Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Coat wrap up plus last day to enter giveaway

Happy New Year to all.  The winter coat from my previous post was finished on New Year's Eve with minutes to spare.  So glad I could wear it then, but the photos had to wait until today. 
Maybe this is my new favorite item of 2010 (surpassing my Vogue 1117 Michael Kors Dress)
I will probably get more wear out of the coat!  
Coat Collar up
My great friend and neighbor Alice does some of my photos (the really good ones)  but she makes me laugh too much when we have a photo session.  Or perhaps I am just happy that I have finished this project and can vacuum the sewing room floor.  If you would like to see the pattern here is the first post on this project.

I debated here on wool or velvet for the upper collar, to solve the potential itchy wool issue, but decided the wool collar looked so much better.  Thank you to everyone that gave feedback on my question. 
Coat front outside
Wool collar
Coat outside fur collar
Faux fur collar

I made a detachable faux fur collar, which dressed it up quite a bit.  Not sure I will ever wear it, but fun to have.  It secures with some elastic loops and buttons on the inside of the neckline
The lapels are a bit larger than some styles, so the fur collar has to be big enough to cover them.  

A look at the back, and better view of the lapel and fabric.  Good thing I have never wanted to be a model, I talk to much and crack up laughing during photos, however everything about this coat makes me happy.  The lapels which on the pattern looked crazy big are in reality just to my liking,  the bound buttonholes came out well (always hold my breath until I finish those successfully) and the style and fit are just what I wanted.
Tomorrow I will do a post on some construction details including lapel+collar assembly and changes I made in the lining and coat back.

Coat lapel outside close up
Coat outside back

Until then, thanks for visiting and today is the last day to leave a comment or sign up to follow the blog to be entered in my "sweet" giveaway.

Happy New Year Sewing,  Beth


  1. Your jacket looks amazing. So beautiful and the construction looks flawless. What a great idea having the fur collar as an option too. You'll have to get a shot with you holding the jacket open so we can see the fabulous lining!

  2. Your coat looks really great! I love the flexibiblity of the detachable fur collar - it's always nice to expand the wearing possibilities without haivng to expand the wardrobe capacity.

  3. Great coat and love the option with the fur collar.

  4. Wow! It turned out wonderfully! I'm so glad you went for the wool collar and lapels. I didn't chime in on the debate but that would have been my choice too. Oh, and the detachable fur collar is so fun. Great work!

  5. I love the wool collar and lapels. I say you have 2 best of 2010. Plus you can waer the Michael Kors dress to the holiday parties and cover up with your gorgeous coat!

  6. Beautiful coat ... it looks professionally tailored and very neat. The detachable fur collar is the perfect touch ... would you say how you made that? (I can think of a coat collar I made something like that could cover up ...)

  7. What a lovely coat! The fur collar is just the right touch. Very elegant!

  8. I think you should wear your coat with the faux fur collar all the time. It looks fantastic!

  9. What a beautiful coat! I especially love the faux fur collar, you look very elegant with it. I think you have to wear it. ...please!!

  10. Fabulous coat. Absoltely. It is classic, elegant and will stand the test of time. Love the detachable collar and am interested in seeing how you secured it. I've made detachables before, but used snaps, so the button and loop technique intrigues me.

  11. Wow, Beth, that is an awesome coat!! It is so beautiful and it looks perfectly made. I love the classic, very flattering, style. This will last you forever. The detachable faux fur collar is a brilliant idea. No wonder you are smiling - I would be too if I had made something that good!

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  13. Beth, You look splendid in your new coat. The faux fur collar makes it special. You rock!
    Happy New Year! C

  14. Beautiful! I love the detachable collar and it suits you. And the buttons are so pretty!