Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Random Threads # 14 and a jacket finale

Random Threads is a good title today because I have been totally random in my sewing, flitting from one project to another, with a bit of sewing instruction thrown in for good measure.

As a follow up to something mentioned previously, here is a link to the final jacket post of Meg who came over for an intensive jacket sewing lesson. Her blog is Meg Made This, and if you want to see her completed jacket check out this post:  Meg Makes a Jacket, the Finale.

Meg jacket lapel

Look at that nice crisp lapel. You will to click over to her post to see the rest of the jacket, and then look at her next post to see the cute dress she wore with it. What a great jacket. I am so happy she came for a lesson and now has a great jacket pattern that she can make in a different fabric.

Is anyone else looking forward to the new season of Project Runway? Starts August 6 on Lifetime. Yes, that show has totally fallen apart and yet - I will still watch it. So glad I have Tivo - can zip through the commercials and the repeated scenes. Mostly I'm interested in seeing the final garments and then the judges critiques. Since they used to show a lot more construction in the early years of the show but now seem to cram more nonsense into each episode. But like I said, a TV show with sewing machines and trips to the fabric store, I am in. Plus I see there are a couple of contestants from the bay area so that is always interesting. Also they do show the episodes on line I think a day after they air so if you don't do TV you can probably see the show.  I wonder if you are overseas if you can view on the website?

New Vogues.........Mostly blah to me, with a few very kooky or art-teacher looks thrown in for good measure. I never get too excited about fall season sewing - just not my interest. And now I will reveal  -  please don't throw any tomatoes (or tomato pincushions) at me - but I really like this, Vogue 1461. Also it is by my favorite Vogue pattern designer Donna Karan (or whoever is working in her design studio these days). Plaid yes - and then the release pleats in the skirt. I think it is cute! However I will not be making this up now or ever. But I just like it. I did have a very similar skirt years ago with that tight seaming over the hip releasing into just that shaping, and my dress was rose red silk duppioni. Very holiday outfit and I loved it.  Wonder what I ever did with that?

OK, onward to more practical items. Kind of, sort of.
I think I have a medical condition called Stripe-itis. Which I just made up and is characterized by excessive purchasing of unnecessary striped fabric. All jersey knits except the fuchsia and white on the bottom left which is more like a ponte weight.
What am I going to do with all these stripes? Top left, got that at a rummage sale for a few bucks, middle top bought at Joanns with a super coupon, the remaining three ordered from Girl Charlee. (see marketers those "hey it's a sale" emails work on me).

Stripe knit fabrics

I like them all but summer is flying by so who knows what I will get sewn up.

As for my next project, I am going to start on some of the fantastic fabrics that my friend Heather bought at Mood and Elliot Berman in NY.

And I got some photos accomplished so stay tuned this weekend for a full post on my Pauline Alice pattern, the Alameda dress. Here was a sneak peek from a few weeks ago. People either love this fabric or back away slowly questioning my judgement. I will be interested to see what you all think when you see the finished outfit :)

Pauline Alice pattern skirt sneak peek

Happy summer sewing, Beth

Today's garden photo, these penstemon are definitely in my top 10 of garden plants, they are so hardy and the flower colors are fantastic.

June flowers


  1. Love the stripes and the black crisp and clean! Project Runway...I'm with you, Beth, anything with sewing machines and patterns has my attention. I was reading in the Notions magazine from the ASG this month that the critiques after the models walk the runway can go on for hours but we are only shown a few minutes.Is there anything more mesmerizing that a fuchsia colored flower? Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for sharing Meg's blog!! I hope one day I get to take a class with you!! Stripes are very addictive... Can't wait to see the Alameda!

  3. I too have the Stripe-itis! Even when I am shopping for RTW which I have rarely done in the past 2 years, I am always drawn to stripe garments. Stripes rule!!!!! I've been eyeing the multicolor stripe from Girl Charles for some time!
    Can't wait to see your Alameda! Your fabric is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I have decided to stop shopping at Mood, unless there's a real fancy fabric I need that I can't find anywhere else. I can put up with their no return policy, sales are final (which is the opposite of all the other online stores I buy from) but the kicker for me is $9.99 for shipping that I've been charged the last two orders, even for just one length of fabric. That's the highest of any other store I shop at (some have free shipping) and I've decided that it's just not worth it. Shopping for fabric online is a risk, since you sometimes don't get the color right and obviously can't feel it. I have sent fabric back before because it didn't feel right. I'd rather spend my money on stores that seem like they are more about meeting my needs.

  5. Nice to see that Stripe-itis has been officially diagnosed! I'm always drawn to stripes, now there is no need to apologize. haha. Waiting for the finished Alameda, that fabric is lovely!

  6. Yup, I'm with you on Project Runway! I watch it, but I often fast forward through the ridiculous drama. The end is definitely the best bit. I, too, have lots of striped fabrics! Love them!

  7. Hi, I like your stripes and the black fabric. This is very beautiful and thanks for share with us wonderful images, its look very amazing. I am also design a top with the help of Dressmaking Paper. Keep it up good work.

  8. Can't wait to see your Alameda dress.

  9. My only worry with the Donna Karan pattern is bulk - it looks like the dress is all in one, so to be able to release, you have 3 layers of fabric everywhere else? The plaid also makes it look very 90s to me, but that can be easily solved by making it in a solid.

  10. Oh my you keep teasing us with a sneak peak of your NY fabric garment. I will patiently wait for you to share.

  11. Oh just saw this now! Thanks Beth, so glad I came for a class too!