Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding photos - Fabric Challenge Kimono Silk wedding dress

The fabric challenge is complete and the wedding photos are here.  As I described in my first post this was one of my most special projects. Susan asked me to make a wedding dress for her using some vintage kimono silk and laughingly told me she was planning a hippie wedding in San Francisco's Golden Gate park, with the guests arriving on bicycles.  I did imagine a few different scenarios, but was totally charmed when the photos finally arrived.  A lovely wedding in the park and a beautiful smile on Susan's face.

Here is Susan with her mom putting the final touches on her look.

Susan and Brian in front of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.  

I think this photo may be my favorite - the colors are fantastic. Wedding photography is by Tim Daw, website timdawphotography where you can see his portfolio. I did make a shawl with the remaining kimono silk, lined with ivory silk faille. As it turned out, the weather was a bit chilly that day so she wore the wrap during the outdoor ceremony.

And lastly - there were bicycles!  Susan and Brian opted not to cycle themselves, I think that was a good choice, although you can see the vehicle they are riding in appears to have 4 sets of pedals. Some of the guests did arrive in the park on their own bicycles with many in full victorian and steampunk finery.  

Can I say it?  So San Francisco!   I loved creating this dress and getting to know Susan. I wish them joy and happiness for their life together. 

If you are interested in the background on this project here are the links to the previous posts: 
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second post:  starting the design and fitting
third post: underlining with silk organza and completion, photos of dress

Thanks for reading, and Happy Sewing, Beth


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. A special dress for a very special day!

  2. How lucky you were to be such a key part of her special day. Love this series!

  3. Yes, thanks for sharing those pictures. I love love love her wedding, her dress, the beautiful photos in our gorgeous park!

  4. And I just noticed that she's wearing Fluevogs - one of my favorite brands of shoe! :D

  5. Thank you for sharing the wedding photos! I also enjoyed following also.
    This is one stylish bride! Love San Francisco !!

  6. It looks like a wonderful wedding!!

  7. What a beautiful, fun, and creative wedding! The dress is gorgeous.

  8. Thanks for sharing. Her dress looks awesome but I am totally in love with MOM. She is the real thing!!!

  9. How wonderful, and such a creative and fun idea for a wedding!

    and ps; her shoes are to die for...!

  10. Lovely photos! The shawl is perfect with the dress. You did an amazing job!

  11. I love the photos and I totally want that bike vehicle thing! Beautiful job on the dress.