Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Vogue 9205 knit top in stripes

Ok, it won't be quite so long until another edition of Random Threads (my previous post). You really like those! I enjoy the comments so much. Of course everyone likes to have their opinions validated - the topic of scuba fabric brought a lot of you to exclaim how much you dislike wearing it. I think in carefully chosen garments it could be an OK choice - but I will stay away. Not that I was planning to sew anything using it. There are so many other better fabrics waiting for me.

I just looked at the new Vogue summer pattern releases and didn't see anything that caught my eye. Which is just as well - plenty of patterns on my to-do list already. In fact a lot of them were unappealing to me - however the previous couple of releases had some items I want to make or have made.
Including this pattern repeat, Vogue 9205. Which is a simple knit top pattern, and it even breaks my rule (not really a rule, more of a note-to-self) in which I only buy patterns that have multiple views or multiple garments in one pattern envelope. The idea of short or long sleeves, or doing a sleeve in a contrast color hardly counts as another view. But I love this pattern and am really glad I tried it out.

navy blue stripe dart top

I would say it while not ideal for stripes it worked pretty well. I bought this fabric at Stone Mountain - they really have some bargains in their upstairs space. Since they stopped doing classes they have a lot more square footage for fabric. This was something like $ 3 per yard, a really nice weight of rayon knit. I have some remaining which is always good to have for pattern testing, I use my knit scraps when I am playing around with a knit pattern to see style and fit.

navy blue stripe top on me1

When I cut it out I thought I had the sleeve stripes matched up but they are off just a little bit. Oh well - for a first try on this pattern it's not too bad. And do non-sewers notice stuff like that?

Vogue 9205 pattern piece

Here's the pattern piece for the front. I cut a size 12 and the fit was just right. I think the McCalls/Vogue patterns are perhaps reducing the amount of ease included these days - or designing for a closer fit? Does anyone else think so?  At least the patterns for knits that I have used from Vogue and McCalls have fit fairly well with minimal alterations. I do always look at the finished garment measurements and see how that shapes up as compared to my measurements.

navy blue darts closeup
On another note - I am really pleased with the neckband and how I very carefully cut it out so the light blue stripe would be centered on it. I can't even remember if I used the pattern piece (usually I don't) but I think I did since the rest of it was going together so well.

navy blue dart top back

navy blue dart top on me

My pal Alice took these photos on the same day as we did the photos for my recent blue jacket. You can see that I'm wearing this knit top under the jacket. I think it goes well and makes a good combo.

Not a lot of sewing detail and I'm sure I'll repeat this one for a long time. Perhaps with short sleeves in a lighter color.  Although I'm really itching to try this McCalls 7538 which is a dress or top. And I have plenty of striped knits in my stockpile ready to use.

That's all for now. I just started sewing another pattern repeat (a New Look pattern) and have plenty of other things in the queue.

After thinking about scuba fabric last week, and hearing the comments (particularly on pants made of scuba, that sounds like wearing a sauna) I thought that the only scuba fabric I have or will wear is the real thing!  Here I am in the Caribbean on a sailing/scuba vacation. My scuba suit was a shortie and almost not necessary as the water was warm and beautiful (although when you are toting the tanks etc it's helpful to have that layer as a base). I'm a tropical scuba only kind of person - no to the chilly California coast and yes to Hawaii or the Caribbean :)

scuba pic1

So stay cool everyone, summer is on it's way here and everything is so green. Which may last a bit longer this year due to our epic winter rain.

Happy Spring sewing,

The daffodils are almost done blooming but the other day when wandering around with my camera I came across this one - so pretty. It pays to plant lots of daffodils, all kinds of varieties as they come back year after year. Plus I don't really keep track of where/what I planted so there are lots of nice surprises.

white yellow daffodil


  1. Do you know - and I swear I am being 100% honest - I looked at the picture at the top before I read anything. What caught my eye? That amazing job you did on the collar! It looks great, mine never look quite that centered and awesome, so hats off to you! And those thoughts all occurred before I read your post, and saw that you too are pleased with the collar. I'm going to pick up this pattern. I was interested to see that you used the pattern piece for the collar - it lays down so well, perfect sizing.

  2. Such a flattering top -I also noticed how nicely the collar piece worked . It is perfectly centered . Beautiful job on this very stylish top !

  3. Cute top that fits you beautifully. I love the neckline - perfect!

  4. Looks great and I definitely agree with you that McCall's (I always found Vogue OK) seem to have done something in recent years to reduce the crazy amounts of ease in their patterns.

  5. You have a great eye for a pattern. I overlooked that one but your version is really nice; wearable and interesting.

  6. I love this top! I'm a sucker for details like these and I now want to make one you also face that problem? My list is never ending...recently I started making a list of details I like and trying to integrate them in one project ;o)

  7. Nice top - classic with a twist! Agree that your neckband is perfect. I would have copped out and cut the fabric on the basis. Karen

  8. Such a nice top, I'm sure that you will wear it tons!
    I realize that I forgot to comment about my dislike for Scuba. It's basically wrapping your self in thick polyester/plastic. It's seems very contradictory to me with the current trend of "makers" that are sewing for "ethical" reasons. Producing polyester is harmful to people/the environment and it doesn't recycle/decompose well at all. I'm personally very conflicted about those things and I regret that it's not more widely discussed.

  9. Love that striped top. I think non sewers do not notices the mismatching. I won't buy plaids unless they match which drives my daughter nuts. She always says I am the only person in the world that notices that. I do love that top though. Great pattern and cute fabric.

  10. Beth,
    I liked your first tee with V9205 that I bought the pattern. In the process of making it now and just realized I made the tucks on the inside instead of having them show. Still cute and there's always next time.

  11. I noticed right away the neck band with the perfectly placed blue stripe. I was duly impressed!!!

  12. High five on the neckband. Something only a seamstress would both notice and share in your triumph!

  13. Very cute and simple tee. I love your fabric choice too. It's good for spring.

  14. the radiating lines at the neck look so nice, I love a tee with some interesting details. And I loved the shot of you in a scuba suit, You look exactly the same! :)