Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Look 6864 and 102º in the shade

TIme for a sundress because we have a heatwave going on.  Yes it really is over 102º F here at my house this week, and the forecast is saying even hotter tomorrow. At times like this we all console ourselves with the fact that we don't have humidity!
I did say I was going to make some separates, and have finished a couple of tops, but in this weather I like to throw on a cotton dress and sandals so I decided to pull out another of my favorite patterns, New Look 6864. I first made this 2 summers ago and it is still available so it must be a good seller for New Look. Sewn more than 8 times so I have gotten my money's worth. Also I am starting to realize I have a lot of dresses with this same neckline.
Looking a bit limp and wrinkled after a day of running around in this heat, but not bad considering this fabric is quilting cotton from my stash.  Plus my favorite color, turquoise, photo is a little overexposed so the color is not quite right. Here is the pattern envelope, I guess my version is the one on the right in black.  While I love these multi-version patterns the yardage chart makes me crazy, I think this version was squeezed onto about 1 3/4 yards of 45" fabric. I will do another post with some sewing and fit details, plus some things I noticed when comparing similar New Look and Simplicity patterns. 

New Look 6864 pattern
A better look at the dress on the form.  This is a more accurate version of the color and not so wrinkled.

Some other versions

                            IMG_0482 IMG_0996

My mom wearing another version, fabric from Hawaii which I made for her to wear at her luau birthday party a few years ago, on another 100º + day, so we are "glowing" a bit. I was running around all day getting ready for the party and got dressed quickly, afterwards I realized we were wearing the "same" dress.  Well, no one but a dedicated pattern peruser (nerd like me) would know that :)

Jackie and Beth

Post to follow (hopefully this weekend) on how I fit  this pattern, I found it has a couple of little quirks that can be adjusted to get the bodice to fit correctly.

IMG_0469Here is today's SunnyGal garden photo - my poor hydrangea that gets its drip irrigation early in the morning but by 5pm it is droopy and gasping for a drink.  If you look a few posts back at my printed silk one-hit-wonder  pictures you will see this same plant looking all lush and lovely with purple blooms.  Oh well, I love hot weather so I can't complain!                                  
Happy Summer Sewing, Beth


  1. I love your multiple New Look 6864s Beth, I've just made two versions of it (maxi and shorter length) and I love the fit - it's a real winner. Have yet to try another variation on the bodice though - I love the same neckline that you've done here.

  2. Your dress looks so cool, fresh, and comfortable! The fit is impeccable. It's fun to see the other versions too. I would be wilting in 102 degree heat, yikes! Hang in there!

  3. It's a beautiful dress and gorgeous colour, you really did get value for money with that pattern. We got our first, and probably only, hot summers day here today, so I'm envying you with all that heat :-)

  4. You look fresh and cool in your turquoise dress. Fits beautifully. And you and your Mom look wonderful in the other photo.
    I just wrote a blog post about making the same dress several times, and to keep cool as well!
    Please visit my site and follow it

  5. Love the dress!!! I have been looking at dress patterns, trying to find something new for summer and thanks to this post, I have found one I like :D It's so versatile.

  6. What a great dress! I love the color and the fact that both you and your Mom have a version of it!

  7. I really enjoy seeing your many versions of a pattern. This blue dress is like a drink of cool water on a hot day.

  8. Perfect to beat the heat! You look as fresh and cool as a daisy in this dress. The colour is lovely :) I love the photo of you and your mother in the "same" dress :D

  9. They're all so lovely!! Great work!