Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year, New Look

New Look, but not the pattern company. I'm working on a new look for my blog to coordinate with my new website.

I teach sewing to individuals looking to expand their skills and I am always asked if I have a website. Now I can say yes!

web page header image

This excerpt from the site states my philosophy "My goal is to teach as the student requires – covering topics of interest, skills you want to develop or garments you may be hesitant to try. Private lessons allow you to really focus on your own skills and cover what you need to get better."  

Pattern fitting, sewing techniques, time saving methods - we can cover whatever you need. There are so many options available for sewing information from books to blogs to on-line classes but I know that some focused time with me will jump-start your sewing or move your skills and confidence to the next level. 
From beginners to someone who is returning to sewing after a hiatus I find there are so many topics to consider and ways to take your sewing from frustrating to fun. 

Please take a look at the site and then email me to schedule. I look forward to meeting you!


any questions email me:    sunnygalstudio (at) gmail (dot) com

Edit: 1/9/13 4:30 pm.  OK, people who read sewing blogs are the best. I put out a request here for some help on adding this info to the sidebar, and had some quick replies. So if you see those references in the comments that is why. I will be doing some edits to an image and then adding that HTML soon.   Thank you ! 


  1. What a great looking website! I have an html code solution for you, but I'll have to send it to you in an email because blogger won't let me paste it here!

  2. Hi Beth! Congrats on the updated site! Turning that image into a clickable link in your side bar should be easy. You'll need to add some sort of html text widget where you want the image. Then type in

    {a href=""}{img src="" width="300"}{/a}

    Only, you'll need to change each { for < and each } for >. Html likes everything to be bracketed in those carrots, but I worried if I put them in above, it would automatically convert the text to html in this comment.

    Two caveats. Using width="300" means the image will automatically be scaled down to 300 pixels. I assume that's close to the width of your side bar, and I think the image will look best if it fits nicely. If 300 pixels seems to wide, try width="250" or width="200". The scaling also means that the fine print of your text will get even smaller, which might not be preferable?

    Yay! And, good luck!

  3. Hi Beth, congrats on your new website! Please just ignore my message, I didn't notice that Amy had kindly told you how to do it because I was reading the post in my RSS reader but thought there was no comment about it.

  4. Congratulations Beth! I´m going to have a look right now.
    I´m loving your logo so far, and I know that you, being an expert, will be a terrific teacher!

  5. Gosh, if we lived in the same area I'd hire you to help me with a) removing armpit wrinkles b) perfecting jean and pants fitting and c) how to do the swayback alteration on dresses without waist seams. Your sewing site is very inviting and I love the picture of you as a child.

  6. Congratulations on the new website Beth! I know you'll be a fantastic teacher and a huge success :)

  7. I love it! Congrats on the new look!

  8. love the new look and really like the website! would be great to take some lessons with you!

  9. Congratulations on your new site Beth, it look great! Good luck with your business!