Saturday, October 8, 2011

Liberty of London shirt - finished

I just realized today that I hadn't posted any pictures of the finished blouse.  I made this blouse for someone who bought the fabric when traveling in London earlier this year. To recreate her blouse, I made a pattern from a ready-to-wear shirt she had, and then made a test version in gingham.  After that I had my unexpected break from sewing - so this one has been in the works for a while.  Here is the finished blouse. This fabric is a dream to work with, so crisp and yet lightweight.  Now I see why these cottons are famous.


I just noticed in the blog post title I called it a shirt, yet in previous posts I called it a blouse.
Which is it?  Is there a difference?  I always think of a shirt as a button-down or menswear style, with no darts.   Now I have to do some research on that.  Any ideas?  How do you distinguish between a shirt and a blouse?

Inside is all french seams except for the armholes which I serged.  The back yoke is clean finished on the inside, with no seams showing.  Difficult to see in the photo below as the fabric  is very similar inside and out, but a nice way to do a shirt which has a back yoke.

To do this, you sew the yoke facing to the yoke along the bottom seam, and then lay it open on that seam, as in the photo above right.   then roll the fronts and back of the blouse up, and sew the yoke shoulder seams.  Then you pull the front and backs through the center, basically turning the yoke right side out, and viola, your yoke is enclosed and no seams are showing inside.  Another 3-dimensional puzzle for sewers.  There are a lot of those in garment making, aren't there?

Another view, of the collar and the front pocket, where I matched the stripe effect so it disappears into the print.


All in all, I am glad to have made a blouse and/or shirt, it has been years.  Inspired by this project  I just made one for myself, different pattern, which I will post soon.

IMG_2109Today's garden photo, a penstemon which is still flowering, and the hummingbirds are still coming around to enjoy its purpley goodness. 

Happy October sewing,


  1. I've read somewhere that a blouse is the same as a shiet, but no collar.

  2. Pretty shirt/blouse! The fabric is lovely. I consider shirts to be tailored, like a man's shirt and blouses to be more feminine in style.

  3. Looks fabulous! I love those very long collar points!

  4. It is a lovely blouse! And I agree once you've sewn with Liberty cottons you really understand how other cottons just aren't on their level!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the classic style in this beautiful print and it looks perfectly made! Liberty cotton is expensive but it is very lovely - worth splashing out on once a while. I am sure that you will get years of wear out of this shirt/blouse :)

  6. Truly a beautiful shirt and beautifully constructed. The recipient, I'm certain, will be delighted!

  7. Such a great print. Most of the LOL I see are flower prints--I like this very much and your work is beautiful--shirt, blouse or whatever!

  8. Lovely shirt. I really like the print. I love working with high quality cottons.