Monday, June 23, 2014

Fast or Slow Sewing - my latest Craftsy post

My latest post on the Craftsy sewing blog is up today and the topic is Fast or Slow Sewing. I have asked so many stitchers their viewpoint on this lately and on the whole the answers suprised me. If you didn't comment before I would love to hear what you think!

I will be back in the next day or so with a new post on sewing a Summer Blazer jacket.

Here's the link:  Fast or Slow Sewing

Craftsy post 062314

Happy sewing, whether fast or slow,  Beth


  1. I love the thrill of TNT patterns and sewing knits. I sew for relaxation, and to escape the perfectionism that plagues me at work. Sewing is the one time I'll accept good enough as just fine, so the thought of aiming for careful perfection takes all the joy out of sewing! I love whipping up quick easy me-mades that will become part of my daily wardrobe. I make my fav patterns 10 or more times! For me, fast sewing is what feels right.

  2. I do both. Lots of my sewing takes time as I like it to look great. When I sew faster, it is usually a pattern I know well and have the steps in my memory. I do slow down to sew collars and cuffs/plackets. I do press every seam I sew and sometimes that takes longer than sewing. That and trimming and notching seams that need to be done. The little details are what makes something look great vs looking good.

    I do divide my projects into smaller parts and will stop for the day at certain stages. I prefer to put a collar band and collar on when I am fresh rather than when I am tired. I like to put in zippers and sleeves when I am fresh. I do a much better job of these parts when I tackle them first in the queue of sewing a garment than if I end the sewing day doing them.

  3. The speed of any project is in direct proportion to how much I paid for the fabric!

  4. I recently blogged about a similar topic! I got lured in by quick sewing only to find the quality of my garments was below what I wanted. So now I'm taking my time, both to get the quality right and also to get design details right. I get the most pride out of wearing a really well made garment, and I can always say I *finished* my garment that morning!

  5. i do a little bit of both... it depends on the project. i do like being able to throw together a quick tee or skirt, especially after a more involved project. i try to do what's right for the situation and not let quality suffer just because i'm impatient!

  6. When altering wedding gowns for clients more thinking time and planning goes in before you even start slowly opening seams and hems so slow is best in my business. Handwork is slow, reshaping bodices is slow, re-attaching beading is very slow, so in my world there is no fast anything. Even when making clothes for myself, thinking and planning come first, pattern alteration and finally the sewing, which is I must slow and controlled BECAUSE ripping out time is LOSING MONEY time whether it be my clothes or theirs.One day I hope to adopt fast sewing for casual wear and summer clothes...when the brides stop coming!