Monday, January 3, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Thank you to all for the great comments on my Winter Coat project. With everyone's encouragement I will wear the faux fur collar and feel very glamourous when I do.

I have a few more coat construction topics to post about, which I will get to soon.  Then my next project may be something of the vintage variety - not something I often do.  I found a little treasure at an estate sale, something very surprising and charming.  Stay tuned.

But enough sewing talk, what about the chocolate ?


The random drawing winner is 

who writes the Fehrtrade blog from London

So congratulations to Melissa, lots of great information and inspiration to be found on your blog.  I look forward to your creations and comments in 2011.   

AND you have to let everyone know how you like the See's chocolate.  The last of the holiday treats are rapidly disappearing around here - and then it is time to put some of those New Year's resolutions into action  (is that my sneakers I hear calling me?)  

Thank you to everyone that participated.  Here's to stitching up more connections with fellow sewers in the New Year!