Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make it Work Moment

Back in April I donated some sewing lessons as a silent auction item for the nearby school’s fundraiser and I had
forgotten all about it.  Then last month I heard from Amy who purchased the item, and happens to live around the corner.  She was ready to start her lessons and had already bought some fabric and a simple dress pattern.  She was interested in help with pattern fitting, layout and some other tips.  I can say she is not a beginning sewist by any means since she made her living room curtains in blue silk with striped Roman style shades and they are beautiful.

Amy Fabric

But I did freak out a little bit when I saw her choice of
fabric.  A cotton mosaic-style print, the stripes are about
2" wide.

But stripes,   Yikes.

I am realizing she has a thing for stripes, more on that later.

The pattern was fine, a simple crossover V-neck dress with bias cut skirt.  We made the version in the center.  
Butterick 5461.  I was picturing something much less complicated for a first project - maybe a small floral or abstract that is very forgiving, no matching at all.

So we did some preliminary pattern fitting and started to cut. Seeing as the skirt pieces were cut on the bias - we decided to make the stripes part of the design  (that’s my story and I am sticking to it)  Thus the stripes created a chevron effect in the front and back.  The bodice pieces have the diagonal effect as well.
To cut out the skirt pieces, I place one front skirt piece on the fabric, cut it out, flip it over and then using that cut out piece, place it across the fabric, matching at all stripes and cut away.  this way you have the 2 fronts, right sides together.  Same process for the skirt back.   At this point I always sew the center seams, while the pieces are together.  I just like to get it over with, then there is no opportunity to do something fun like sew the side seams together thinking they are the center front.  (not that I have ever done that, but it could happen)  
So here is the finished dress, with our very intentional interesting diagonal stripe effect.

Amy dress

Amy dress back
I think Amy is really pleased, she has a new dress, and I am really happy with the way the stripes turned out.   We are both big fans of Project Runway, so as Tim would say - we made it work.  

Now that we have finished that project, for her next lesson she chose a skirt, in what else, stripes !      Up next, a little something for me,  in a floral.  
and today’s SunnyGal Garden photo.  A potato bush, lives next to the big hydrangea in the front yard.
a purple paradise in that part of the garden.  

potato bush flower

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  1. What an amazing job you and Amy have done with those stripes. I LOVE the chevron effect - it's both interesting and flattering. The dress is beautiful and Amy looks fabulous in it. Tim would definitely approve!