Monday, August 30, 2010

Fabric Miser

I am a fabric miser.  Yes, I admit it.  What is a fabric miser?  Someone who is loathe to throw out any scrap of fabric that could be used to make something, however small.  But sometimes it pays off with something I really like.    Recognize this fabric?

floral skirt front on hanger

I seem to save too much lately.  Limiting myself to 3 grocery bags stuffed with scraps and squished in the closet.  Bits of lining,  pieces of interfacing, dress fabrics, trims, ribbons.  What do I do with them all?  Sometimes I find just the right piece of lining for a couple of pockets.  Interfacing pieces are perfect for reinforcing corners.  But a lot is just scrap.

S2656 skirt

So when I made the Tulle Time dress earlier 

in the year I had  about 30 inches of fabric plus 
a triangular section leftover.   Enough for a skirt maybe?  
Looking through my patterns I thought this one might work.  

Here are the pattern pieces laid out on the fabric.   Luckily this pattern takes advantage of the weirdly shaped remnant.

floral skirt layout

Close up of the skirt front with the interesting yoke.   I am crazy about it.  Love a skirt with pockets.

floral skirt close up yoke

Today's SunnyGal Garden photo, not really a garden,  but me at my sister's on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
yes, I will be vacation sewing for a bit.  Meaning . . . tropical fabrics and whatever inspires me.

skirt on balcony


  1. Thanks for pointing out this pattern. I love skirts with pockets too. I also love bold floral prints. Your skirt is a winner in my book. Have a wonderful time with your sister in HI!

  2. What a fabulous fabric - and what great use you have made of it. This skirt is gorgeous and just right for Hawaii!!

  3. I love, fabric, colors!!!

  4. Your skirt is lovely.