Friday, December 23, 2011

Giveaway Winners and another Christmas treasure

I am speedily sewing the the last few christmas presents today.  Some of my family members may get a box with fabric and a photo, but that is nothing new.  Which usually works out better and should lead to fewer after-the-fact alterations.  
As for other Christmas preparations, my shopping is mostly done. I always have a few last minute things to get, and sometimes have lucked out with a find of something that turned out to be "the" present of the season.You know what I mean, you get everything on everyone's list, or something you think they need or could use, and then the one random present purchased on a whim turns out to be the best thing ever. If only I could go back and analyse what made that one thing such a success.  Chalk it up to serendipity, which my computer dictionary says has an origin in a fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip, who "were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of".  I love that.  Describes so many things I have found. 

And of things you were not in quest of, but serendipitously found, here are the results of my holiday giveaway!

For the See's Candy:    Lynne Williams in Wisconsin
For the Palmer and Pletsch tailoring book:  Ruta in ?
For the Singer Creative Sewing book:  My Summer Touch in Russia

I will be going to the post office after the holiday, so send me your mailing address at my e-mail:  sunnygalstudio (at)

Thank you so much for all your comments on the Christmas wreath I showed in my last post, which my very talented grandmother originated.  I could show you so many things she made for Christmas, she seemed to work on holiday items all throughout the year, as well as many other wonderful creations.  In today's parlance she might be called a crafter, but back then she was just like all her sisters who never sat still, were always doing something with her hands.  She was a very good knitter, but crocheting, that was her speciality. We have large lace tablecloths she crocheted, I cannot imaging the patience to finish something like that and I don't think I have ever used it.  She made blankets, hats, shawls, and even made a hot pink bikini for me when I was in my teens. My mother has some holiday tablecloths that are embroidered with red, green and gold threads, absolutely beautiful which we do use.

Here are the Christmas stockings she made for my family when my sister and I were small. I remember her knitting these, I was always amazed at the construction, with lots of little yarn bobbins wound with the different colors, and she would tell us not to interrupt when she counted the stitches to knit the names.  My stocking has my full name which only my grandmother used, so when the stocking is hung up the name kind of folds behind a bit and it looks like Ethan. My sis used to tease me that some guy named Ethan would get my presents. 
Xmas stocking
I love how Santa's beard is knit with angora. I almost want to learn to knit so I can make these stockings. . . almost.  I have a feeling this is an advanced project!
Xmas stocking closeup

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, your comments are appreciated more than I can express. Discovering the sewing blog community several years ago has reinvigorated my creativity and multiplied my enjoyment of a favorite pursuit.  

For the new year I will be making one of the Vogue patterns that was suggested in the giveaway entries.  I have not made my final choice but I am thinking it will be something with a chic European look.  So stay tuned in the New Year!

Merry Christmas to all,  Beth


  1. Me? Thank You very much! This is a wonderful book! Have a lovely Holidays.
    Best regards from the Netherlands / Estonia.

  2. Oh, I don't know how I missed your wreath based on your grandmother's, that is absolutely wonderful!! What an amazing and beautiful thing! This is the kind of Christmas decoration that is my favourite ... all of creative, thrifty and uniquely nostalgic to one's family....
    Hmmm, a box with fabric and a photo? what a great idea. If I had thought of that one would have saved some anxiety!

    Merry Christmas Beth, and wishing you a lovely day with your family followed by a fruitful and creative New Year!

  3. I Beth, i wish you a Merry X-mas and successful new Year 2012 :o)

  4. My daughter and her cousin have those exact same stockings - made by my mother-in-law.


  5. What wonderful stockings, and how nice to have a memory of their creation! Hope you had a happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year.