Saturday, December 21, 2013

Giveaway winner and a big Thank You

Due to the usual pre-holiday hectic pace, plus some serious plumbing issues here at Casa SunnyGal, it has taken me a week to get back to you with the winner of the Claire Sheaffer Couture Sewing Techniques Book. So taking into account those who left comments but said they already had the book, it is comment # 14 from Jolsen.  If you would email me and let me know your mailing address I will send the book off to you.   sunnygalstudio (at) gmail dot com

If I was short on topics to write about before I will not be going forward! and I can't even express how much I appreciate your kind words about my sewing and my posts here. Positive reinforcement works so I am already planning out how to get incorporate these ideas in the new year. Plus Ngoc mentioned my Random Threads posts - I really like writing those and have a page in my notebook where I write little snippets of an idea so there are definitely more of those to come soon.

Fitting, Fitting, Fitting, this is SO the #1 issue with everyone who sews clothes. Sewing techniques ran a close second, and a number of other interesting suggestions such as fabric choice (pairing the right fabric with the pattern), interfacings, hemming, and how to sew efficiently. That last one is a great suggestion that had not occurred to me before but something I always try to emphasize with students.

It is a bit early for resolutions, we still have more than a week until the new year, but for your entertainment I will tell you that I am trying to learn to knit. Why? I don't really know other than I see so many cute sweaters and want to be able to make them. This is the 2nd (3rd?) time I have tried to learn so maybe by March the weather will be warming and the garden calling so who knows if I will persevere. But this time I am going to get some help from my friend Jean (check out her handknits gallery) - who is unbelievably great so I have high hopes!

My grandmother was a great knitter, as well as needlepoint, crochet and almost anything else stitch related - although not so much with the garment sewing. I will leave you with a close up look at a tablecloth that she made, one of many treasures we have. Here is another view of the whole tablecloth, it has Christmas trees done around the hem and then this large motif in the center, using green, white and gold threads. So pretty when the table is set and can you imagine the patience to complete this? !

Tablecloth closeup

Merry Christmas to all,


  1. That tablecloth your grandmother stitched is AMAZING! I cannot imagine how many hours that was.
    Whatever happened to your idea that you told me about at PR weekend? I think that's a great one!

  2. Beth, I can't wait for the fitting posts. I can sew well but fitting is something I haven't mastered, and if your shape changes it's hard to keep up. I so envy those whose shape has been constant all their lives! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  3. Your grandmother was very talented -- the tablecloth is so beautiful. Sounds like you have a lot of topics to cover in 2014! The "sew efficiently" topic sounds like an interesting one as well. I can't wait to see your knitting progress! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  4. That is such a beautiful tablecloth!! I hope you have a very happy holiday!

  5. What a lovely table cloth! Talent runs in the family!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Good luck with knitting! imo it is an essential skill round out a self-made wardrobe. I'm sure with your natural textile talents you'll pick it up quickly and add some really gorgeous handknits to your wardrobe; I can't wait to see how you go!

  7. I love knitting! Hope you do, too. And then you can start handspinning! :D (I love spinning even more than I love knitting.)