Friday, April 1, 2016

Random Threads # 19: Spring Patterns, fabric design and a couple of sneak peeks

Hi all, and thank you for the lovely comments on my teal green silk blouse. And the feedback on my Craftsy post on how to do the hidden buttonhole placket. Readers seem to appreciate the color-coded how-to.  I was a bit worried that it would look odd - however I had a few requests for more of these and now my brain is definitely pondering what else I can detail via the color-coding method. Sometimes sewing can be very confusing - right side, wrong side, flip, turn, insert, trim etc. Certainly sewing calls for some 3-dimensional thinking so anything that clarifies is great in my opinion.

Onward to new patterns -anything with Summer in the Collection title is my favorite and the new Vogues made me smile. Oh, so tempting! Quite a few of the  new summer patterns from Vogue are calling my name. So many I would love to sew. And my resolution to sew fewer dresses is crumbling in front of the siren call of new summer patterns. Here are the ones that I love, not saying I will make any of them but you just never know.....

This reminds me of so many dresses I have had over the years, the slim fit sheath dress with some interesting details and neckline. I might buy this pattern just to have. And see if an occasion comes along. (of course I don't care for the color in the example shown :)
This one is super cute - mostly because of the way the stripes are placed. But I don't need another fit and flare dress pattern. But cute, and I always like a pleated skirt over gathered one.

Vogue 1499
Here's another one that I really like, it is so similar to a pattern that I have had for maybe 15+ years? also a Vogue, that I have used to make a zillion shift dresses. But if you are in the market for a new version. I'm not crazy about the neck band but they have a version without. Those cut-in shoulders get me every time, I like that detail.

Vogue9184 And now for the comedy portion of this post. This dress is bonkers. or maybe someone will sew it up and prove me wrong. But I doubt it!  Also there is this pattern, and it's matching corral. Who sews these up?  OK don't answer me.
Vogue 9185

As far as the updated BMV website - seems functional and works well - all the search features and groupings make sense and the images are larger. So all in all a good update. Take note Simplicity! That is a mess and I have hardly looked at anything Simplicity since the changes. So difficult to search for a specific category or brand. A mess.
The latest video on the BMV site was kind of silly - too much jumping around making it look like a commercial for Target. I really liked to hear Carlos talk about the designs and hope they go back to those.

One new McCalls pattern caught my eye right away and I actually bought it today. I like that View C with the two fabrics, it just looks like a perfect dress for a 100˚F day here. I might even try the View B -  I am attempting to try new shapes and silhouettes, get out of my comfort zone - fashion wise. I have some eyelet fabric that might work for that.


In other news, I have been trying my hand at fabric design, which is more difficult that I expected. And I am no artist at all! (also terrible at music but good with languages, interesting how the brain works).
Anyway - I saw that my friend Laura Mae is also designing some fabric and I expect her creation will be spectacular. I started with something quite simple and abstract. Here is a sneak peek of what I have sewn, hopefully I will get some pictures this weekend and post soon here. Plus this is a mash up of two Simplicity patterns which worked out really well so details to share on that.  Since this fabric I have received two more so I need to get sewing.


And then I decided to squeeze in one more wool jacket before the weather hits the 90˚F mark.
sneak peek here also, pattern testing for my favorite indie pattern designer for a pattern I think will be out in April sometime. Yes that is wool and denim combined, which hopefully will be a success and not weird.

jacket pocket with denim binding

Back to the fabric designing - I have two fabrics which arrived and I need to sew up, which coincides to a new BurdaStyle release of patterns as PDFs. I presume they are in the magazine also but I don't subscribe, instead just have been buying the single patterns as PDFs that strike my interest.

This pattern is my obsession of the week. It is so sharp in the stripe version. Although I have doubts about those diagonal backside darts. which could be changed to something else. 99% sure this one will be in my sewing queue by July.
Burdastyle asymetrical dress

And this one is so cute! their example fabric is perfect. As mentioned above I'm trying to sew some new to me shapes, and this straight cut (no waist definition) style is all over now. I have a RTW dress in this shape and if the length/fit is right then it is OK on me. Too many dresses!!!

Burda mod style dress

That's all for now - kind of light on opinions today (ha, never) OK here's one. If you are selling sewing patterns then the samples / examples should be impeccable, right?  Just a thought.

Next up a Burda top in one of those new silhouettes I mentioned. I wasn't sure about it but friend say it is a winner. Wait and see :)

Happy Spring Sewing,

And not a garden photo - instead a pic I took recently in San Francisco, late afternoon and a lovely sunny day. Sometimes in SF you turn a corner and the view is just an amazing surprise. This city is a gem. We won't mention the traffic (which is also epic lately).   That domed building is the Palace of Fine Arts, a remnant of the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition.

Palace of the Fine Arts SF


  1. I like your fabric design! I think designing your own fabric could be quite addicting.
    I love mixing denim and am looking forward to seeing the jacket.

  2. The Mccall's and striped Burdastyle dresses are both great. Did you see V1501? I can do the exposed zipper trend and have seen exposed seams done well...but exposed shoulder pads may be a bit much! Your fabric design is very pretty..I love a blue and white combo.

  3. I really like the design that you've made and can't wait to see the finished product. McCall's new site seems to be working wonderfully. None of the new Vogue patterns really speak to me as the ones I like look similar to others I already have. Those BurdaStyle patterns you featured are interesting though.

  4. I like what I can see of your fabric. Where did you have it printed and what fabric is it?
    I like both of the Burda patterns. The striped one is particularly interesting, except for those weird ass dart on the, ah well, ass. I've seen them do it before. It certainly wouldn't work on a flat rear end!

  5. Love that first dress, but I don't show my arms! I actually liked the video, annoying but I liked seeing how the garments moved and ended up buying 3 patterns, the kimono, the little top and the sack like dress (I too am trying new to me shapes). Lovely fabric.