Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wool Crepe Jacket and Pants - done!

This afternoon I finished the wool suit that I have been working on in my last 2 posts.   Lots of intentions to do the hemming and hand sewing these past two evenings in front of the TV - but the World Series was too exciting for a San Francisco Giants baseball fan and for once I actually watched instead of just listening as I sew.  Victory in 5 games and now "back to our regularly scheduled programming".

Here is the finished jacket, which is New Look 6633.  A very simple pattern that sews up extremely well, and can be a matching jacket for a dress, a stand alone jacket, or as I have done part of a wool suit with pants.   I used this pattern last year for a 2 piece outfit in silk dupioni that the same person wore to a wedding,  pictured in a previous post .


Here is a close up of the collar.   Sort of an asian inspired shape to the collar, and so simple to sew.  I also think the sleeves/armholes are very well drafted on this pattern, the sleeves go in very smoothly, with just the right amount of ease.   Note to beginning sewers - don't presume sleeve issues are to do with your sewing skills - I have realized over time that some sleeves are perfectly designed and sew beautifully with almost any fabric - and some sleeves are a nightmare that should never have made it out of the design department.  But the mystery is figuring out which is which. 


I also made a pair of pants to complete this outfit.  Last year I copied a pair of existing pants which is not as tricky as it sounds.  Making a pattern from a well-fitting pair of pants you already own can be less frustrating than dealing with a new pattern and trying to get the fit right.  I suggest for a first try using a fairly loose pant, something like a trouser style.
Maybe I will do a post after the holidays on how I do this.  

Here is the inside of the pants,  I cut the waistband on the selvedge of the fabric and used that as the seam finish, stitching in the ditch on the right side to secure it.  Doing this eliminates turning the waistband seam allowance over and creating one more fabric layer.  On men's trousers you always see the waistband done this way, often with a contrast binding over the edge of the waistband.  I put a center back seam in the waistband, which makes for easy alterations.  Have you noticed that some ready to wear women's pants are constructed this way?  I have seen this at Banana Republic and a few other brands.  Wonder why the pattern companies don't do this.  SO much easier to make tiny adjustments to the waistband at the end of assembling a pair of pants.   For the zipper I used the Sandra Betzina fly front zipper method, video instruction on Threads magazine website. - foolproof.  


Here is today's SunnyGal garden photo.  I looked outside today around noon and the leaves on the crepe myrtle tree seemed to turn orange overnight.  Maybe in honor of the SF Giants?
Time to enjoy as next week they will be on the ground.



  1. Beautifully made, really lovely jacket and the pants look fantastic too. I'll have to check out that pattern.

  2. Lovely suit - it's classically beautiful, very elegant. I particularly the shape of the jacket collar and nicely shaped front.

  3. This is such a smart looking jacket! I love the charcoal grey with the turquoise. I'll bet the whole ensemble looks very polished all together.

  4. Amazing job on both jacket and pants, they look terrific!