Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vacation wrap-up featuring Jalie 2805 T-shirt

Is summer really over?  The calendar says so but I think we can pretend for a few more weeks. Still sundress and shorts weather, at least in the daytime.  Recently I have been playing around with t-shirt variations and I made a couple of variations of the Jalie 2805 T-shirt.

Purple outfit edited
There was about 3/4 yard remaining after I made the t-shirt so I made a basic pull-on skirt and turned this one into a beach outfit. I am here on a slightly overcast and very windy day at Kailua beach, very famous for kiteboarding, so windy is good! 
I actually made 2 versions, the one on the right is my first version made using an oddball fabric from my stash that seemed useless - but was perfect for a practice t-shirt and has been worn a lot. The first version (white print) has the neckline as designed on the Jalie pattern but it seemed a bit high in the back to me, at least for a summer tee, so I changed the neckline on the second version based on a RTW t-shirt I have and it feels better to wear. 
    Jalie V-neck T-shirtJalie t-shirt white print

Here is the pattern envelope photo, and a look at the center front of the V.  The pattern purchase is worth it for the info on how to make this section of the garment, plus the fit of these Jalie knit tops is so good.  Yesterday I had a light-bulb moment and realized I could use my traced out Jalie pattern as the starting point to make a Pattern Magic top - so hopefully I will get to that soon.
Since I changed the neckline I ditched the neck band pattern piece and used the method detailed in this Threads video. It works fantastically and is so easy! For the V-neck it takes a little modification but worked just as well.

Jalie V-neck t-shirt close up

Jalie pattern photo

I see a knit t-shirt mania in my future. Yesterday I was in Nordstrom and thought "I could make that" "they want $ 90 for that?"  The curse of the sewing fanatic, a lot of RTW starts to seem ridiculous.

Now for a little vacation wrap-up and PR for the island of Oahu.  Many vacations plus over the years several family members have lived there so I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the state. I have traveled to all the islands but my favorite is Oahu. Perhaps I am a bit defensive as most people who go to Oahu see only Waikiki beach which is beautiful in its way but a huge tourist destination with all that comes with that. The city of Honolulu is vibrant, interesting, crowded in parts, lush and quiet in parts, and has all the pluses and minuses of a large city, albeit one that is situated in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The island of Oahu has a huge variety of things to do, fantastic beaches all over the island, every kind of water sport you can think of, and the food is fantastic. (fun for a N. Calif. foodie like me!)

Here is picture I took during an early morning walk on Kailua Beach. Now I am convinced you can get a good photo with an Iphone. Same spot as the first photo in this post with a bit more sunshine. Windward Oahu, the east side of the island. Kailua and Lanakai beach are really all one long beach, and both have been #1 on the Dr. Beach list of best beaches (for beach maniacs like me this is important news!)
Kailua Beach sunrise

And a look in the other direction.  A beautiful beach in a quiet little town (and the place that President Obama vacations with his family when he is home in the islands).  Click here for look at the local support for our president.

Kailua beach early morning

Near the end of our vacation, we were on our way to one of our favorite restaurants (Town in Kaimuki) and I joked that we hadn't seen any of our favorite local celebs and that maybe we would see someone at this restaurant.  My family is/was obsessed with the TV show Lost - of course we were, it was entirely filmed on Oahu. I will never know why I started watching that show as I rarely watch continuing drama type shows but for some reason I saw the Lost pilot episode and stuck with it for the entire show. To this day I still think about it and the themes they convered. If you watched Lost then you will know what I am talking about.  Say it and they will come!  In the middle of dinner in walked Daniel Dae Kim, from Lost and now Hawaii 5-0.  He was seated at the table next to us but we maintained our cool.  More proof that Honolulu is a big city/small town.  (For you Lost fans, check out this link to my Flickr with some photos I took ages ago at a charity event.)  

In the background of my beach photos above you can see two small islands, the Mokulua Islands commonly referred to as "the Mokes".  You can reach them via kayak quite easily and I found this blog which has a fantastic photo essay on the Mokes as well as other locations on Oahu. If you are thinking about Oahu check it out and you will see there is more to the island than tourist shops and crowded beaches.  Warning - that blog is mesmerizing and I take no responsibility for loss of your time spent gazing at the incredibly beautiful images!   
Happy Sewing,  Beth
and I can't help myself, one more image I took a few years ago of this beautiful spot.  
kailua screensaver


  1. Gorgeous! I love the color, and it looks so comfy. That V neckline it tricky thanks for the video link.

  2. Thanks for the link to that Threads video. I just got Kwik Sew #3003 which features a V neck tee. I will use this technique. Yours looks perfect!

  3. Nice vacay outfit. Those t-shirts are great. I have that pattern and need to give it a shot. Glad you have a wonderful vacay!

  4. Love your top. Pattern magic pattern sounds interesting. Oh that beach is amazing! Looking forward to my holidays in Hawaii in April 2013.

  5. Wow. Your tshirts are great. The prints are stunning.
    DH has been talking about a short vacay in Hawaii and LA so seeing your pics makes me want to book a holiday very soon.
    The Pattern Magic books are sitting on my shelf staring at me, so I'll need to make a start on those in November.

  6. That jalie shirt pattern looks like a real winner, but those beaches....are calling me. Fall has turned chilly a little to quickly to suit here in the north woods and I am already yearning for t'shirts and sunshine. Will have to pin your pictures to help me thru the winter:)

  7. Some gorgeous holiday snaps there - And I'm unbelievably impressed with that v-neck - perfection!

  8. Perfect V-neck application, I agree it is impressive. Looks like a perfect vacation spot.

  9. These are great T shirts!!! Love them and the fabrics you selected for them! Beautiful, beautiful beaches!

  10. Since moving to Maui seven years ago, I have not been to Oahu, except once for a layover at the airport, so I really enjoyed reading your recap of your vacation on the island. I'd like to spend some time over there and may be going in October. The t-shirts you made look fantastic. I really like that Jalie pattern too, but have not made the v-neck version. I should!

  11. Great scenery you have here. I'd like to go and spend my holiday there.

  12. simply cool designs. Beautiful girl colours of these t-shirts. Especially when you go out for picnic.

  13. Lanakai!! I was engaged there! My now-husband's parents took the family to Oahu for their 25th, 8 years ago. My sweetie and I were sitting on the rocks by the shore taking photos of the sunset, and I stumbled on "the ring" in his camera bag - surprise! :D Good memories. (blogged about it on my now-defunct blog:

    Sorry! Random memory. I'm browsing through your projects and admiring your creations.

  14. I landed here after reading your comments on another blog about the new Lark t-shirt.

    I'd love to read anything you'd care to write about fitting this pattern (shoulders, bisceps, etc.) Of course, I love read anything you care to write period!!