Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Tie back top, Burdastyle 02/2018 #120 and what about our Burda subscriptions?

Many times I open my closet doors and look through the options, searching mostly in vain for a cute top to wear with my latest jacket creation. Why don't I make more simple tops? They are so useful for mixing and matching with things I want to wear. They take relatively small amounts of fabric and are quick to sew. A new resolution - sew tops this summer. Actually I have a lot of sleeveless tops, but there are times when a bit of sleeve is more comfortable.

With all that said, here is my latest top, from Burda Magazine February 2018 #120. I traced this ages ago and the other night decided to sew it up.

red tie back top 1

I used some cotton fabric I bought at some rummage sale or other, as I just wanted to see if I liked the style. Verdict: I do like it! and will find some nice silk to make another one.

This top is more interesting from the back as it has a slightly low v-shape with a tie at the center back. I thought that the tie was a continuation of the neck band which would take more fabric but rather cleverly the neck back is a circle and you leave a small gap at the center back where you can slip in another piece to create the tie.

tie back top bow

Here's a look at the images and tech drawing from the magazine. In their text they mentioned using a fabric with a matte on one side and shine on the other to create a contrast between the neck bank and the top. I like that idea, particularly in a solid color.

Burdastyle 2-2018-120 drawing

You can spot the difference between my version and the magazine one - short sleeves. The sleeves look ok in the photo, perhaps make it coordinate with the pencil skirt but in real life I can't stand those elbow length sleeves. For one thing I would only wear this blouse in warm weather and then longer sleeves are too much. But more importantly, when you try to put a jacket or anything over that type of sleeve they just bunch up and are impossible to smooth out. So that sleeve length had to go.

tie back top with longer sleeve

I did cut it out with the longer sleeves but got rid of them right away.  Much better shorter I think. By the way those are my Ash Jeans (2nd pair). That was a lucky fabric pick at a Bay Area Sewists Meetup swap last year.

tie back top 4

I sewed the neck band on the top and then hand stitched the inside edge. I didn't press it all all which I think gives it the soft roll and lets the bias drape a little bit.

tie back top front2

I made a size 38 which is my usual size in Burda and took it in a bit on the sides as it was roomy. This is a super quick sew as the sleeves are raglan sleeves with a dart detail on the shoulder to create shaping, this is the 2nd shirt from Burda with that detail that I've sewn, the previous one is here. 

Almost forgot, back view on me. I think this top could be really nice in a wide variety of fabrics, silk, rayon, poly, even a lightweight knit.

red tie back top 2

I think this top will look really nice with white jeans, so I'm looking forward to white denim weather - which we DO NOT have today, as we are getting a weird May heavy rainstorm. I guess I should be happy that the garden will get another good watering :)

Now to the 2nd topic in my blog post title - What is happening with my Burda subscription??
GLP News, which was the distributor through which I and everyone else in the US had a subscription, has closed their doors. Like, they are gone! and supposedly transferring subscriptions to another distributor. I HOPE SO! Because of course I want my magazines and patterns but also because the subscription is $90 per year and I renewed in January. So a fair chunk of change that I don't want to lose. I am a bit mystified by the business practices of Burda in the US. They have a really active website and email subscription list and yet you can't get the magazine from them which seems counterintuitive.

My other Burda topic I've been thinking about is their hashtag problem. Oh yeah, it's a problem. Consider that the success of a lot of indie patterns is partly due to the share-ability on social media of a pattern with a name. It's quite easy to share and search a pattern that has a name and of course just to recall it. Patterns with numbers are also not too difficult to share, for example #V1247 (the best skirt pattern ever, the Vogue Rachel Comey skirt and top pattern). So Vogue, McCalls, Simplicity etc can use the hashtag of the pattern company first letter and then the pattern number, such as #S2311
(both my green jacket and my black coat).

With all that in mind I've tried to come up with a hashtag for Burda magazine patterns. The problem is indicating all the info, i.e. Month/Year/Pattern number.

Here's what I posted on my Instagram story when I shared pictures of my recently sewn pink wool jacket.   Which was from the Burda October 2018 issue, pattern 108.  Or as shown below,

breaking that down, it shows Burda Mag, then the month 10, then the year 2018, then the pattern number 108.


So for this bowtie back neckline blouse I've blogged about today, the hashtag would be

Yes, all this is a bit long but it would be so useful!  I look at the #burdastyle hashtag all the time. People from all over the world are sharing their Burda magazine creations, and so often they're not mentioning what the pattern is or even what month or year. It drives me crazy!

Perhaps this is a solution in search of a problem but I'm going to go back and put the hashtag on all my Instagram posts where I sewed a Burda magazine pattern, and I think I will message some people to see if they will do it as well. When I posted in my story I did get a few replies from people who said they would do the same.

That's my rant for the day :)  now back to sewing.

Up next, I just finished sewing a few examples for my upcoming classes at Hello Stitch, in my previous post I listed all the classes that are scheduled for summer (scroll down to the bottom of the post for all the info). Last night I made a Zadie jumpsuit and I'm on board with that pattern! The sample I made is a bit long in the torso for me and is actually meant to be an example to show at the studio, but I will be making another version for myself in a print. I like to wear the item when I teach the class, that's kind of fun.

I think I might start on a new pattern soon, Vogue 9357, so I can be ready when the sun finally returns with a new summer dress.

Happy Sewing, Beth

Here's today's garden photo - well two actually. This time of year is the most lush and flowery around here, before the dry heat of summer really sets in. And you know I like to match my flower photo to my sewing.  The first is a Salvia, Hot Lips, and the second is a rose that might be called Cherry Parfait.

red and white salvia 2019

Pink rose 2019


  1. Cute top! Love that back view. What is going on with Burda in the US?? I didn't know that their mag distributor had closed, but the company that I taught an online class through (F+W Media) is going bankrupt and I keep getting the notices in the mail. Hope Burda sticks around.

  2. I was surprised to learn that the US Burdastyle site is not a part of Burda. It's a subsidiary, but it explains why there isn't direct distribution of the mag here like in other countries (e.g. the UK).

    There does seem to be some possible options to obtain a UK subscription...of course that means longer delivery times and greater potential for magazines to never make it :(

    I love this top! And ditto about those types of sleeves! Crazy making!!!

  3. That's a really cute top. I love the back detail! i have never sewn a Burda pattern, but your hash tag idea is very useful.

  4. That is really a clever trick for the bow/collar. Many times I have wanted to add a scarf or bow to a blouse but didn't have enough fabric for the traditional ways of making them - particularly when you need to cut on the bias. Leaving part of the collar loose and just using a small strip to get the effect is really a game changer!

  5. Such a lovely top, just changing the sleeves suddenly makes me want one for summer! I hope the Burda mag subscription problem gets fixed, I too do not understand why the US can't just sell the magazines when the demand is clearly there, but there must be some complicated licensing arrangement or something.
    Love your hashtag idea and will make an effort to go back and edit my instagram posts and try and remember this format for future posts.

  6. Like it!, another winner, you inspire me

  7. I love your top! You are right, a top with such a low back can only be worn in warm weather, and then sleeves should be short. About instagram, I have sometimes unsuccesfully searched Burda patterns there, maybe you can start a new way to hashtag them. I will edit my last feed in Instagram (@eldidalaldit) following your instructions, thanks!!

  8. What?? I did not know that about GLP but maybe it explains why my June issue still isn’t here... I renewed in February. Really hope the rest of the year is coming. Can’t justify cost to order a second time!

  9. The top is cute. Does it stay on the shoulders when wearing it, what with the open back? I received my June issue of Burdastyle earlier this week from Sunrise News, which I believe is the new distributor of Burdastyle in the USA. No indication on the address card of a subscription number or end date like you see on other magazines. I am hoping Sunrise is honoring the subscriptions I had with GLP.