Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quick Baby Dress Project

Last week I had some fun making a little outfit to give as a baby shower gift.  While I like the surprise of hearing the answer to "boy or girl" when the baby is born that surpise rarely happens now, I think in the past year I have only known one family that waited for the big reveal.   For sewing it is useful to  know in advance, but I always think the suspense is fun.  Oh well, when I hear baby girl I know it is time to get sewing.

Here is the 2-piece outfit.   Simple dress from a New Look pattern. The dress is a cotton T-shirt knit with pink flowers, lemons and oranges.  The jacket is a T-shirt rib knit.

I used bias trim on the dress neckline and then made bias strips of the print fabric to bind the jacket edges.
The flower is the selvedge gathered into a flower with a fabric covered button. For the jacket I used a the front and back pattern pieces for a shirt in a vintage baby pattern, mostly to get the sleeve opening right.  I know there are zillions of cute baby clothes to buy at stores from Target to Saks, but it is fun to whip up something handmade.  

However - fabric shopping for childrens' clothing in a hurry - not so easy.  This was the only cute t-shirt knit fabric at the local Joann's store.  I always vow never to return but of course need something quickly like a zipper or thread. But really - their selection is so limited.  

On the fabric front - I just ordered a few things including a blue silk charmeuse to use for the shirt I am planning, as well as some black denim and olive corduroy for skirts and a couple of jersey knits. Yesterday I started playing around with the sloper from the Pattern Magic book, as I really want to try the twist top for starters.  

Now can I vent about Project Runway?  I alway watch every episode of that show but I think this year I am not feeling the love for any of the participants so I am not wild about them or the show. The challenges have been so strange. Clothes for guys in a band?  Really?  Although the judges have had some hilarious comments this season, thank you Mr. Kors. The finale . . . of course I will watch but not exactly inspiring.  On to Project Runway All-Stars in 2012, hope that is more entertaining.


  1. Sunnygal...Great job on the cute outfit! I hope it is appreciated because it is unique and beautifully made.

    You are so right! My son awaits the birth of his third child and their family has decided to wait til the baby is born to find out if it's a girl or boy. Of course, it's killing me and am relegated to making layette items and stuffed We're all hoping for a healthy girl (after 2 boys), but will be delighted with a healthy baby!
    Oh, and...Project Runway?...I am happier with this season because we have seen some of the best sewing this year (except for Anya's foibles). But, I do agree that the tasks (circus walkers on stilts) were a bit too far out of the box. I am glad to read someone else is watching this season, too. The debate goes on whether designers must be able to sew or not...?

  2. What a cute outfit for a little girl, Beth!

    I look forward to seeing your Twist Top from Pattern Magic.

    And, I agree, Project Runway has been such a disappointing mess this year. I watch, but barely care. Lifetime is ruining it with their focus on drama and their product placement. (I suspect that the band is connected to them commercially, in some way.) Pffft.

  3. Adorable! Your gift will be appreciated all the more because it is handmade with love...

  4. You did a super job putting together this baby gift. It's adorable. I think the thing that is bugging me the most about Project Runway is they keep changing the rules by letting someone stay in when they say someone will be out. But for me, I always like seeing what the designer's come up with, no matter what the challenge.

  5. Very cute outfit! I'm glad you found some pretty fabrics for it. I used to be a Runway fan, but since it moved to the Lifetime channel, I just haven't been engaged.

  6. Cute outfit!! I just signed up to "follow" and look forward to reading your blog. I also "pinned" your collar tutorial. here's the link:

  7. What a cute little set! I love the way you used the floral trim on the jacket.