Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vacation Sewing - Seam binding minus the Serger

Despite my intentions to do some serious lounging punctuated by a new cross training workout, I find myself doing some vacation sewing.  A colleague of my sister's asked me to make a couple of dresses for her.  By agreeing to that I have found a convenient reason to put off my workouts.  Seriously - every visit I have plans to step up the exercise but find that that my stack of books and the tropical sunshine eliminate my resolve.   So here is the sewing project.  

She had saved this photo from a magazine, a straight V-neck dress with a ruffle, Kate Spade silk dress.  apologies for the wrinkly picture.  She wants something a little more wash and wear.

orange ruffle vneck

Below is the fabric for the first dress, black and white polyester crepe? not really sure, has a bit of texture and is quite nice.  The choices for anything other than tropical or quilting fabrics are limited.  If I lived here I would be doing more web shopping than I already do.  This is my vacation sewing machine - bought on a whim a couple of years ago.   A lot more quiet than my Singer machines  (but they sew better).
black white fabric for Carol

For a simple V-Neck sheath dress, here is the pattern I am using   New Look 6643
NL6643 pattern envl

The one issue that I am contending with is this fabric tends to unravel or be very messy on the cut edges and I do not have a serger.  I experimented with some of the binding stitches on the machine, including the overlock which seemed promising, but made kind of a lumpy roll.  So I bought some of the Dritz Seams Great.
seams great facing

Perfect solution.  Covers the edge, Sheer, soft and gives a great finish without adding any stiffness.
That's all the sewing for today.  Time for a swim.

Here is today's SunnyGal garden photo, not in a garden, but a giant arrangement of white orchids.   Close up of just a portion, hard to believe they are real.

white orchids


  1. Wow - sewing on vacation is very impressive. I think I would also prefer to sew than workout! I admire your ingenuity with the Dritz Seams Great. I love those orchids.

  2. I had never heard of Dritz Seams Great. I don't have a serger so this is a really useful tip. Thanks!

  3. good idea with the Dritz Seams Great. On thin fabrics my serger threads seem to be heavy and when I iron my facings down, you can see them. I like the idea you came up with.