Monday, June 3, 2019

BurdaStyle 04-2019-113: Another contender the for best ever skirt pattern

Many of us have sewn multiple versions of what I have always called the best ever skirt pattern, which was Vogue 1247 that I recently sewed in faux suede.  I think that was my fifth version of that pattern, but now I think there is a new contender for champion. Jumping right to my conclusion, I love this skirt!

This is from the April 2019 Burda Magazine, #113 which is called Skirt with Belt Bag, as you will see below. Although mine doesn't have a belt bag.

Denim skirt 5

While I might like to have made the belt bag - I was down to small scraps since I found this nice denim remnant in my stash and it was JUST enough to make this skirt. I started with Burda size 42 which matches my hip measurement with a little extra wiggle room, but it turned out to be a lot of extra room, so I took in the skirt after stitching it up.

denim skirt front view on form

And let's take a minute to appreciate that clever detail, which has the belt going through the seaming of the front panel instead of belt loops, just on the one side. I think it add something interesting to an otherwise simple skirt.

Denim skirt close up belt view

It has a facing around the waist edge, and the belt loops are sewn into that seam. I used white topstitching (regular thread, not topstitch thread) and navy blue in the bobbin, which I think sometimes gives the white thread a chance to really show. I had the D-rings in my stash, as well as a navy blue invisible zipper so all in all this was such a rewarding project - you know the feeling when it all comes together so nicely!

Denim skirt 3

Even the length was just right, I turned up the hem 1.5" and stitched it in blue.

Better look at the right side where the seam openings take the place of 2 belt loops. This fabric is a slightly stretch denim, it may be a leftover piece from these Ash jeans.

Denim skirt side view pocket

Denim skirt back view2

So once I sewed it up, including topstitching everywhere, but before I put on the waistband I tried it on and decided it was way too big, so I took out about 3 inches total from the two seams either side of the zipper. Which meant I had to remove the topstitching. That only took a quick minute as I had used 4.0 stitch length and it was worthwhile to get the fit right. Plus now I have adjusted the paper pattern pieces so hopefully next version will be even quicker.

Note the white t-shirt - I never wear white tops :) I know they are popular but I always feel so blah in a white t-shirt, however when going through my closet for something to pair with this I realized it looked nice with the white - so I might even wear this outfit as is, a surprise to me!

I brightened this photo so you can see the details better.

Denim skirt close up

And oh yeah, a requisite for any good skirt pattern, pockets, right? This is where paying attention to the Burda instructions did pay off, as it's necessary to sew in a particular order to get the pockets topstitched and not sewed shut.

Burda magazine pic denim skirt

Here's the magazine view, including the belt bag. I have some almost matching but not quite the same denim and I might give it a go just for fun. It won't matter if it doesn't match exactly, probably I'm the only one that could even distinguish the fabric difference.

Burda Denim Skirt drawing

Denim skirt 4

This skirt could be worn with a different belt. I made the belt according to the specs in the pattern and its a bit long for me, I might go back and shorten it about 4 inches.

That white t-shirt is something I bought maybe 5 years ago, I needed a white t-shirt for something. It has cotton eyelet over knit in the front and then the rest is knit. An idea I might have to copy as I have eyelet in turquoise and bright pink in my stash right now.

denim skirt1

This might just be my new summer outfit! Now I want one in other colors.

Denim skirt backyard view

Up next, I'm deciding between two different dress patterns. I will make both but not sure which will be first. One is Vogue 9357 . I just got some nice gingham so that might get made in that as shown on the pattern envelope. The other dress is a Burda with a ruffle hem, as I have to join in with the ruffle trend.

Sewing classes at Hello Stitch Studio : most of my summer classes are filling up. Some just have 1 or 2 spots available so sign up if you are interested. I think there is 1 spot left in the Zadie jumpsuit class - I knew that would be popular :) and I plan to make one for myself soon.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be beautiful and sunny, so it's an outside day (not a sewing room day). The garden needs something this time of year.

Happy Sewing, Beth

This yellow snapdragon survived the winter and it loved all that rain. It's now done with it's first bloom but I've trimmed it and hope for a few more flowers in the next month.

yellow snapdragon 2019


  1. great skirt and lovely detailing, so beautifully made (and worn)

  2. I love the skirt! The belt is so cool. And denim goes perfectly with a white t-shirt for summer, in my opinion (however, my kids are still small enough that I can't wear white for more than an hour when I'm around them).

  3. Beth, this is so cute, cute, cute! I love all the vertical seams and top stitching; it is a very flattering design. Yes, must be your new summer outfit - it's perfect.

  4. I love the skirt Beth! I think it might even be cute if you made the pocket bag in a completely different denim color on purpose. I've seen that denim mixing in the shops. Happy sewing!

  5. A cute colorful necklace or the right little scarf and that white top would pop.
    Both the top and the skirt are lovely on you.

  6. Great skirt, you're right and lovely job on the topstitching! To be honest I was a little put off by the pocket bag in the pattern, but now I've seen two great versions of this pattern I can see past it!

  7. Oh, I do hope you make Vogue 9357. I haven't seen many versions of it and am very interested in your thoughts and helpful tips. The denim skirt is great on you. I have four versions of the V 1247 so it's likely I'd like the Burda just as well. Aaand, the sewing list just got longer!

  8. This is a lovely skirt - I remember this in the Burda magazine (the one with the weird gigantic pocket in Safari colour), but I think your version in denim is much nicer. Denim really suits this design. Cool top-stitching too!

  9. Lovely, beautifully made, super flattering skirt!

  10. Great tip about using a stitch length of 4 for easy ripping out...ha ha. It really fits so well now after removing so much fabric! I could even see this elongated in a drapey fabric or even something like corduroy for the Winter. Your snapdragons cheer me up, Beth!