Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Update on Fall Classes and a quick summer top

It took a while for our summer weather to arrive after the June gloom, but the "too hot to sew" time has finally arrived. It's been a busy few weeks, there's always plenty of work to do outside, plus I've been trying to swim more often. Which feels great at the end of a 100+ Fº day. July was also bathroom remodel month which is a bit disruptive - although it came out beautifully. 
In early August I was rummaging through my stash fabrics and came across this 1 yard piece, which might be a cotton/silk blend or maybe just cotton but it is very luxe feeling. No idea where I got it, and didn't even remember it was there. Perhaps on the remnant shelf at Stone Mountain? It looks like the type of thing I would buy if I saw it there. Turning to my new favorite way to keep my patterns in one place, the Freeform App on my Macbook and I saw a pattern which is super simple and didn't need much fabric.Burdastyle 10/2021 114
It's a good thing it was simple as I finally caught Covid after avoiding all this time, and so I was recovering but still a bit limp, and of course stuck at home. FYI all better now. It was a good excuse to catch up on sleep and watch foreign language TV. (note: I am hooked on all the French detective shows - they are not that different to the American ones but the clothes are so chic and the scenery is fantastic (streaming on Mhz channel if you are interested). I also watch the Italian ones which I can do when sewing as I can understand but for the French I need the subtitles - should have studied more French. 
Anyway, back to sewing, here's a look at the pattern from the magazine. 

This is the second top I've made with those cut on cap sleeves and I really don't like them. I prefer just a regular sleeveless top. But otherwise I do like this top and it goes well with my Mirambell skirt from Pauline Alice patterns (blog post here on that skirt).  And this image shows why I mostly look at the line drawings - the styling often obscures the pattern. Which is not a problem unique to Burda but they seem to specialize in wacky photo shoots that hide the garment details. 

BurdaStyle 10-2021  # 114

I think this could also be sewn in a lightweight knit which I might try. But up next I'm sewing some cotton jersey sent to me by Minerva (gifted). The quality is so nice. Anyone have feedback on shipping charges to the US from them? All the items I have received have been as a Minerva ambassador so there were no shipping charges. I'm curious, as I would order some more of this knit if the shipping were reasonable. 

CLASSES: some good things on my calendar including an East Coast weekend of classes at Urban Sewciety in New Jersey. I am so excited to be going there in October to teach 2 days of pattern fitting classes. It will be an all-day workshop offered either Sat. Oct. 21 or Sun. Oct 22. Here is the link to their website to register.   And I will be in Manhattan during the week prior for shopping/fun with my pal Heather. 

NJ class

And fall means Jacket time, right?  I will be running my online Jacket-making class again starting in September. I love doing this class and talking about collars, lapels, interfacing, seam grading, welt pockets etc. Here's the link to register.  note the dates when you go to the link - we will skip a week for my travel and another week for Halloween - which is unbelievably big in my neighborhood. So that means more time to work on your jacket :) 

Blazer class

I also have an in person class with Hello Stitch (in Oakland) to sew the Lander Pants - that isn't until Oct. 8 but it is on the way to selling out so if you are interested sign up soon. Here's the link. 

So that's the latest - I haven't really sewn much this summer as I have so many items I made the first 2 summers of the pandemic that got little wear, so I am enjoying wearing those items. I do have a fall blazer in mind and am about to start an upholstery project for friends (shudder). Which has prompted me to think about reupholstering one of my couches. But that will wait until gloomy winter. Until then it's time to be outside! 

Here's another look at my Burda top, a little silly but I get a thrill when they repost and with a garden theme too!

Burda IG page 

Happy Summer Sewing

Today's garden photo - finally some modest success with Dahlias.  

red dahlia 2023


  1. Sorry to hear you have been sick but glad you are on the road to recovery! I would be interested to hear what French detective shows you like - we just watched the last "Candice Renoir" we can get with our streaming service (and English captions) so something else in the genera would be of interest!


  2. I have made that Burda top in rayon challis and gauze. They are both comfortable for the hottest summer days, yet also have that interesting neckline. Quite a quick and easy project as well. It is a perfect use for a special 1 yard remnant.

    Sorry you have been sick, and so glad to see you are on the mend, especially with a busy teaching schedule coming up. Your dahlia is beautiful.

  3. I love the outfit! I made that top in a silk and really love it. Good to know it would work in a more stable fabric too :)

    Glad you're on the mend!