Friday, December 8, 2017

Latest sewing in progress

Why yes, I have been sewing lately. A lot! The typical time crunch of December is upon us and I have so many things to sew - and so many other things that I want to do as well. So instead of a blog post on just one thing that is finished I figured you might be interested in seeing what I'm working on. Some interesting stuff so if boring knit tops are not your thing keep scrolling :)

Which means a few finished things like this trio of knit tops. All made using patterns that I think are just perfection.

First up this Vogue pattern 9205 which I made previously in a stripe knit. This is a very soft rayon knit found in the upstairs section at Stone Mountain (where else, right?).

blue dart top

And now, why have it not made a turtleneck before?  Maybe because I have a bunch of them and don't really need another but I had a big piece of this blue stripe (Stone Mountain again) and had always wanted to try the turtleneck variation on my go-to Raglan Sleeve pattern, which is Burda 6990. I have made the crew neck version many times (actually there is no crew neck with a band version, that is my own modification so slight pattern hack there. Also if you are interested in t-shirt neckline changes I did a post on the Craftsy sewing blog on that.)

blue stripe t-neck

And every time I do a knit top class at Hello Stitch Studio I seem to make a knit top for demonstration purposes plus I use up the scraps of various knits I have stashed around. So one more version of the Burda raglan.

raglan tee

Ok now for the more interesting things. Green jeans.

Green jeans in progress

yes, green jeans but they are far more interesting than might appear. And as you can see not finished. A theme right now, lots of unfinished stuff. However these jeans are the result of using a pair of my jeans that fit perfectly and making a pattern from the jeans. I just taught that class so prior to that I was in a frenzy of copying, with jeans being the ultimate prize, so to speak, in the pattern copy sweepstakes. I have cracked the code on these and one tip is to use as close to the original fabric to ge the same fit.  Lots more details and photos once I get these finished.

A Hemisferic Coat from Pauline Alice Patterns. Oh you didn't think I was going to let that one pass by, did you?  You know how I love her designs. This is actually going to be for my friend Heather's daughter, and Saturday we are off to find the perfect wool. Thinking merlot color or something like that. Also I am changing it from zipper front to a hidden buttonhole placket. I just don't like zipper front coats, to me they seem too casual.

hemisferic coat muslin

And something for Heather, as she has a party in early 2018 so I am giving myself plenty of time to get this one going. The moment I saw this pattern on the Burda website I wanted to sew it. It is Burda 07/2017 # 124A and I haven't seen any reviews but I think it is gorgeous. I probably will add some sleeves, either cap sleeves or maybe 3/4 sleeves. We will see how it goes. But that seaming, gorgeous!

Burda dress

For myself I have two projects in the works and I really want to get to both of them but I have no idea when I will do so.  The first is this silk crepe de chine blouse I started before Thanksgiving, with the idea of making it before I did the wool jacket. And here it is, waiting for me to get back to it. It is going to be a longish shirt, and then the jacket will be kind of cropped, but use both sides of the wool which is on the hanger behind it (note tiny squares on one side and bigger squares on the other). I bought this at Mood last October and I really want to sew it up for this winter.  Soon! Also I have just enough silk to make a long tie bow which will be separate so I can wear it with or without.

blue silk with wool

Well that's the latest around here - so much stuff in progress and a lot of wishing for more time to finish.

They have posted some of Hello Stitch Studio classes for January and February classes on the website so if you are in the area check it out. We have the Knit T-shirt and Button Front shirt classes again, plus some new ones including Pattern Basics - How to Read Sewing Patterns. I think that one will be really useful for a lot of people whether you are a beginner or as a refresher returning to sewing. And everyone will bring a couple of patterns so we can discuss specific examples.

Happy Holiday Sewing,

Here's today's garden photo. Despite the chilly weather we haven't had frost so my impatiens are still blooming. And this burgundy color plant with lots of little seeds has thrived. I can't remember the name, it is a type of grain but this is an ornamental version. I hope it reseeds for next year.

sunflowers etc


  1. Wow, you have been busy! I love the neckline darts in the first top and am impressed you executed them so neatly in a soft rayon knit.

  2. Heather's dress is going to be amazing! Can't wait to see everything completed.

  3. You have been very busy. I can't wait to see the jeans finished.

  4. I can't wait to see your Hemisferic coat finished! I fell in love with this pattern as soon as it was released but I've never made a coat before and I thought for a first coat it was a little scary :) The lines in it though are gorgeous. I'm another fan of Pauline Alice's work.

  5. You have so much going on. Puts me to shame! Love all, especially the Vogue top at the top!

  6. Pretty! Love the darted top. Crew mechanics/jewel neck tops rent flattering on me...wonder how this would work with a lower neckline?
    I woke up to a snow cover ed landscape, like much of the US. Is the plant amaranth?? I'm too lazy to look it up.

  7. Wow you have been busy, Look forward to seeing that coat!

  8. You are juggling quite a few projects! I love all the knit tops, especially the turtleneck one. The coat looks wonderful, and so does the Burda dress. Can't wait to see how everything turns out!

  9. Lots and lots of sewing..... The neckline on Vogue 9205 is perfection

  10. That coat pattern has the best fitting seams! The dress pattern is killer...eased pleats over the tummy and cool diagonal seams too! I can see why you bought the blue silk and wools...gorgeous deep colors. Keeping my fingers crossed to find time enough to finish all your projects, Beth!

  11. After seeing the neckline darted pattern here I decided to rotate my very large dart into the neckline of my tnt tee. I've made two of them now, one in a short sleeve cotton knit version and another in some merino wool. I wear both of them frequently so I need to make another one for winter in some red merino wool perhaps. You fit a whole lot better than Burda has lately for their plus size designs and it's nice to see this muslin looking so much better than it did in the magazine. I hope that if you add sleeves to it that you will share your process.

  12. Thank you for showing great garments! They are perfect works, especially the neckline of blue top is beautiful.

  13. Love that wool for your jacket! I like the idea of a separate bow tie for the blouse, just never thought about it. I hope you can find all the sewing time you need to finish all of these wonderful projects!

  14. Wow! You have been very busy sewing Beth! Love all of your knit tops and your upcoming projects too, excited to see them! (I miss blog reading...other social mediums sucking me in! LOL!). Also, I love a good turtleneck and can’t understand why I don’t own one! I am on the hunt for a great pattern with a nice fitting turtleneck. I am currently working on a dress I thought would have one...but alas, it did NOT! The neckline droops almost like a “cowl” neck and it was so disappointing. However, I’m not going to trash it, I’ll just find another pattern that works for me (or attempt to draft one!)

  15. Uau, I get so jealous of you sewing so much! I love the first top and the jeans, and I am impatient to see the coat finished! On the other hand, I see I am not the only one who is sewing several garments at a time....