Reliable. Strong. Powerful. A little bit worn, a few dings and scratches.
But a few drops of oil and like the tin man it feels so much better.
My constant friend. I have been sewing on this machine since age 9 when my Aunt Jo starting teaching me to sew. It was there in the beginning, when the seams were crooked and the facings lumpy. Through the awkward teenage years of bad fabric choices and hideous style selections. Formals and first job wardrobe. Party dresses and apartment curtains. French tailoring. Silk dresses. A suede skirt. Every season
a new challenge, irresistible fabric to play with, a new technique to take on.
I have heard a hundred variations on the query, “You must have a very fancy sewing machine.” And I always pause, and reflect, and picture my trusty coffee and cream colored hunk of sturdy metal, and think . . . Thank you, Mr. Singer.
Singer Model 404, Straight Stitch, Slant Needle, Drop-in Bobbin
Originally manufactured in the late 1950's.


  1. I love this post! And the picture of the sewing machine is perfect - strong, a little dark and handsome. I feel the same way about my Kitchenaid mixers (yes, I have two). Everyone loves something they can count on!

    Cathy (Bake~Eat~Love)

  2. Wow. This brings back memories. It looks like the machine I learned on so long ago. We brought it over from England and had to use a transformer because of the wattage difference. I remember fuses blowing whenever I flipped the switch. Finally, my dad re-wired it. My mum now has it sitting unused in Jamaica. Pity.