Thursday, May 19, 2011

Officially a Fan of Vintage, Project Done and photos taken

The title says it all, I am a fan of vintage patterns.  I have always been crazy for a few specific categories within the vintage fashion world.  I love the tailored suits of the 40's, the voluminous party dresses of the 50's, and the fantastic A-line dresses of the 60's and 70's.  My vintage pattern purchases fall into these categories, and while I have tackled a few, the almost excessive fabric requirements of the full skirted 50's dresses are the reason for hesitation. However I have almost convinced a friend of mine that she needs the 50's dress from a fantastic vintage pattern I have - so let's hope that one makes an appearance.

Here are links to the posts that preceded this one,  Part 1 (with pattern envelope photo) and Part 2 for this project.  

As for the 40's suit, here is the finished version.  Modeled by the adorable Nancy, who came to my Etsy shop after reading a post on my blog.   I am so happy to see how this looks on her, plus her choice of setting and pose are just lovely.  
Nancy 1

Here is a better look at the jacket.  This pattern has several options, so I made the collar which is not attached.  It has 2 buttons in front, like the top of a blouse, and lays just right under the upper edge of the jacket. So a different blouse could be worn, or maybe a sweater or T underneath, or wear the jacket as a top.  

It is so much fun for me to see her in the outfit.  When we first e-mailed, I said I would love to write about it on my blog - but her great photos exceeded my expectations.

I did take some photos on the dress form, and made one change in the pattern design.  The pattern had a shoulder dart pointing to the bust, and then a waist dart, but between the darts the top had an odd shape, so I decided to connect the two darts and create a shoulder princess seam to smooth out the shape over the bust.

Vintage 2piece top close
Here are a couple of the finishing details.  I did a lapped zipper in the skirt, and used my trusty Singer attachment for the buttonholes.  I have never made a stitched buttonhole with any other method, but I can't imagine a better one, maybe I will do a post on this gizmo next time I use it.

Vintage 2piece zipper
Buttonhole on N outfit

So vintage - I am officially hooked on these patterns.  Although for the record I would never give up the modern multi-size pattern, a great timesaver and perfect for a someone like me who is definitely not same size all over (at least according to the dictates of the big 4 pattern companies).

Thanks again to Nancy for initiating this project and sending her great pictures.
Happy sewing, be it vintage or modern,   Beth


  1. What a treat to see the finished garment modeled so beautifully.
    Lovely work!
    I would enjoy reading more about the buttonhole attachment. I don't have one but I hear such good things about them.

  2. Well done! It looks fabulous!

  3. Oh wow! Nancy must be thrilled with her new suit - she looks amazing in it. The fabric is so fresh and pretty looking and just right for this style. Your construction work looks superb!

  4. I love this! What a fun project and what a cool girl. Well done.

  5. It is so neat you could make this special suit for Nancy. From the pattern and fabric choice, to the pictures, to the professionally constructed garment...Everything is perfect!

  6. The suit is fantastic on her! What a great fit and the construction looks perfect. Great job!