Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vogue 1143, Finally finished

Time for some autumnal weather so I can wear this suit.  Yes, it is finally finished, taken out of the sewing room and put in the bedroom closet, so I know it is done.  Although I still need to work out what top to wear with it.  Ages ago I offered to sew a Vogue pattern selected by a blog reader and Ruta picked V1143.  I will put links to previous posts at the end of this one.

Jacket front finished
Judging by reactions of friends and family I would say it is a success but there is just something about it that is...fiddly. What does that mean? Well a suit that has a belt, and only looks good with the belt all done up, that is a bit fiddly to wear. The lapels are odd, they have the right structure but don't quite know where to go when worn, up or down. There is a lot of room in the upper arms which is part of the design but a bit too much for my size. I didn't choose the most fancy fabric, my fault there. It is a bit thin which works in the jacket's favor as it has a lot of layers (those sleeves, the double peplum) but for the pants the fabric is just a smidge too thin for my preference. So that is what I mean by fiddly. I also think this is one of those outfits that looks way better in real life than on either the dress form or standing at attention for the requisite photo. 

Grey suit front new photo
In fact I took photos on 2 separate days, because for the first one my pal Alice said it looked like I had no feet, the pants were too long and wide. In the photo above I have shortened them and taken in all over but they still look too wide to me so may have another go at that.
Here I am looking footless, in a shadow and the suit looks so much darker grey. Not the best choice of backlight. Also, unrelated to sewing, I am in that "decided to grow my hair out" but now "it looks like a bubble" phase.  As a lifelong short hairstyle person, periodically I get the urge to have longer hair, it usually lasts for about 6 months of torture and then I run screaming back to my hairdresser saying "pixie cut please".  Anyone else know the feeling?

Grey suit side view 2
A look at the front, where I made a design change, to keep the belt separate. The pattern would have you sew the belt on the jacket and just leave the front sections of about 4" unattached, but it just didn't feel right to do it that way. So I created a detached belt and added carriers. Can you believe I found this leather buckle in my old sewing box? I am a big saver of buckles, buttons and other trinkets and it is amazing how many times I find the right item in my stockpile.

Jacket front belt closeup

Jacket back

Jacket back finished

The pants were made using a different Vogue pattern (one of those Claire Schaeffer patterns) which I used a few years ago with success although they were in a dark wool fabric  which tailored better.  Since I made these pants I remade the Sewaholic Thurlow trousers in denim and now I have a pants pattern I can turn to for all types of fabric. 

One more post to follow, some inner details on hems for sleeve plus lining. Plus a hidden pocket in the jacket. 

Audrey asked what type of interfacing I used on the jacket. Two types of fusible from Fashion Sewing Supply, Pro-Sheer Elegance on the jacket underlapel and jacket front, and then Pro-Tricot Deluxe on the lapel facing pieces. As a rule I put interfacing on both sides of any jacket lapel or facing pieces. All the Fashion Sewing Supply interfacings are fantastic and now they are all I use, plus they are an extremely good value and 60" wide.

Construction Notes on Vogue 1143, post number one
Construction Notes on Vogue 1143, post number two

and to see how I got here, the original post where I decided on the reader suggestion.

Keeping up with the family tradition of creating and crafting, my sister is now making holiday wreaths as our grandmother originally did. She has an Etsy shop, BettyAndJo, named after our grandmother Betty and her sister Jo (my first sewing teacher). Have a look and here is a coupon code for a 10% discount (BLOG10)  to use if you would like one for yourself. I have many memories of  collecting the tiny pine cones and I can still hear Nana telling us to save the pretty wrapping papers on Christmas morning. They work as a centerpiece or as a wall wreath.

Sewing projects in the works:  some new Thurlow trousers and more knit tops, I am becoming obsessed with them. 
Happy November sewing, Beth


  1. Beautiful! Fabulous! I love it. I have had my eye on that pattern for a while and it is SO COOL to see it made up. Great photos, too.

  2. Love the jacket.
    I too am growing out my hair. I am in what I call "the crying stage". When I see myself in the monring I gasp. I have always had short hair and once every 3 years or so I think it's a great idea to grow my hair long. (long meaning a bob to my chin) I too can only last a few months with long hair. The worst for me is when my hair touches my face while I sleep. Ugh. I feel like my hair is atacking me. We'll see how long it last this time. I swear I will keep it long. Ha ha ha ha. I've said that before.
    Good luck with your locks. I can't wait to see the ends results. Hang in there.

  3. Love the jacket!

    (On the hair growing out: I used to see a Greek haircutter - I'm not certain that nationality/ethnicity is important, having said that - he was incredibly gifted with blunt cuts and shaping hair as it grew out from a short layered asymmetrical cut. So good, it didn't enter my mind that growing hair should feel awkward. Over the almost 20 years I saw him,his prices didn't change. We lost him to cancer about 2 years ago. Good luck! Hang in there!)


  4. Beth, this suit is a superb piece of work and has a wonderful retro vibe. Have fun styling this. Hair-yes, I am in the same place as you. I cut most of it off last month in order to start over. I now have curls over my ears and straight elsewhere. So attractive :-) I am growing it into my usual chin length bob and in the meantime will be wearing clips, headbands and hats.

  5. It is gorgeous! I can see what you mean about fussy, but it's fussy in the sense that a high-end couture garment with sophisticated details takes a little effort to wear. And yes, growing out hair is torture. I have been wearing mine longer the past year or so and it is so annoying. But being able to put it in a ponytail/bun for working out is soooo nice.

  6. Pretty-pretty! Looks very nice, You did a very good job. Thank You for the beautiful photos and all the construction notes - they are very helpful. You have such a nice jacket now - You see, I made a good choise. B.r.,

  7. Absolutely beautiful. What a stylish outfit!

  8. Proper fabulous jacket! Looks good on you too!


  9. Your jacket is beautiful, Beth. I also have admired this pattern but can understand what you are saying about a jacket that wants to be worn closed, with a belt. But beauty knows NO pain! Right? :)

  10. That jacket is the most fabulous thing I´ve ever seen in a long time. BRAVO!!!!
    I mean, really, hats off to you. Not an easy one at all. You´ll be looking gorgeous this Christmas!

  11. Just gorgeous!I love the look of it together as a suit but it would go so nice with other pants/jeans as well. I actually went and bought this pattern after seeing your construction posts about it!

  12. All I kept looking at was the buckle. The jacket style is lovely and the buckle add nicely to it. This style is really striking but isn't all great fashion like that.
    I wouldn't want to wear this jacket open. Not when it looks that good.

  13. LOVE your outfit!!! That jacket is simply breathtaking!!! Pure perfection!

  14. Absolutely Gorgeous.. it looks fantastic on you.

  15. To sew like this! I LOVE this jacket. Beautiful.

  16. Beth, I'm not usually a comment poster, but I had to tell you that this jacket looks great and looks great on you. Way to finish it!

  17. Your jacket is spectacular, Beth! The combination of interesting lines and layers give a plain gray fabric such sophistication and interest. Wow!!

  18. That is gorgeous!!! The subtle fabric choice really highlights the details.

  19. Thanks for the info on the interfacing. The suit looks great!

  20. absolutely fantastic! I love the design and the fabric you chose. Perfect execution...

  21. You can tell a lot of work went into your jacket, it's beautiful!

  22. You did an amazing job on this ensemble! What a lot of work. The jacket is so unique. I love how many dimensions it has. Wishing all the best to your sister and her new shop. The wreaths are such a fun Christmas decoration.