Thursday, September 24, 2015

Follow up: Frixon pens drawing result and some more Random thoughts

Who knew? Some of you really like my Random Threads posts. Thank you for letting me know that you don't mind periodically reading my sewing streams of consciousness :) And I realize they are a good spot to answer questions that come up in the comments for my regular sewing posts.

Speaking of my random thoughts - Thank you, Vogue patterns, from my wallet! (*) So yesterday I saw the new Winter/Holiday 2015 pattern release from Vogue and not one thing caught my eye. Nothing much that I would call original, some seriously droopy stuff (you know I like crisp and tailored so loose/oversize/droopy not my thing). Like this one, is that not a sparkly poncho? and this outfit is hideous although I will bet a big box of bobbins that someone will sew it up and make it look great.

(*) "Wallet"  - I thought about writing "pocketbook."  Is pocketbook another of those words like "frock" that have a specific geographic home range? or just an old-fashioned word that nobody uses anymore? But you see/hear it a lot in news stories.  Maybe it has become one of those storytelling words that only journalists use, evocative in that situation but not used in actual conversation. I digress...

Fortunately (or not - depending on my mood for the day) I have plenty of patterns in the stash so not planning to buy any this month. I did get this blazer pattern a while ago, and it is quite similar to one I made ages ago but some slight differences. Might be worth trying out.

Frixon Pens:  Here are the two names I have drawn for the marking pens. Please email me your shipping address.  My email:    sunnygalstudio (at) gmail (dot) com

Jen L   in New York
Marisa Rodriguez    in Spain

As I mentioned in my last post - I still have a few summer items unblogged so despite the unseasonality in our northern hemisphere I will post those soon. Although still in the 90's here so summer forever. Plus my last dress of summer which I have mixed feelings about. But ONWARD to fall. The other day I had a genius idea for a pattern mashup - using 2 Pauline Alice patterns. (OK genius only to me I am sure, ha ha). Anyway - that's all I will say for now but if it works out it will be so nice. 

Wow, there is a lot of food and cats/dogs on Instagram. I just posted a coat from a few years ago - stands the test of time and I still recommend the pattern. My daily favorite in my Instagram feed is this one:          So clever and entertaining.

Happy sewing, Beth


  1. Vogue 1473...aren't those fringed drapes removed from a "rumpus room" in the 60's? And who wants to wear the Zandra Rhodes flying circus outfit? The season collection should be named, "Saving you money and time" with patterns that would not look good on anyone...loads of baggy jackets with no darts, baggy blouses with no darts and drag lines up the thank you.

  2. That Zandra Rhodes has eccentric pottery teacher cat lady written all over it. I remember when I lived in London in 1989, she was the cool designer, though!

  3. Thank you! I'm looking forward to trying out the pens!

    I have to agree about the new batch of Vogue patterns. Not much there for me either.

  4. Thanks for the instagram recommendation. It's great!

  5. I'm with you...the Vogue collection is really poor. The styles, the colors, the combinations. What are they thinking...

  6. Pocketbook - a word that is never used in Australia. Never ever. Very strange word. Why does your pocket have a book? Hmm. Usually a purse for a lady and wallet for a man. And the purse goes in the handbag. Agree with you on some of those patterns. Heavens forbid!

  7. Ugh! So true. I didn't like 1472 before I noticed that that horrible skirt had suspenders.
    I'm sure someone will buy them and make them look fab, but not me.