Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Look 6677 top in silk

Based on the amount of times I have worn this top already this summer I can say this might be my favorite sewing project of 2016. The combo of floaty silk top and cheerful print make it just right for any moment.

coral silk top on me3

Yes, big smile for a simple silk top. You might recognize the fabric, when I made this silk blouse back in January I had just about 7/8 of a yard remaining which was just enough to make a top. And what a difference the season makes, that blouse photo was taken on a gloomy cloudy day. Although now we are entering into the crisp brown phase of our California summer so some rainclouds would actually be nice.

While the year is only half finished this pattern has become my go-to top pattern so expect a steady stream of variations. There is something about the simple placket that makes it just right in terms of proportion and usefulness on a variety of fabrics.

silk coral top closeup

Not sure if it shows up in the photo but I did do the stitching on the placket, which adds a bit of visual interest close up.

For reference here is the pattern envelope. Ignoring that kind of ugly and very basic version that the model is wearing, I have only sewn the A-B-C versions, in fact only the sleeveless. But I expect the long sleeve version A will appear this winter. I think this pattern is a few years old and probably out of print.

New Look 6677 pattern env

front and back view on the dress form.
This is the same top as I made a couple of weeks ago for my friend Alice, in a royal blue eyelet. That version is a stunner. In fact I just bought some similar eyelet fabric for myself at Stone Mountain, in a pink-coral color so I need to sew that up pronto for summer wear as well.

silk top coral frontsilk coral top back

Pattern modification: not really anything on this, I am using the basic size 12 pattern and didn't have to adjust anything. The one design change is to cut in the armholes - which someone asked about recently. Both the "why" and the "how much".

Here is the back view on me, to answer the why. If I sew the pattern as designed, which uses the same pattern piece for the sleeveless and sleeved version, then the end of the shoulder point is quite far out on my shoulder. I just don't think that is a flattering look - particularly if you are a small or narrow shouldered person. And I have mentioned before that I think tops/dresses with no adjustment for the sleeveless version just look clunky to my eye, the proportions are off. I typically raise the bottom of the armhole and then move in the outer shoulder point.

coral top on me back view

To answer the "how much" I just cut out the top as is, and then try it on and play around with the width of the shoulder, usually it is narrower by about 1 to 1.5 inches. Or just to where my strap hits. I want the straps to be covered but just at the point. Probably not an adjustment for everyone, some people like a bit of arm coverage whereas I would be happy going around all summer in halter tops although that is not very practical (or appropriate for most days)

Anyway - this is basically my summer uniform, my go-to, my fallback, whatever you want to call it. Knit or silk sleeveless top and a denim skirt with pockets. Skirt pictured is my trusty Vogue 1247 - the only pattern number I know by heart.  Which I have made 5 times I think, surely with more to come.

Oh yeah, big smile for comfy summer clothes and wearing sandals all the time! Bonus note - I got this silk fabric at a ASG stash sale - so investment is about $ 6. For two shirts. Score! Does the minimal investment increase my satisfaction? Always. What can I say, I love a bargain fabric find.

coral silk top on me1

Up next, more tops, plus a pattern repeat Vogue Designer dress which snuck into my sewing production and proved again to be a winner. Plus some unselfish sewing and a Random Threads post in the works.

Happy Summer Sewing,

today's garden photo, Dahlias. Which are my favorite summer flower and I have successfully grown them but perhaps our climate/soil/precipitation is not exactly right for them so it is a bit hit or miss. But I keep trying and sometimes get a good result.



  1. This is just the perfect summer top! Lovely color on you and I'm happy you could see past that awful envelope picture and find such a staple design.

  2. Lovely top! Thanks for the info on your cut-in shoulder adjustment; I agree that tops often need the alteration and that it is more flattering. I made a sleeveless New Look top last summer that ended up looking to me like something Larry the Cable Guy would wear - the shoulders were way too wide. I should go back and cut them in.

  3. Love this! The print is great. Looks like you've been getting some warm weather over there if not much sun. It's freezing here today - feels like November!

  4. That is a perfect top and it looks so pretty on you. I love your dahlias, any tips? I am going to plant some next summer with plans for a daughter's wedding. It is a small ceremony and she just wants to use flowers from the garden for the bouquets.

    I love your sewing and your great blog posts, thanks so much for sharing so much.

  5. -your smile says it all, it is a perfect top for summer, and no wonder you use it so much. I would have never pay attention to the pattern, but it is really a good one with all the variations and possibilities.
    And your flowers, wow!

  6. What a lovely top! It takes some imagination to see the possibilities of this pattern while looking at the envelope. I'm with you on the bargains, I just bought 4 meters of silk for 4 euro and I'm already liking whatever it will become ;) Your Dahlias look good. It's a bit of hit and miss here too but this year is brilliant. For the flowers, that is. Looks like they prefer rain, more rain and low temperatures!

  7. Perfect top and I love your dahlias! I can't wait to see the coral eyelet top - that blue one was definitely a stunner! :-)

  8. I am so happy to have found you post about the shoulder and armhole adjustment! It is very flattering, and your blouse is beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  9. Dahlias are one of my favorites. I don't grow them since I don't have all that much sun, but we belong to a CSA where flowers are a cut your own perk, and the dahlias are spectacular. I cut huge bunches in late summer till frost.
    I understand your dilemma all too well, but I also think that it's minor and that we are way to critical, myself included, when fitting. Without fitting seams and darts, there is as you understand a trade off when fitting. The blouse is beautiful on you. It's very much 'you' in color and style. I hate the empire style, but this sleeveless top is a winner.

  10. So pretty - you really made the best of that little remnant. Love the dahlias - I had them once in a Virginia mountains yard, it was such a surprise to see them appear.