Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pattern repeat, Simplicity 2339 shirt

Do you get ridiculously happy when you reuse a pattern? I do. It appeals to my sense of frugality, it means I don't have to store some new pattern and the subsequent makes are usually quicker - another thing that appeals. I love to sew fast fast fast! So I made Simplicity 2339 Amazing Fit Shirt for the third time. Whoo hoo, for a third version and I still want one in cotton lawn.

Blue plaid shirt on me

I have said it before but I think these Amazing fit patterns are amazing, or at least very good, utilitarian patterns that can be modified to make just about anything. Plus they do have some very cute dresses too. You are not convinced? I sent a pattern to my friend Karen (who you may know as the Mistress of the Sewlutions jar) and told her you must make this, because it is just right for you. Here is the evidence, her version 1 and version 2. Pretty, huh? Sometimes Simplicity patterns do have a tendency to be gapingly large across the neckline but if you can deal with that adjustment they work well. I also recommend reading the finished garment measurements printed on the pattern and taking that into account when you choose a size as the ease is definitely excessive.
While I was very happy reusing this pattern I was not at all happy with the fabric. Which I bought with a super duper discount coupon at Joann's fabric. Knowing that you get what you pay for. It is a soft cotton flannel, just right for a winter shirt but the plaid was completely wonky. Unmatchable! no straight lines anywhere, off by about 1-2 inches across just the center back piece. 
Thus the bias cut sleeves and a few other fixes that probably only my little eye will spy.

Plaid shirt frontPlaid shirt back

Look at those images, the background color - my camera drives me crazy. I took them within 60 seconds of each other. Too lazy to use the manual settings.
I think this pattern has the binding type placket on the sleeve, in any case I put the 2 piece stitched placket on. I did a step by step post here about sleeve plackets.
And if you look closely in the photo below the cuff you can see the side seam and the wonky plaid. I cut the back piece on the cross grain as it was the only way to get a sort-of match at the side seams, and then realized that the plaid was a bit different, but at this point I figure no one will notice. Except that I just told you.

Plaid shirt sleeve placket
Here is the collar and front placket. It is a faux placket, I have made this shirt now 3 times and not done the front as designed, here I have nothing sewn onto the center fronts. To do this type of front that looks like a sewn-on placket takes a little math calculation but it results in a very clean soft finish. I will put it on my list of things to do a post about. 

Plaid shirt collar

Here are the other version I have made using this pattern.

Blue silk blouse with skirt
Blue silk charmeuse version, blog post here, for this one I changed the front to have a hidden buttonhole placket, copying a RTW silk blouse I already had.
Simplicity shirt on form
Version 2 in some leftover cotton fabric, kind of bright but nice weight for a summer shirt. And the pattern envelope. Could that shirt look any more boring that the version on the pattern envelope. Who makes that no collar with the front ruffle version??? blech.

Blue silk blouse pattern S2339
Today I am working on some pattern adjustments as my sister wants a tunic type version in plaid flannel. I hope to have better luck with her flannel (smaller checks - should be OK)

Hope all your sewing is warm and cozy this weekend, if you are in the northern hemisphere. If you are in the southern hemisphere I am not liking you now with all your fabulous summery beachy vacationy photos. That is not true.  I still like you and wish I were there!



  1. Fabulous job Beth, despite challenging fabric. The shirt looks great, and your placket tutorial is excellent also.

  2. Beautiful shirt! I like the bias sleeves, it looks softer and more feminine to me. And yes, I would love to see a tutorial sometime. Happy sewing.

  3. Good job! Your collar, stand, etc., look perfect on all 3--can I ask what interfacing you used?

    1. For the interfacing I used Pro-Sheer Elegance Fusible from Fashion Sewing Supply. wanted to keep the collar soft.

  4. Love your plaid and silk versions Beth! And I also like the bias sleeves. I have some checked flannel waiting for me to make an archer...see if it's worth the hype...!

  5. Wonderful way to deal with that mismatched plaid and have a lovely unique blouse!

  6. I love the shirt. I have a check shirt on my "to do" list. This pattern was already earmarked to buy!!

  7. Ugh, could they possibly have a less enticing pattern photo on the front of that sleeve? Geez! Seeing yours I immediately want to sew a shirt again. Love the colours in the plaid - and yep, I get a bit of a thrill from sewing the same pattern twice too. Yay for efficiencies!

  8. You wouldn't want to be in Melbourne this coming week. 39 to 41 celsius each day! I have the week off and will be literally sweating over my machine. I agree about reusing patterns. So much faster second and third time around. Just made a dress and thinking about making another (or top version) before putting the pattern away.

  9. A plaid shirt! And with so many lovely details. Oh, Beth! You did it again! It is so perfect I need to have one.

  10. I believe the answer will be a unanimous yes on reusing a pattern! I know I too get a great thrill when I find a pattern I like that much! This one you've created is beautiful, especially with all the great's a really unique plaid shirt!

  11. You look so good in that.

  12. This shirt looks great! I really like the bias sleeves, and they solve a problem with the plaid brilliantly.

  13. Cute!


  14. That's definitely a winner! I love it when I reuse a pattern too... I have some that I've loved so much I've had to buy a second copy. And if you buy it when it's on sale, it's only pennies per use!

  15. It looks SO good!!! This summer, I want to remake several of my favorite dresses from the past!

  16. I do like plaid shirts. The flannel looks so soft and warm. The bias sleeves are an interesting look and yeah, no matching of wonky plaids required.

  17. Those shirts are absolutely beautiful. The plaid shirt takes my breathe away just thinking about the creative alterations that you made--a test of both skill and patience.