Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sewing, writing and other updates

While I really like to get into some highly technical sewing project like a tailored jacket it does seem like most of my sewing time lately goes into fitting. Teaching aspects of fitting, writing about fitting, adjusting patterns and sewing up test garments. No matter how long you have been sewing, fitting is the ultimate challenge. It's something that never will be finished. Not as long as there is an interesting new pattern that I want to make, then there will be patterns that need adjustment and customization.

Speaking of fitting, I've had two blog Craftsy posts recently that you might like to check out. The first is How to adjust the Apex on any Bodice Pattern. 

Adjust the apex composite

The next one is How to create a V-neckline on any pattern. I think this one is useful as I find that often we have a TNT pattern but want to make it look completely different, and an easy way is to change the neckline.

how to give a garment a V-neckline

Classes at Hello Stitch Studio in Berkeley

Like I mentioned above, lately I'm all about the pattern adjustments and with that in mind we are offering this class - I posted this on Instagram so figured I would repeat it here.

Adj the b
I think this class will be a good fit ( ha ha, pathetic pattern adjustment pun) for you if you are new to fitting paper patterns or find the options and calculations of FBA's etc. to be a bit overwhelming. I'm going to go through the variety of adjustments and everyone will do them - paper doll style on sample templates so you can really get the process.  

And April 14-15 we're doing the Jacket Weekend class again. This session will be a lot of demonstrations and time to practice things like welt pockets, seam grading, pressing, crisp collars and hand stitching. I know my taste tends to the classic but you can use any jacket pattern in the class, the techniques apply to most any project or future jacket you will make. 

camel coat dart

Check out the Hello Stitch website, the specific classes might be a little difficult to locate so try the calendar view which will take you to the specific class. Or email me if you have any questions. 

And I'm also doing the Knit t-shirt class (this one is the most popular) Pattern fitting, my new favorite class: How to Read a Pattern and a summer dress class.  
Hope to see you at one of my classes. 

As to what I've been sewing lately - here's a sneak peek of what I'm working on. And plan to finish this weekend.

wool blue Mood fabric jacket

I bought this wool fabric at Mood in NY in 2016 and have been searching for the perfect pattern to use that double sided wool. I'm so happy with the choice and will have a new jacket to show soon. The silk blouse was finished ages ago but I haven't hemmed it as I was waiting for the jacket to be completed so I could decide on the lengths of both.

OK - that's it for today. Happy St. Patrick's day to all!   🍀🍀🍀



  1. Thank you for sharing your articles on Craftsy! I flew right over there and read them. I'll be putting the V-neck alteration to good use very soon!

  2. Your jacket looks like a winner! That color is beautiful! I enjoy your sewing tips and tutorials--Craftsy in general is a wonderful resource.

  3. I'm older so I often have to lower a bust dart a smidge or two. I watched a Silhouettes Patterns webcast (they are free to view on their website) and was interested to see how she does it. She draws a horizontal line (perpendicular to the grain line of course) right under the underarm across the pattern front. The pattern tissue can then be spread the amount needed (and that amount comes off the bottom). Is it really that easy?

  4. I've already favorited both your articles on Craftsy! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week ahead!

  5. Oooh, i'm loving the jacket and blouse color! Can't wait to see them finished. And many thanks for sharing the links to the craftsy blog articles. The v-neck one is going to come in handy soon, as i was precisely planning to make my sloper dress with a v-neck modification. Perfect timing!

  6. Ok, I'm going to need that weekend jacket class! I can't come this April but hopefully it will happen again in the future!

  7. Great tips! and beautiful jackets Beth! You always make the most gorgeous jackets and coats!