Thursday, December 22, 2016

Vogue 1526 Paco jacket in holiday red

My plan was to skip doing a blog post this week and settle down next week with any remaining items I have sewn. Plus do a year-end wrap up and analysis then, with some pattern usage pie charts which I always find entertaining. However something in this color deserves to be shown off in week before Christmas, don't you think?

red jacket walking

I am sure I could not have found a better fabric and color for this pattern if I had tried. Which I did not! As it happens I bought this fabric in New York in October at Metro Textiles (Kashi's gem of a store) The color was so beautiful and it is unbelievable soft - a double faced wool that feels like cashmere (although it is not). There was just a small amount so I bought it and figured I would work something out one day. Then I bought Vogue 1526, the interesting new pattern created by one of Vogue's newest designers: Paco Peralta from Spain. The seaming is fantastic and I love the simplicity of this style.

Figuring this fabric would work perfectly for this vest I pulled out the pattern pieces and had a good look at the envelope  - where I saw that the fabric required for this jacket is 2 1/4 yards for 60" fabric. Eek! What I had was 1.3 yards cut with a slightly crooked edge and a few marks on the fabric. I pondered it for a couple of days and then worked out that if I removed the cut-on facings along the center front I could just squeeze it on the yardage I had. This does make the lining show near the collar when not buttoned but it looks better buttoned up anyway so I will try to wear it that way.

red jacket front view 1

Here's the Vogue pattern envelope. I like the whole outfit but I'm not likely to make that shirt, and the pants I'm wearing are something from my closet that was so similar to the silhouette shown that they work well. I tried the jacket on with some skinny jeans and the proportion seems slightly off.

V1326 vest pattern

How about some sewing details?  The pattern actually calls for you to completely fuse all the jacket pieces with fusible knit interfacing but that would have been too much as this fabric is a bit thicker than the recommended fabrics which are wools, crepe, flannel or gabardine. This red is more like a coating since it is double faced. Although the edges and hem definitely needed some structure so I interfaced as I would on any jacket.

red vest interfacing SaveSave

I also put some lighter weight interfacing around the sleeve hem edges and put pieces of lining selvedge along the shoulder seam to stabilize that area. I love these buttonholes in the seams!

Which deserve their own photo. This asymmetrical collar is surprisingly comfortable to wear. I found these buttons at Joann's and bought them as a possible - but they are just right. So nice when that happens.  All my pressing tools were used - I admit it is not easy to get the edges crisp on a thick coating but I'm super satisfied with this (if I do say so myself :).

red vest collar closeup

I really wanted to make a gif or short video with all these images but instead you will have me being silly and saying "why yes my new jacket does have a satin lining. Also how it looks unbuttoned.

lining red jacket composite

The dress form picture shows that I removed the facings and just lined it to the edge. The lining is a poly satin that I found in my big box of linings - the color is not exact but seems complementary.

red vest lining view

red vest lining hem

Sewing the lining as the facing on the front edge actually made this very quick to sew, since I wasn't sewing the entire lining in by hand - as I usually do. I did leave a generous pleat at the hem so the lining would lay flat and never pull up at the back during wearing.

red jacket back view 2

And pockets - oh yeah I wasn't going to omit those. By the way another sewer who I admire very much also made this pattern - Tany of Couture et Tricot also made this pattern, all 3 pieces and her version is beautiful, plus she has a lot of construction details if you are interested.

red jacket front view 3

red jacket hands in pockets

red vest front view on form

This picture - with all the reds and greens - I was sorely tempted to photoshop in a red hat with white fur trim and some pointy ears onto my head - this is my demented holiday elf photo.  Or perhaps one of those people who works at the Santa Land at the department store. Anyway - I do like this interesting collar. And I put on my holiday pin just for you!

red jacket closeup2b

I am really happy to sew this Vogue pattern which reminded me how much I like their designer patterns, So many gems there.

Tomorrow will include some baking, gift wrapping (which I always leave until the last possible minute) and a few last minute stitches on some stocking stuffers.

Up next I will be cutting into some cashmere for a very special item, but I will leave that until next week.  And a special thank you to my friend Alice - photographer extraordinaire who takes all my best photos.

So I will wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope your holiday is peaceful, healthy, happy and filled with joy.



  1. Beth, I just love this jacket, and it is lovely on you! As is the whole outfit! Wear it proudly!

  2. Your jacket looks just like the pattern envelope! Bravo

  3. Your jacket looks just like the pattern envelope! Bravo

  4. Red is totally your colour. This jacket looks so lux and good call on the facings. Happy Christmas!

  5. This is lovely Beth, great colour on you and for the season! So many times I have known exactly what I wanted to make from a certain fabric only to be disappointed when the pattern pieces wouldn't fit on so well done for making this work. Merry Christmas to you too!

  6. A Very Merry Christmas to you Beth. And a Happy New Year. Thanks for your wonderful and informative blog. I can't believe you squeezed that jacket out of just 1.3 yards! It looks amazing. Regards Trish

  7. What a lovely jacket! I've been looking forward to this post since I spotted the buttonholes on Instagram. You look so festive and ready for the holidays. Merry Christmas!

  8. You look radiant! I love a good red! Merry Christmas!

  9. Stunning! The colour is perfect for you.
    Merry christmas🎄

  10. Fabulous as usual! I love the red on you and it is the perfect pre-Christmas garment. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. This jacket is so festive -love all the details you provide !
    Merry Christmas

  12. Your jacket is gorgeous and suits you to perfection. Such a beautiful red.
    By the way, the first pic says "This photo is no longer available."

    1. thanks for letting me know about the photo - I noticed that on Bloglovin - that the photo was not visible however it was when I looked at it using Safari. So not sure why but I just removed and added it back, hopefully now visible.

    2. It's working now, thanks, and you look radiant.

  13. Love it! You look holiday-fabulous! Merrry Christmas! 🎄

  14. Beth,red really suits you very well! I love everything about this coat! It's perfectly executed!

  15. Well! I never looked twice at that pattern because it didn't suit me at all. But now that I see your version, I'm definitely rethinking that!! That coat is just beautiful on you! Merry Christmas!!

  16. This is beautiful--the perfect Christmas jacket!! Have a very happy holiday :)

  17. Merry Christmas to you too! And what a perfect jacket/vest/coat... I really like it with the simple top.

  18. Beth, I love your version in that beautiful color. Thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas season. Paco

  19. I love this jacket and the color looks great on you. I actually think yours looks better than the one on the pattern envelope. I don't know if I would picked that pattern up, but seeing it on you, I definitely would.

  20. This looks lovely on you! Have a Merry Christmas!

  21. Fabulous! So seasonal but yet will carry you through to well into the New Year.
    Hapy Christmas

  22. What a lovely, lovely jacket Ms. Beth! It looks very luxe and expensive! I can see why you love it! That red is so great on you too! I love the way you photographed it too!

  23. Beth, your version is truly magnificent! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The color is gorgeous and the jacket looks wonderful on you, well done.
    Thank you for the big compliment and for linking up to my blog :))
    I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas! Big hug from Portugal!

  24. Wow! LOVE it. This looks fab on you. It's a perfect job.

  25. I love this on you! Call it lack of imagination, but I could not get past the burnt orange and brown colors even though I typically love atypical shapes. In this color it looks wonderful!

  26. Beth, that jacket is stunning. It is particularly beautiful ON looks a bit shapeless on your dress form, but really suits your shape. Gorgeous! BTW, were you at Santana Row?? :)

  27. First, you look just radiant! Second, this is really really terrific on you. Love the fabric, love the style, love all of it.

  28. WOW! Beth, your new coat is simply sensational!! I LOVE IT! and that slightly asymmetrical collar is so interesting, hits just the right note. I like the sleeve length a lot. Hmmm, I might have to follow your lead and think about getting this one. :)