Friday, April 18, 2014

Random Threads # 6

Hey I have a new gig!  I am now writing blog posts for the Craftsy Sewing Blog. Here is my first post, 5 Advanced Sewing Techniques Every Sewer Should Know. Take a look and leave a comment there, letting me know what advanced techniques you would like to add to your sewing toolbox.

craftsy writer

You will have to wait a bit to see the finished version of V8972 dress in black wool crepe. It is about 60% completed and I am taking my time this weekend to finish it. I can happily report I had one fitting with what I can call a provisional sleeve in muslin attached to the actual wool dress and it worked out very well. So sleeve issues overcome due to something I have not used much before - a cut-on gusset. More details to follow.

New Vogue Patterns: there are a lot of dresses in the new pattern release. I was really curious to see what would be included in their new patterns after reading Shams very interesting posts on her meeting with Vogue Patterns at the Puyallup Sew Expo. If you have not been following her posts, she wrote an open letter to Vogue patterns quite a while ago, telling about her frustration with their offerings in terms of variety, sizing, interesting designers, not enough separates, etc.

In any event, this is the first pattern release after her meeting with them so of course the patterns were planned ages ago. With lots of dresses which is understandable, spring fashion often includes a lot of dresses but more separates would be very welcome. I find that I turn to Simplicity or New Look for nice tops and skirts, they seem to have a knack for making multi-version patterns of really cute separates. (example Simplicity 2451 or New Look 6150).  As for this Vogue release there are none that I really want. The one that caught my eye is V8993, a dress that is just my style but I have almost the exact same pattern in Simplicity 2174.  See, there are NO new patterns!  I bet if you go on Etsy or Ebay you could find a somewhat vintage pattern from the '70's with almost the same style lines.

So I will not be buying that Vogue pattern. Like I need another dress pattern. The one that I did think was very pretty is the featured pattern, with the scalloped hem V1398. Very sweet and definitely memorable. I really like the bodice, it could be nice if you marry that with a plainer skirt for those not wanting to look to sugary.

Speaking of dresses, are you taking a look at the fantastic wardrobe Duchess Kate is wearing on her trip down under?  I have loved everything she has worn but today's outfit made me want to run to the fabric store. White eyelet looking so pretty and cool.  Love it! Also that yellow dress, the wrap dress, the fantastic coats...I would gladly wear them all. Can't wait to see what else she has in her luggage.

In non-sewing activities it is time to get some tomatoes planted, and a few other tasks around the garden. For today's SunnyGal garden picture, the meyer lemon trees outside my sewing room window. The trees are in full blossom which means with the window open the buzz of honeybees is constant, interrupted occasionally by the zippy sound of a hummingbird. So cute and so far impossible to photograph.

Lemon and blossom 2014

Happy Easter to all,  


  1. Congrats Beth on your new gig writing for craftsy. That blazer tailoring class is one I have been thinking about. Have a great Easter.

  2. Congratulations Beth! This is a well deserved honor! Heading over to Craftsy now...

  3. Congratulations, and looking forward to our time together in a week! :) Kate

  4. Congrats on your new gig, you will do a fabulous job. I am with you, there are not any new Vogues I wish to purchase. I am more of a separate person and dresses go unworn in my wardrobe.

  5. Congratulations! I can't wait to read your post. I just planted a couple of cherry tomato plants for the first time -- I'm hoping they don't die on me and they don't attract those ugly green caterpillar-like insects!

  6. Congratulations on doing the Craftsy courses - I'll look tomorrow when I am not so sleepy! Did you see Style Arc put out a pattern for the "Catherine" dress (the yellow one) the same night of the day she wore it.

  7. Congrats, Beth! How very cool!

  8. Congratulations Beth. You've always been my 'go-to' person for great fitting advice.

  9. Congratulations, Beth! It is funny. I´m an old fan of yours and a new Craftsy fan, and I´m loving every class I´m taking so far! I´ll have to add this one to my wish list!!

  10. Congratulations!! What a perfect partnership, I do learn lots from your blog and Craftsy is a great platform for learning too

  11. Congratulations on your new gig! That's such wonderful news! I'm positive your classes will be a ginormous success! Oh, Kate's outfits have been so gorgeous, I'm with you.. have to restrain myself from rushing out to the fabric store. :D