Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vintage Treasure Dress finds a new home

Thank you to everyone who commented on my original post which told of my discovery at an estate sale of a completely cut out but never sewn up dress from 1953.  My last post talked about sewing up the dress, and the connection we all have with sewers of past generations.
I am really touched by the reaction to this story.   Thank you to Lindsay T who read these posts and linked to both of them on the Great VIntage Sewalong.  I am now inspired to try a few more of these vintage patterns, so more to come over the spring and summer.  
Vintage dress front full1

But the biggest question was what would happen to this dress?  I did mention that it is not my size and I felt it should go to someone who wore the size that the original sewer intended.  So I listed it in my Etsy shop and I am happy to report that it was purchased almost immediately by Stefanie in Virginia who told me she is thrilled to find exactly what she was looking for, in time for a special occasion she has in February.  (will say no more about that, surprises involved).  So the dress is going to get out and mingle!    What a great ending. 

Surprise # 2 from my last post was the number of comments on the method I mentioned of enclosing the edge of the facing with the fusible interfacing.  Just like me, many other sewers (including Tanit-isis, check out her cute blouse) had an " ah ha ! " moment on this one.  Why I never did this before is beyond me, but so many simple things are that way.  In any case - I am poring over my old issues of Threads magazine for more "oh so simple but so clever" tips to save time and effort.  

As for other sewing, I am quite busy for January - so lots of projects on list, however 
I am zipping up to Seattle for a quick visit with one of my friends.  Any fabric shopping tips for that city?

SF Britex signOn Saturday I met a friend from Italy in downtown San Francisco for lunch.  He works in high tech so he comes to the SF bay area annually,  giving us a chance to catch up, and for me an opportunity to speak Italian, something I have studied for years.   On a related sewing note - does anyone know of sewing blogs written in Italian?  I have seen many in French, Spanish, Portuguese  (thank you,  Tany), but never found one in Italian.  That strikes me as odd, since Italy is such a style and fashion center.    I had so much fun at lunch that I never made it to Britex, which is a great fabric store that I recommend if you are in San Francisco.  It has everything, lots of very expensive stuff, but if you can't find something they will have it.

Last night I made a skirt for  Lia who is my friend and hairdresser.  She got some great new leather boots in brown and mentioned she would love to wear them with a brown plaid wool skirt.  So here is my effort.  
Ruffle skirt for Lia1
This is very similar to a skirt I made for an 12 year old back in December.  I think my next version will be in denim,  for . . . me!   Lia definitely likes the ruffles and flourishes, the first dress I made for her is shown here,  Tulle Time part Deux.

Ruffle skirt for lia buttons
Ruffle skirt for Liaback

I tried some sweater refashioning.  I had this cashmere sweater which was a turtleneck, and I always felt it was too tight in the neck, and kind of itchy.  (not the greatest quality)
so I bought some matching silk charmeuse and turned it into a cardigan.  The turtleneck becomes a collar perfectly so now I want to try more sweater surgery.   I think I could do better on my next attempt. 

Cashmere swtr refashion

Today the sun is shining and it is time to get my pruning shears out, lots to do in the garden.
Happy Sewing,  Beth


  1. So happy to hear the dress found a properly excited owner! Have fun in Seattle. I've only been there once, so don't know about shopping. The brown skirt is adorable. I can just see it with brown leather boots.

  2. Great to hear the vintage treasure dress went to a loving home. What a perfect "ending" for this former UFO!

  3. Great to hear 'the dress' found a good home!
    I recently discovered a relatively new blog by Paunnett from Turin - http://paunnet.blogspot.com/ - but that is the only Italian one I know!

  4. Three great places in Seattle:
    1. Pacific Fabric outlet store,
    You never know what you're going to find there but there have been Anne Klein and other designer fabrics there,

    2. Nancy's Sewing Basket,
    Rather high end fabrics but an amazing room of ribbons and buttons.

    3. Seattle Fabrics- if you want outdoor fabrics such as fleece, supplex, nylon for flags or bags-

    Any of the Pacific Fabric stores are good too, especially the Northgate one for garment fabric.
    Hope you have good weather while you're here!

    Oh yeah, if you take the ferry to Bainbridge Island there's a great store there too- Esther's Fabrics. It's walking distance from the ferry.

  5. Love the brown skirt. It would look good with boots or heels or flaties. Very versitile.

  6. Just found this blog :) Love all of the stuff you make, it makes me wish I had some sewing talent!